If Andre Iguodala goes to Lakers or Clippers, it’ll be via buyout - Adrian Wojnarowski | The Jump

Adrian Wojnarowski joins The Jump as trade season begins to pick up in the NBA to evaluate the likelihood of (1:20) Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard Andre Iguodala and (2:11) Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love getting moved. (3:16) Woj calls the Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves teams that could be buyers ahead of the trade deadline in February. (5:01) Woj also evaluates the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are in the playoff hunt, but could still become sellers.
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  1. raul ruiz

    raul ruizAylar önce

    Love to Miami

  2. Adventurer

    AdventurerAylar önce

    Iggy to the Clippers!

  3. juanio

    juanioAylar önce

    The clippers don’t need iggy they need a big who can lock down the paint but to keep him away from the lakers would be great.



    If I had a dollar for every time they said *YOU KNOW* I would be rich

  5. Jorge Perez

    Jorge PerezAylar önce

    Iggy to Clippers, After that LeBron will be making 10pts a game vs Clippers Or Less 😂🤣😂

  6. Jamauri Jones

    Jamauri JonesAylar önce

    Now the clippers aren't trading for him because they tried and they dont really have anything they could give for him

  7. Carl Villalpando Jr

    Carl Villalpando JrAylar önce

    Andre needs to be looking at Portland or Timber could use a center with his skills be getting those rebounds as well.

  8. Cross

    CrossAylar önce

    Dude is Zion still injured? Geez the huge splash ended up being nothing at all

  9. john hand

    john handAylar önce

    Woj is your local espn gossip dude

  10. O Montana

    O MontanaAylar önce

    We don’t need anyone else on the lakers lol we’re good✌🏾💪🏽

  11. Eddie Anderson

    Eddie AndersonAylar önce

    Trade Lebron and A.D. for Lonzo Ball and his dad 🤪

  12. Eddie Anderson

    Eddie AndersonAylar önce

    Love for Kyle Kuzma? Igoudola for Kuzma? Iggy to Clippers for couple players for NBA Championship over Lakers and Bucks? Decisions hmmm

  13. Don Afonso

    Don AfonsoAylar önce

    Iggy will go to the clippers and win 3 more rings. Then he will have the final laugh against Gold State Warriors.

  14. Dragonspheres

    DragonspheresAylar önce

    Thank you Captain Obvious lol We only already knew this for months

  15. adrian brian

    adrian brianAylar önce

    He hates the Clippers

  16. Patrick Wright

    Patrick WrightAylar önce

    I Would Not, Absolutely NEVER, give Up Draft-Picks and Youth For Andre Not Happening❗I Definitely, Would Not Trade Away Any Players at All to Obtain Andre, because he's On his Way to Retirement in a Year or 2❗His Body has Been Breaking Down for a Couple of Years NOW❗It's got a Lot of Mileage On it Already❗

  17. RJ Pope

    RJ PopeAylar önce

    Love how in the thumbnail he’s pointing at dudes hairline 😂


    KiDCANTGETITAylar önce

    Woj just got done playing pick up


    DANNY BLVCKAylar önce

    Memphis crazy if the lakers offered Kuzma and they don’t take Kuzma they crazy. I don’t want Kuzma to go because that’s my dawg when he’s himself however the lakers only have something to offer. Clippers can’t offer anything. But the league do not want Iggy to lakers they hate Lebron the league love the snake Kawhi after he cried out of San Antonio and bounced on Toronto. And made george snake his way out of okc after he ied to all the fans. At least as was man enough to say I’m out not snake and hide. But hey it’s their lives not mine and best to luck to all of them get your money!!!

  20. Stephen Sun

    Stephen SunAylar önce

    the only reason or rather benefit for LAL to sign Iguodala is that he will not play for anyone else。 we're good with our guys at this point, well we can pick him up after his buy-out. he has limited help to any team at this age. he was a big factor for Warriors' run

  21. Richard

    RichardAylar önce

    Jamal Crawford to Bucks.. 6th man ..It's over folks!!

  22. junebugg777

    junebugg777Aylar önce

    Mane I lost so much respect for iggy.

  23. Wolfe Martin

    Wolfe MartinAylar önce


  24. 916 neighborhood watch

    916 neighborhood watchAylar önce

    If you ain’t got love for Kuzma... Love for Kuzma. would u do it?

  25. Raine Man

    Raine ManAylar önce

    Ima be pissed if he go to clips

  26. Zach Van Harris JR

    Zach Van Harris JRAylar önce

    *The best fit for Kevin Love is the Cleveland Cavaliers*

  27. letsgetsocialinfo

    letsgetsocialinfoAylar önce

    andre igadawa goes to miami...kevin love is not worth 30 million per year

  28. lairdriver

    lairdriverAylar önce

    The Raptors should pull the trigger on Lowry.

  29. Stay Focused

    Stay FocusedAylar önce

    Portland even the playing field 💯🤨🤨

  30. Yoshiki G

    Yoshiki GAylar önce

    Don't think the NBA would ley Iggy to go to either of the teams.

  31. brook 1996

    brook 1996Aylar önce

    Mark my word, igy will sign with lakers , ...

  32. Jerome Schulze

    Jerome SchulzeAylar önce

    Kevin love will leave

  33. Jerome Schulze

    Jerome SchulzeAylar önce

    Lakers..its da wrap

  34. ticktockyo2

    ticktockyo2Aylar önce

    He wants the clippers to get him so bad

  35. Arthur Hinton

    Arthur HintonAylar önce

    Who paid Matt Barnes to ask him that? Lol

  36. MsCamicam

    MsCamicamAylar önce

    Woj is obsessed with the Lakers and Clippers🤣😂!! Who cares at this point?

  37. truth hurts

    truth hurtsAylar önce

    You mean to tell me Lehelp still need more help? No one ain't beating them with the current roster.

  38. DanInspiration

    DanInspirationAylar önce

    Iggy knows he isn't going to get playing time with the Clippers so he will go to the Lakers and he has good ties with Rob Pelinka, If Iggy goes to the Lakers , that's a wrap Lakers will be the scariest defensive team because they got wing defenders and interior defense.

  39. Tom

    TomAylar önce

    Jr smith to the rockets >

  40. supermax /up north records/untouchable ent

    supermax /up north records/untouchable entAylar önce

    He should go to the lakers the clippers are good but ain't that impressive so far

  41. Joel Arias

    Joel AriasAylar önce

    How about matt barnes to the lakers?

  42. Get Money

    Get MoneyAylar önce

    Iggy Should Come To The Mavs

  43. Tommy2Cold

    Tommy2ColdAylar önce

    Melo ball to Timberwolves

  44. Jeremy Wilson

    Jeremy WilsonAylar önce

    Why is every thing have to do with la

  45. ray matthews

    ray matthewsAylar önce

    Don't beans about the sport. But get to like certain players, him being one of them, Can he go back to the Warriors, I know it's too late but it will ease their pain.

  46. LoveSalsa

    LoveSalsaAylar önce


  47. Gurrilas Esports

    Gurrilas EsportsAylar önce

    Iguadola to the mavs??

  48. Tasos Vrettos

    Tasos VrettosAylar önce

    Kevin Love or Iggy to give Giannis and Bucks some playoff experience.

  49. Melvin Bell

    Melvin BellAylar önce

    Philly should trade Ben Simmons to New Orleans, bring Jrue and JJ back. Ben is the weak link on that team, adding a solid point guard that can shoot and spread the floor for Embiid would go far for that team

  50. Sean Weathers

    Sean WeathersAylar önce

    All posturing, the Grizz are really unlikely to find a trade partner for Iggy. He wants to go to LA and neither team has assets to trade for him

  51. Mr Kts

    Mr KtsAylar önce

    What happened with Andre's piped piper phone?

  52. China Men

    China MenAylar önce

    I was looking at the up next videos and it said giannis to the warriors 😂

  53. Saleam Azaire

    Saleam AzaireAylar önce

    No way I'd go the Houston with Harden ball hoggin asd

  54. Benito Diaz

    Benito DiazAylar önce

    Honestly he’s not going to neither. Plus lakers got Bradley who’s a great defender

  55. Guillermo Vazquez

    Guillermo VazquezAylar önce

    Love should go to the Clippers

  56. Shawn Guron

    Shawn GuronAylar önce

    Kevin Love would be nice on the spurs

  57. Shawn Guron

    Shawn GuronAylar önce

    @Marc Bibanga They do. But I wish he could play center instead. He's 6'11 and beefy, aldridge. I think he has the IQ to be a spur

  58. Marc Bibanga

    Marc BibangaAylar önce

    Shawn Guron The Spurs already have an aging productive PF.

  59. Anthony Banks

    Anthony BanksAylar önce

    I like DLO I’m GS but I think Minn has to give them a offer they can’t refuse Covington Culver and pick would be hard to say no too

  60. Marc Bibanga

    Marc BibangaAylar önce

    Anthony Banks Minnesota would be giving up a lot but DLO would improve their roster.

  61. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaAylar önce

    I’d like to have Kevin Love to the Spurs. LaMarcus Alridge is trash and he old.

  62. Wolfe Martin

    Wolfe MartinAylar önce

    @lebronhoward Nobody has liked so far. Sad

  63. lebronhoward

    lebronhowardAylar önce

    Jose Garcia you most likely will no likes for this statement

  64. farry am

    farry amAylar önce

    "you know you know you know"... you know?

  65. Nabila Abraham

    Nabila AbrahamAylar önce

    woj looking like he buys from clearlycontacts!

  66. Bobby Tsunami

    Bobby TsunamiAylar önce

    i take Jrue Holiday returning to my 76ERS

  67. Rahszn Gtm

    Rahszn GtmAylar önce

    Dlo and giannis would have been scary 🤧