International Soup Taste Test

Today, we're tasting scoops of different soups from all over the world! GMM #1667
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  1. Anya Altaa

    Anya Altaa4 saatler önce

    I’m mongolian and they made the soup so inaccurately to be honest. The real one is way more liquidish and dumplings do not have such thick coating.

  2. Johannes Halberstadt

    Johannes HalberstadtGün önce

    Maybe the cream in the fruit soup was goats' cream, though?

  3. Elliot Johansson

    Elliot Johansson2 gün önce

    Link does not know how to eat it’s very disturbing

  4. Chaelan Mercado

    Chaelan Mercado2 gün önce


  5. Haiyan Zhang

    Haiyan Zhang2 gün önce

    they should've had bat soup

  6. Oscar Baltodano

    Oscar Baltodano2 gün önce

    They should have tried bat soup XD

  7. Detective Assassin

    Detective Assassin3 gün önce


  8. Andreia Simão

    Andreia Simão3 gün önce

    You need to do more portuguese foods, please! Ahaha we are experts in all kinds of food

  9. HunterSama

    HunterSama3 gün önce

    They should do a international MRE taste test!!

  10. Miranda Myers

    Miranda Myers3 gün önce

    Can y’all try tom Kah soup or pozole next ?

  11. Megan Webb

    Megan Webb3 gün önce

    Hey Rhett & Link, you should do an international taste test of weirdest foods from around the world!

  12. Haruki Shirota

    Haruki Shirota3 gün önce

    9:56, 12:21.

  13. Delfi Baez29

    Delfi Baez294 gün önce

    Malvinas bro

  14. gameoverlordN7

    gameoverlordN75 gün önce

    I lived in the Falklands for two years and can say I had the pleasure of never eating that.

  15. Elite Gamerz

    Elite Gamerz5 gün önce

    im from mongolia

  16. Robbix

    Robbix5 gün önce


  17. Danny Komjathy

    Danny Komjathy6 gün önce


  18. Austrian Mapping

    Austrian Mapping6 gün önce


  19. God Gamer

    God Gamer7 gün önce


  20. Ken Gonzales

    Ken Gonzales7 gün önce

    Oh, Link. What would this game be without you?

  21. Lydia Hogue

    Lydia Hogue8 gün önce

    I was so frustrated at the silk worm soup, my husband was stationed in South Korea and when I visited that's the first thing he made me ate and we have a can of silk worms in our pantry right now lol

  22. Jared Sawtelle

    Jared Sawtelle9 gün önce

    Link is really bad at thia game. I can't say i'd be better at the guessing and aiming, but he should have nailed the board mid-asia. He couldn't win if he hit Peru or Falkland Islands, so betting on the country being on the right side of the board was the only chance he had to win. If he did what Rhett suggested it would only come down to Link's skill to hit his target

  23. Oman

    Oman10 gün önce

    Hahahhaha trilobites hahaha

  24. Zaddy Phantom

    Zaddy Phantom10 gün önce

    Fufu WHERE? That ain’t no fufu😤

  25. Jason Figueroa

    Jason Figueroa11 gün önce

    This has to be my favorite series

  26. Okunyin Baah

    Okunyin Baah11 gün önce

    I don't what y'all made but that ain't ground nut soup. By the way I'm Ghanaian

  27. Putera Irfan

    Putera Irfan12 gün önce

    make them eat the durian fruit !

  28. Brevin Louder

    Brevin Louder12 gün önce

    I went to Ghana for a month and the only thing that I looked forward to eating was that soup

  29. mikeysrose

    mikeysrose13 gün önce

    I was in Mongolia last summer, and my least favorite thing there was the food. Mutton in Mongolia tastes like an elderly farmer.

  30. DaniPlaysOnEasy -

    DaniPlaysOnEasy -13 gün önce

    8:00 looks like you're trying to eat the ranch packet with as little liquid as possible in it

  31. No One

    No One14 gün önce

    Lol, "don't need to worry about having teeth to eat it" I'm guessing y'all ain't never had a Caribbean soup.😂

  32. Alba S

    Alba S14 gün önce

    Chavales dónde está el cocido madrileño?

  33. Alba S

    Alba S14 gün önce


  34. Mr J Hayes

    Mr J Hayes15 gün önce

    I was eating oxtail soup while watching this and I'm from Wales (UK) 😁

  35. Joey A

    Joey A17 gün önce

    No Falkland way!! lmao

  36. Trinidi Edwards

    Trinidi Edwards17 gün önce


  37. Navapat Plumchitchom

    Navapat Plumchitchom18 gün önce

    No Thai Food soup ? Ahh we dont have frust soup whatever.

  38. Navapat Plumchitchom

    Navapat Plumchitchom18 gün önce

    Ahh nevermind we have one. Sad

  39. Senor_Onion

    Senor_Onion18 gün önce

    International biscuit/cookie taste test?

  40. Jordan Gallegos

    Jordan Gallegos18 gün önce


  41. MrJesusFG4

    MrJesusFG418 gün önce

    If Link wouldn’t do the arm waiving practice aims before throwing it, and just threw it with a steady arm, he would be so much more accurate I bet. Lol

  42. Asnida Cali

    Asnida Cali20 gün önce

    Wtf happened to Russell's hair?

  43. J

    J17 gün önce

    Who's Russell

  44. Kyra

    Kyra21 gün önce

    Having lived in Mongolia, that soup is not that thick... Rhett was right, the soups are usually more liquid-y.

  45. M

    M21 gün önce

    Haiti 🇭🇹

  46. CZ: Cups & All-Ups

    CZ: Cups & All-Ups22 gün önce

    OMG!!!! My Wheel Of Mythicality Intro is in this video. Thanks a lot, Mythical Crew!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. luchooloco

    luchooloco22 gün önce

    Se dice islas malvinas y son argentinas

  48. Kyle Kraftz

    Kyle Kraftz22 gün önce

    Why don’t you do this same thing but do it with the USA and states

  49. AnaxErik4ever

    AnaxErik4ever23 gün önce

    Yay! More International darts, one of my favorite games on GMM.

  50. Emma Kocsis

    Emma Kocsis24 gün önce

    As a hungarian person, i was genuinely suprised people in the us doesn’t eat fruit soup lol

  51. Yoel Badi

    Yoel Badi24 gün önce

    woohoo reppin morocco 🇲🇦

  52. Lauren Pescatore

    Lauren Pescatore24 gün önce

    I’m pretty sure Link chooses Ghana just because he likes to say Ghana.


    SUSHITRASH25 gün önce

    malaysia represents 🤘🏼

  54. Kristers Feldmanis

    Kristers Feldmanis25 gün önce

    Link's assumptions about countries make me wonder whether or not he has ever heard of any of those countries and where they are located in. WHAT DOES GHANA HAVE TO DO WITH GOATS?

  55. Cybercat Productions

    Cybercat Productions25 gün önce

    I would actually love to see that they throw their darts at the country they think the food is from and not what would be the safest place to win the game. Makes it not as enjoyable as the old internationals

  56. Find A Reason

    Find A Reason26 gün önce

    Why do they always know exactly where it’s from


    FANNI HANCSAK26 gün önce

    Where my Hungarian ppl at😭

  58. Lilly Mills

    Lilly Mills26 gün önce

    I didn’t know yogurt could melt! 😂

  59. Suzanne

    Suzanne26 gün önce


  60. Pink Maple

    Pink Maple27 gün önce

    Thank god no bat soup

  61. luke keegan

    luke keegan27 gün önce

    Is fruit soup not a smoothie

  62. jeffs world

    jeffs world27 gün önce

    Can we have another person rather then chase up there. He should stay behind the scenes.

  63. Blayne Kelley

    Blayne Kelley27 gün önce

    Me: Mom I got a girlfriend My mom: 0:25