International Starbucks Taste Test

Today, we're tasting different Starbucks foods from AROUND THE WORLD! Check it out in today's video, International Starbucks Taste Test! GMM #1660
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  1. StrangeSAnimates

    StrangeSAnimatesSaatler önce

    I love rooibos

  2. Safira SNH

    Safira SNH5 saatler önce

    Why did he throw the coffee though 😭

  3. Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Ann Margarette Sambilay17 saatler önce

    Purple Yam or Ube is the match for Matcha in the Philippines.

  4. Quantum Magnus

    Quantum Magnus17 saatler önce

    “What is this back part for anyway....” ...asked by someone who majored in engineering.

  5. Tyler7p

    Tyler7p22 saatler önce

    I always go for link in these ones cause he never wins them 😂

  6. Cariessa M.

    Cariessa M.Gün önce

    i’m positive the purple in the cake is ube. we use it for halo halo as well. :)

  7. Meaghan S

    Meaghan SGün önce

    "This is happening in a starbucks somewhere? Do they know?"

  8. court my

    court myGün önce

    bruh rhett says the same thing about thinking things from asia are gross every episode like we get it ur xenophobic

  9. The Zonx

    The ZonxGün önce

    Rhett hit very close to my city when he was aiming for Morocco lol

  10. luka p

    luka p2 gün önce

    i want to tell them that was ube so bad 😭

  11. Chris Eli

    Chris Eli2 gün önce

    I want a site that just lists all the clothes they’ve ever worn only because I really like Rhetts shirt

  12. Mohammed Kudo

    Mohammed Kudo2 gün önce

    Try Indian Street food

  13. Tinfoyl lord

    Tinfoyl lord3 gün önce

    Never have I heard "I'm going to hedge my bets" in a series before

  14. Totally Leanna

    Totally Leanna3 gün önce

    I’ve had the rose water , i live in canada, It’s sooo gross

  15. Zach Six

    Zach Six4 gün önce

    I just lost the game

  16. Yee Yee

    Yee Yee4 gün önce

    Links aim is like a blind person trying to pee in a cup.

  17. Micky Boii

    Micky Boii4 gün önce

    The way he said Melbourne 😵

  18. yuhmarco

    yuhmarco4 gün önce

    i wish starbucks would bring back their mango pineapple drink it was so good but unfortunately it was a limited time drink

  19. Soham Patel

    Soham Patel4 gün önce

    How did I miss the caramel jelly Frappuccino on London heathrow?

  20. Evan Fox

    Evan Fox6 gün önce

    Baklava is Greek, idk what Rhett was on about calling it middle eastern

  21. Rose M. Gottschalk

    Rose M. Gottschalk6 gün önce

    I want what Canada has

  22. Sophi Balerdi

    Sophi Balerdi6 gün önce

    i went to hong kong in august and their starbucks food was exactly like ours lmao. same muffins, croissants, cake pops, etc. idk where the green muffin came from

  23. Sophie Lind

    Sophie Lind7 gün önce

    I couldn't stop thinking about how much i like Rhett's shirt lol

  24. Matthew Hollingsworth

    Matthew Hollingsworth7 gün önce

    Rank the most popular about philly cheese steak vendors

  25. Isabella Cadotte

    Isabella Cadotte9 gün önce

    I didn’t know that there is a rose tea at Starbucks in Canada and I live here. I’m going to go to Starbucks now.

  26. Connor Smith

    Connor Smith9 gün önce

    So happy Link slipped in the self-reference to the SETI song

  27. N3rdy Gaming

    N3rdy Gaming9 gün önce

    I only just watched this now but you guys returned with S17 on my birthday of which i turned 21

  28. LifeWith Brogan

    LifeWith Brogan9 gün önce

    Rhett literally just needs to stop throwing the dart overhand and from behind his vision.. once he does that then I reckon he will actually nail his guesses every time

  29. bill bräm

    bill bräm10 gün önce

    Love the sweater of rhett Where can i buy that 😍

  30. Irelynn Sarchett

    Irelynn Sarchett10 gün önce


  31. Guinto Kirsten Ellyse Regina F.

    Guinto Kirsten Ellyse Regina F.10 gün önce

    I'm Filipino, and even *I* didn't know about the Ube Cheesecake XD

  32. Livv Lush

    Livv Lush10 gün önce


  33. Venom_ Butcher

    Venom_ Butcher11 gün önce

    They way she said Rooibos tea 😂

  34. Keys Collector

    Keys Collector11 gün önce

    Links face at 10:09 🤣😂🤣😂

  35. Guy  Prieto

    Guy Prieto11 gün önce

    At 08:10 link was Hilarious

  36. Putera Irfan

    Putera Irfan12 gün önce

    how do you order Starbucks menu from other countries?

  37. Terra_the _Nightingale

    Terra_the _Nightingale13 gün önce

    Does Florida count as a whole other country xD

  38. Dylan Lehman

    Dylan Lehman13 gün önce

    God I love these guys...been watching since season 1

  39. dess less

    dess less13 gün önce

    do international “american” food products

  40. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats13 gün önce

    wait where did they get the starbucks apron? lol

  41. Zhivko Kostov

    Zhivko Kostov14 gün önce

    80+ % of rose oil is made in Bulgaria

  42. val gutiérrez

    val gutiérrez14 gün önce

    im pretty sure there are no starbucks in bolivia link...

  43. Geoffrey PowerTa

    Geoffrey PowerTa14 gün önce

    I had never seen green muffin in Hong Kong 🤔

  44. Gia Gianna

    Gia Gianna14 gün önce

    In Canada we don’t have that drink like I’ve never heard of it here.

  45. Spooky Gingersnap

    Spooky Gingersnap14 gün önce

    When I was in Paris they had a blackberry mojito refresher. I think about that drink a lot 🤤

  46. Josette Londoño

    Josette Londoño15 gün önce

    Ecuador Ecuador 🇪🇨

  47. Karolyn Herrera

    Karolyn Herrera15 gün önce

    The Starbucks coffee I drank at the Frankfurt airport 7 years ago tasted much stronger than what I'm used to here in the States :)

  48. Jenna Harmon

    Jenna Harmon17 gün önce

    "This is happening at Starbucks somewhere? Do they know?" haha

  49. kendall.

    kendall.17 gün önce

    chase lookin kinda smexy w tht outfit lmao

  50. Michael Bribiesca

    Michael Bribiesca18 gün önce

    Me, an intellectual with a Filipino girlfriend. Sees purple cake and the word Phillipines: *ITS* *UBE*!! *ITS* *UBE*!!!*

  51. Hannah Creamer

    Hannah Creamer18 gün önce

    I really want that rose tea here in America!!!

  52. Mina

    Mina18 gün önce

    I love your shows it’s so funny 😂

  53. Mina

    Mina18 gün önce

    I love your shows it’s so funny 😂

  54. S. T. Al-Zadjali

    S. T. Al-Zadjali19 gün önce

    Is it ironic that I am watching this episode while drinking a Caramel Frap from Starbucks?🔥

  55. Dylan Labarge

    Dylan Labarge19 gün önce

    Do a international fried chicken or cereal

  56. Shelly Carpenter

    Shelly Carpenter19 gün önce

    I would eat all of it but the muffin.

  57. Anatoly Zheltikov

    Anatoly Zheltikov19 gün önce

    You guys never involve Russia(

  58. SJ Davis-Stegeman

    SJ Davis-Stegeman20 gün önce

    If anyone wants to give me the deets on Rhetts shirt you would be saving me from a lifetime of insanity. 💛

  59. Cory Sauers

    Cory Sauers18 gün önce

    SJ Davis-Stegeman right? It’s so cute and it looks so comfy!

  60. Sollus Markis

    Sollus Markis20 gün önce

    Opening with a bad joke and a face that screams "Eh? EH?!" is exactly what I needed

  61. Johannah Bagaoisan

    Johannah Bagaoisan21 gün önce

    next time yall do taste tests dont show the viewers where it comes from cuz i wanna guess too