Anthony Davis breaks down 50-point performance vs. Timberwolves | NBA Sound

Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis speaks to the media after he dropped 50 points on the Minnesota Timberwolves. He says it was special to play in front of a passionate Lakers crowd and says at halftime he set his goal to reach 50 points.

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  1. Zanos

    ZanosAylar önce

    lebron the 🐐

  2. beterbutz

    beterbutzAylar önce

    Lebron jealous of AD getting the attention

  3. Fuck yo feelings

    Fuck yo feelingsAylar önce

    LeBron in the background 😭😭

  4. Bryant Moshe' the Poet Falkner

    Bryant Moshe' the Poet FalknerAylar önce

    Lbj... music too loud

  5. serialkiller77

    serialkiller77Aylar önce

    So happy to see this guy a Los Angeles Lakers


    THE BROWAylar önce

    No one can stop me💪💪💪

  7. Erick Jenkins

    Erick JenkinsAylar önce


  8. Chris Hill

    Chris HillAylar önce

    5:31 HAHAH

  9. Slique Vic

    Slique VicAylar önce

    AD is the second best teammate LBJ ever had....

  10. GNB

    GNBAylar önce

    Imagine what he’d be doing if lebron didn’t turn him into a spot up shooter


    GRIMS REVENGEAylar önce

    We're all singing the praises of LeBron and A.D. but do not over look this very important factor. Say on this Lakers team you had a sorry small center who was worthless like most N.B.A. teams have now. The Lakers would just be a regular 50/50 team because people would just pull A.D. away from the basket by putting in all small shooting players. But with Javale Mcgee and Dwight Howard down at center you can't do that because it would give the Lakers a million offensive rebounds so the teams have to match up and now you got a shot blocker under the basket at all times. I love the fact somebody finally put a real team together and showing all these bandwagon coaches how real N.B.A. basketball is played. Give them big dogs Javale Mcgee and Dwight Howard their credit because they are the real M.V.P's ............... GRIM.

  12. flyazzplayboy

    flyazzplayboyAylar önce

    Remember... The locker room is the players space 😂😂

  13. J. C.

    J. C.Aylar önce

    LeBron Tapped in with the ESES in LA that's why he celebrate Taco Tuesdays

  14. Beeniecris

    BeeniecrisAylar önce



    MILLENNIAL HD TVAylar önce

    I hope this video gets copyrighted too 6:58 Jay Z

  16. Erick Jenkins

    Erick JenkinsAylar önce

    We snitching?


    MILLENNIAL HD TVAylar önce

    Bruh LeBron listening to Jay Z while AD interviews 😭😭😭 Mans is wild son 🤣🤣🤣

  18. aaron clay

    aaron clayAylar önce

    lol ikr WHO gonna be that dude to tell lebron to turn it down hahahhhaha

  19. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersAylar önce

    Here's a fun fact: Long-time Lakers color analyst, *Stu* *Lantz,* worked for the San Diego Clippers.

  20. One Punch Taco

    One Punch TacoAylar önce

    Idk Bron this was supposed to be AD's moment but Oh well.

  21. Ray Love

    Ray LoveAylar önce

    The scheduling gods have shown Lakers favor. They had softest schedule in the league for the 1st 20 some odd games.....played only 5 teams with winning records and lost to When bron was a heatle, the heat had the toughest schedule in the league the 1st 20.....the league love some lakers. Wake me up when they get to the tough part, if there is one.

  22. Ray Love

    Ray LoveAylar önce

    @Brandon Dawson portland is 🗑, utah overrated, and denver is decent. There's only 4 good teams in the west. Lakers, clippers, houston, and dallas.... The rest are mediocre to trash.

  23. Brandon Dawson

    Brandon DawsonAylar önce

    They beat Denver Utah and Portland On the road 3 tough teams and 3 hard places to play on the road.

  24. Jhaqwan Vinscon

    Jhaqwan VinsconAylar önce

    Who is that lady she fine dam they had to show her L B J RAPING IN THE BACK 🔥🐑

  25. Isaiah Q Jones

    Isaiah Q JonesAylar önce

    I was trying to see her too Lol

  26. Bear

    BearAylar önce

    Just sign the extension now AD 💪🏾

  27. Lebron James

    Lebron JamesAylar önce

    Yep that's what i want to do man... Sky is the limit

  28. charles agha

    charles aghaAylar önce

    Who would have thought that the re-emergence of the Lakers would happen so soon? It seemed like just yesterday that Kobe was winning back to back championships and I really didn't think they would be good again in my life time. Boy was I wrong.

  29. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerAylar önce

    LeBron trolling legendary.

  30. Bobby Tsunami

    Bobby TsunamiAylar önce

    Love how LeBron HATERS in all comment sections REACHing for ways to HATE... it's hilarious 🤣😂

  31. Bfns 23

    Bfns 23Aylar önce


  32. Steven Coffman

    Steven CoffmanAylar önce

    Another victim another win

  33. Snub Pilots

    Snub PilotsAylar önce

    LeBron gave AD theme music !!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Snub Pilots

    Snub PilotsAylar önce

    LeBron taking subliminal shots at somebody ....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeAylar önce

    Proof AD makes Lebron better. AD is playing the way he always has. But suddenly Lebron is leading the NBA in assists. Lebron was on the Lakers last year and they didn't make the playoffs. Add AD and best record in the league right now. So sick of sports media saying Lebron makes his teammates better. It's complete bullshit. He certainly didn't make anyone on the Lakers better last year.

  36. DonaTello

    DonaTelloAylar önce

    Rey I know he is bro. I’m just giving him the actual truth

  37. Rey

    ReyAylar önce

    DonaTello Thats something different. But he is hating like lbj is nothing .

  38. DonaTello

    DonaTelloAylar önce

    That’s true, AD is actually finishing lebron’s pass. Their build/styles compliments each other’s so they both make each other better.

  39. Lexy Woodard

    Lexy WoodardAylar önce

    Just give it up buddy 😂

  40. Rey

    ReyAylar önce

    Yeah you really dump sry man

  41. Reem 617

    Reem 617Aylar önce

    The player in the back is turning this to a mixtape

  42. Aarnav Putta

    Aarnav PuttaAylar önce

    Reem 617 that’s LeBron 😂😂

  43. Derek Duram

    Derek DuramAylar önce

    Dude said 139 tonight ? Lakers scored 142 he thinking about the clippers lol

  44. D Nixon

    D NixonAylar önce

    I show you how to do this son!!!!

  45. Mohamed

    MohamedAylar önce

    Just Change the title to: “LeBron rapping”

  46. Roy Munoz

    Roy MunozAylar önce

    Bron in the back Jammin!!! Yeeee

  47. Erik Bueno

    Erik BuenoAylar önce

    Imagine if this video gets copyrighted lol

  48. Eric Mathis

    Eric MathisAylar önce

    Nah nba or ESPN can pay that n hov ain't goin sue

  49. Joel Ishman

    Joel IshmanAylar önce

    S/o to the cutie on the right side with the baby hairs.

  50. Dr's Pepperoni

    Dr's PepperoniAylar önce

    She need to move, this not about her 😡😡


    MILLENNIAL HD TVAylar önce

    I see shorty 🤣🤣

  52. Noah de la Rosa

    Noah de la RosaAylar önce

    Good spot

  53. SHOOT3R

    SHOOT3RAylar önce

    Lbj dyinnnn for that attention Lool. Smh 🤦‍♀️

  54. Cameron Ross

    Cameron RossAylar önce

    He don’t care about these people they ask the same questions every game

  55. SHOOT3R

    SHOOT3RAylar önce

    Lool put in headphones or maybe show some respect

  56. Cameron Ross

    Cameron RossAylar önce

    Tf he supposed to do be quiet y they talking tf

  57. gridion109

    gridion109Aylar önce

    LeBron ruined the whole second half of the interview rappin along to Jay z 😂😂😂😂😂I love this guy 🐐🐐

  58. jwise15

    jwise15Aylar önce

    gridion109 rude but hilarious. Think he didn’t realize or just didn’t care? He got some background F bombs on ESPN

  59. Joel Ishman

    Joel IshmanAylar önce


  60. gridion109

    gridion109Aylar önce

    LeBron at 3:42😂😂

  61. Joel Ishman

    Joel IshmanAylar önce

    He like...f*ck that interview.

  62. Trump looks like a red Shrimp

    Trump looks like a red ShrimpAylar önce

    Lucka needs to leave and pull a Lebron because he is wasting his good early prime years. The unicorn is a regular player they will not win a ring and you know it. Now back to grabbing Vjays and getting my 3 mins in with a particular porn star. Vote America. Good job Lakers. I am inviting you to watch my impeachment and 3 minutes in the sack with hookers. I got hush money too.

  63. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerAylar önce

    I love how it's "pulling a LeBron" and not allowing your talent to be wasted.

  64. arfsnm dgn

    arfsnm dgnAylar önce

    @Trump looks like a red Shrimp LoL

  65. Trump looks like a red Shrimp

    Trump looks like a red ShrimpAylar önce

    @arfsnm dgn thanks i like yours too. I need to head out to vist Amsterdam's red light district asap. My wife is boring.

  66. arfsnm dgn

    arfsnm dgnAylar önce

    Like ur pic🤣

  67. Tina Williams

    Tina WilliamsAylar önce

    Congrats fam

  68. Brian Lindo

    Brian LindoAylar önce

    LeBron in the back

  69. Joel Ishman

    Joel IshmanAylar önce

    I'm crying laughing

  70. Kingsdric9

    Kingsdric9Aylar önce

    I hope it wasn't because of Lizzo courtside

  71. kev j

    kev jAylar önce

    top 4 MVP candidates: 1. giannis 2. luka 3. AD 4. harden

  72. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerAylar önce

    If James Harden is in your MVP list, you need to sit down and actually look at stats. The fact that LeBron isn't on there means you're trolling. 50 PTS (11/38) 4/20 3PT 24/24 FT ------------------------- 34 PTS (8/27) 3/17 3PT 15/18 FT And that's just two of his most recent larger scoring games. You're telling me that makes the MVP list over LeBron? I think it's crazy that now that LeBron has someone that isn't going to brick every pass he throws them he's being carried. I guess last year's cast would have been carrying LeBron too if they were draining their wide open jumpers too, huh? Or J.R. and Kevin Love would have carried LeBron to another Finals victory two years ago, huh? The measuring stick always moves for him because he keeps blowing it out the water when y'all try.

  73. カタクリシャーロット

    カタクリシャーロットAylar önce

    Cesar Silva this guy is just don’t know about basketball

  74. Cesar Silva

    Cesar SilvaAylar önce

    shiniamijg Lebron’s in the lead for mvp and if you don’t agree you’re an idiot

  75. kev j

    kev jAylar önce

    shiniamijg not ahead of any of these dudes

  76. Stephen A Smith

    Stephen A SmithAylar önce

    Idk bout harden

  77. Donovan Howard

    Donovan HowardAylar önce

    Keep doing your thing 💯

  78. kev j

    kev jAylar önce

    stop with the narrative that lebron is a top 3 mvp candidate he has this beast on his team who can go off for 50 any given night and he leads the lakers in scoring, rebounds, steals, blocks, PER and TS%, if anyone on the lakers should be in the MVP race it’s AD not lefraud

  79. LeTamper Blames

    LeTamper BlamesAylar önce

    kev j he’s still a 4x mvp and there’s nothing you can do but cry at night about it hater

  80. A Man

    A ManAylar önce

    kev j Lebron is 21-3 chillin and u over here hating 😂 like u kno he don’t kno u exist right

  81. A Pair of Black Airforces

    A Pair of Black AirforcesAylar önce

    kev j “lafraud” is leading the league in assists in his 17th season or is it 18th idk lost count but yea I don’t think he’s top 3 in MVP but u do know that the MVP is narrative base, promise u it’s gonna come down luka or lebron, because it’ll make history most likely luka tho bc it’ll make him the youngest mvp.

  82. カタクリシャーロット

    カタクリシャーロットAylar önce

    kev j what a idiot hater you are 🤦‍♀️

  83. KingMickD

    KingMickDAylar önce

    @kev j I bet you're one of the same dudes that ssid Lebron would hold AD back yall just love changing the narrative. 😭😭😭

  84. Zenigundam

    ZenigundamAylar önce

    Funniest AD moment was when he went on that Jimmy Kimmel skit with Clyde Frazier about old vs. new and AD couldn't get any of the history questions right and Clyde didn't know any of the social media or pop culture questions he thought the Snapchat ghost was the Ghostbusters logo

  85. Brooklyn Johnson

    Brooklyn JohnsonAylar önce

    Hey you're that same guy that's barely 5 feet tall 😂

  86. Andre Riter

    Andre RiterAylar önce


  87. Jerry Kwerve

    Jerry KwerveAylar önce


  88. Uptempo

    UptempoAylar önce