Carmelo and Chris Paul needed honesty from Daryl Morey about their trade - Marc J. Spears | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Marc J. Spears and Dave McMenamin react to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul calling for two delay-of-game violations. They also discuss the issues they have with the way the Houston Rockets handled trading Carmelo Anthony and CP3. (2:18).
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  1. Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez17 gün önce

    I don’t like Rachel Nichols she’s annoying

  2. Ari

    Ari13 gün önce

    You are alone


    III BAKURYU III23 gün önce

    Why does Daryl Morey need to be honest about something that doesn't matter anymore? That's like getting a divorce and MONTHS later asking your once significant other if they cheated on your on XYZ day or not. Who cares at this point?

  4. J.R. Elgran

    J.R. Elgran23 gün önce

    The reason Danny is a better GM relationship wise is Because he's a former player. Meaning he knows how it feels to be on the other side.

  5. Jo Shi

    Jo Shi25 gün önce

    Its It's a slave trade. Nobody needs to be honest with anybody. Get your millions and shut your mouth

  6. Phillip Beckman

    Phillip BeckmanAylar önce

    Cp 3 is a basketball genius. That OkC Paul Jersey is worth buying.

  7. thebrotherhood227

    thebrotherhood227Aylar önce

    The only thing Houston did wrong with CP3 is sign him to that contract in the first place

  8. Designer Boiz

    Designer BoizAylar önce

    Yall remember what yall said it's a business so when the players take control of there destiny and demand trades and or team up with their friends dont smear their names in the media its business not personal!

  9. newthrash1221

    newthrash1221Aylar önce

    “How do we feel?”That sums up rachel nichols in one sentence. Hack.

  10. MindofJay

    MindofJay7 gün önce

    Yeah thats true, but at least she can say she is better then molly qerim. Almost every time that woman opens her mouth I cringe.

  11. Michael C Crede

    Michael C CredeAylar önce

    Players don't understand

  12. Jessie Owen

    Jessie OwenAylar önce

    Thanks for your time and I will make sure you have any questions please call me at your

  13. Nyahaha

    NyahahaAylar önce

    Why do we keep on talking about the past?

  14. MrPreachx

    MrPreachxAylar önce

    Business is business. Darryl doesn't owe anyone anything. If you don't like what goes on you create your own.

  15. Domo Jones

    Domo JonesAylar önce

    Everybody had 2 know CP3 was gone once Harden made those post game comments. Russ is gonna find out also

  16. Rapha Alpha 12

    Rapha Alpha 12Aylar önce

    These two plus DeAndre needs to be in a team together

  17. Yesi Villalta

    Yesi VillaltaAylar önce


  18. Brandon Green

    Brandon GreenAylar önce

    When you’re job is to know everything NBA “poor Jared bell”

  19. Humble Arrogance Tx

    Humble Arrogance TxAylar önce

    Rockets gave melo a chance when no one else in the league would.... Chris got a huge payday that he only deserved back in his prime.... what more can you ask for in the course of business in the NBA?

  20. Sebastian Dracu

    Sebastian DracuAylar önce

    Bad look for Morey. Very bad look. You don't treat 2 HOFs like that. Why would you wanna' play for the rockets with a GM like that ?

  21. Lucien

    LucienAylar önce

    Thunder won on the trade. Rockets lost. Harden and coach are the problem. Not CP3.

  22. jdlock00

    jdlock00Aylar önce

    Im all for trading. Not at all for dishonesty in trading. I don't care how much money they make. A deal is a deal and the people make enough money to just man up.

  23. Justin Leung

    Justin LeungAylar önce

    Cry me a river CP3. You should thank Daryl Morey for your outrageous contract. Both Melo and CP3 are at the ends of their career, quit crying. You guys made enough money but your legacy will always fall well short of Lebrons.

  24. Aaron Spyda Jackson

    Aaron Spyda JacksonAylar önce

    You shouldn't talk basketball if you don't even know the players name...Jarrett Bell lol

  25. gov3rnor

    gov3rnorAylar önce

    Ball IQ❗❗ I like it🔥

  26. Christopher Mcqueen

    Christopher McqueenAylar önce

    just about any one owning a smartphone can profit on line with search in Google with no gaps *PaidToBeHome .c om*

  27. Brian Brown

    Brian BrownAylar önce

    Well why would anyone look to join the rockets,

  28. jenelyn reed

    jenelyn reedAylar önce

    Cp3 was given a chance and proved he was overpaid. He finessed that contract. Don’t feel too bad. He isn’t hurting.

  29. jenelyn reed

    jenelyn reedAylar önce

    @ForeverBoallz his energy is negative - thats why he hasn't won a chip.

  30. ForeverBoallz

    ForeverBoallzAylar önce

    So the guy almost beat a healthy warriors (except for iguodala at the time) got hurt with the 3-2 lead because he played his best. Then harden comes in not able to win even one of the next 2 games, missing 27 straight 3pt the entire team last game. Then u agrees to sign the guy for the price he asked for, after one not so great overall season for the rockets. suddenly cp3 is washed, when he almost won the chip for rockets 12months ago. Suddenly cp3 is overpaid as if rockets got trick into signing the contract.

  31. ky yin

    ky yinAylar önce

    i dont really understand that if player invent no trade claaw, then why cannt they have a inform tradde claw that team must inform 1,2 months beeffore trade taken?

  32. Scott Sullivan

    Scott SullivanAylar önce

    Chris paul is a snitch.🤦

  33. Jules AA

    Jules AAAylar önce

    Daryl Morey should be blackballed from the league. What kind of coward Tweets from the safety of his house about China, while the Nets and Lakers were mid flight to China and put those players in danger. Plus the Melo and CP3 drama

  34. Guano Guy

    Guano GuyAylar önce

    I thought we knew CP3 was shipping out if they could find a partner. Surprised he's surprised.

  35. Clayton Branche

    Clayton BrancheAylar önce

    I’m pro-player, but it makes sense not to tell players (especially the more high profile ones) that they are getting traded. Every GM probably has nightmares about what happened to New Orleans with the AD situation. The better players have the ability/influence to kill their original team’s leverage by making their preferred destinations known. The Pelicans ended up getting lucky because: 1. Rob Pelinka was desperate 2. LeBron is getting older/on a shorter contract, so he threw his weight into the mix from the Lakers side (and via Rich Paul) 3. The Pelicans jumped way up to win the Zion lottery, making their franchise outlook much better than young guys + late first rounders BUT I’m sure they would have rather kept AD since he’s a young vet playing at an All-NBA level.

  36. Nathaniel Napier

    Nathaniel NapierAylar önce

    Jorden bell dummy

  37. gothatway09

    gothatway09Aylar önce

    Harden has way too much power and influence on the Rockets. Harden got rid of Dwight Howard. Harden got coach Kevin McHale fired. Harden got Melo released. Harden got CP3 traded. Harden is behind everything.

  38. Juio Massie

    Juio MassieAylar önce

    cant believe Daryl Morey is still not fired from all the trouble he caused from his stupid hk twit

  39. Almighty Huncho

    Almighty HunchoAylar önce

    They said you can hear his expression yet they show a caption

  40. Marques Carter

    Marques CarterAylar önce

    Its a business but for paul it was trust with melo it was honesty but as I said before it's a business

  41. D 416

    D 416Aylar önce

    These GM's are bitchass dudes. They say one thing and do the other. Paxon told Jimmy Butler he won't be traded, clippers showed Blake's baby pictures, Cousins was promised he wouldn't be traded... These execs are the real snakes...

  42. youngchris111

    youngchris111Aylar önce

    Daryl Morey needed honesty about cp3s health and melos ability to play d and hit corner 3s ...foh and stop defending these toxic d bags

  43. Devil Juice

    Devil JuiceAylar önce

    Tell all this bullshit to demar

  44. Rawr5649

    Rawr5649Aylar önce

    Marc Spears gets to the point slower than refridgerated syrup

  45. OG Kennedy

    OG KennedyAylar önce

    Harden to selfish to build a team

  46. Matthew Frawley

    Matthew FrawleyAylar önce

    this guy called him Jarred 3 times ...

  47. Jon Davis

    Jon DavisAylar önce

    Tough game tonight with the Philadelphia 76ers and you know. Dinnnver

  48. 00bob000

    00bob000Aylar önce

    3:01.. jus realized their table is a basketball hoop/net... 🌱 💨 💭

  49. Jacquetbaer

    JacquetbaerAylar önce

    As a ref to call a delay on mage is a delay,. If I hv a team at an disadvantage which happens all game cause I basket hang, which happens all game, To make that call on an professional level is preposterous. When u don't call traveling, which happens all game, carrying, which happens all game, and stiffens to gain separation , all a big part of the game, very few calls. It's a team game and as a team if I want to defend 5 w 3 it's up to the coach or his teammates on that one not the ref...

  50. Dcage Pcutta

    Dcage PcuttaAylar önce

    If he was honest. He would have told them they are both washed up.

  51. Dcage Pcutta

    Dcage PcuttaAylar önce

    @ForeverBoallz ok. Have good weekend

  52. ForeverBoallz

    ForeverBoallzAylar önce

    @Dcage Pcutta ever since he got sign blazers got better won more games.. Idk what league u r watching but yea lets just agree to disagree n end this lol have a good day bud

  53. Dcage Pcutta

    Dcage PcuttaAylar önce

    @ForeverBoallz melo can make jumpers in his sleep. Other than that hes worthless.

  54. Dcage Pcutta

    Dcage PcuttaAylar önce

    @ForeverBoallz how about this. They wont be here next year. Melo only got signed because enough people were crying for him. Blazers will not bring him back next year.

  55. ForeverBoallz

    ForeverBoallzAylar önce

    @Dcage Pcutta what are you gonna say? They gonna lose in the playoffs? If that's your standard then theres literally only one teams players can be considered good each year lol

  56. Ochoa Guillermo

    Ochoa GuillermoAylar önce

    They talk like if it is life or death. Carmelo told him be careful it's a buisness. The other day they talked about Chris Paul's contract he would let that contract go to go to a better team but he wasn't doing that. Is to much money.

  57. Paul Jenkins

    Paul JenkinsAylar önce


  58. Ricky Fontaine

    Ricky FontaineAylar önce

    Side note: is it just me or does it seem like Rachel and Roz the main 2 women that seems to get an equal say on the floor alongside their Male counterparts? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  59. Antoine Wardlaw

    Antoine WardlawAylar önce

    But yet PLAYERS are wrong for exercising their RIGHT of free agency tho 🤷🏾‍♂️ COMPLETE BULLSHIT

  60. Robby Quimson

    Robby QuimsonAylar önce

    Chris Paul was given a 4 year 160 mil contract at age 34 by the Rockets. Whats the problem? The money is still guaranteed no matter who he plays for.

  61. FruitPunch Samurai

    FruitPunch SamuraiAylar önce

    Daryl Morey don't owe them anything. These two scrubs are too sensitive

  62. jasonmason1000

    jasonmason1000Aylar önce

    Daryl Morey is a snake

  63. Rich Money

    Rich Money7 gün önce

    Not really. It was business. They probably aren't winning a title with russ but they weren't winning one with cp3 or melo either. And even if he did tell them prior who's to say they wouldn't go to the media or destroy that locker room

  64. King D

    King DAylar önce

    That’s why I like how Lebron controls his own career. I know some peeps still hold him accountable for how he left Cleveland the first time( and they should get over it now); and I agree that how he left was unwise, but not that he left. This is a business and in business you should be honest. Question: when applying for a new job, how many times have you been told after your interview, by companies/organizations, ‘we will call you’? Only to discover that they didn’t. That was a lie. I don’t want to work for an organization that can’t be trusted in the little things cause I won’t be able to trust them in the big. If the script was flipped, they wouldn’t do business with you!

  65. damian C Hooper

    damian C HooperAylar önce


  66. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeAylar önce

    Yup. They only want the player to reveal all and be completely honest. But want to be able to lie to the players. Hypocrites

  67. Alieu Camara

    Alieu CamaraAylar önce

    King D 💯💯💯💯

  68. Daniel Mason

    Daniel MasonAylar önce

    Honestly I don’t see why anybody would wanna play with James Harden.....

  69. So Cool1

    So Cool1Aylar önce

    You can tell the GM was bullied growing up no backbone at all scary MF

  70. Darren Crawford

    Darren CrawfordAylar önce

    *Jordan Bell ...not Jared

  71. XquisiteGDR

    XquisiteGDRAylar önce

    Thats why I applaud Lebron. Because he took control over his business. People call see it in a selfish way. Lebron is so calculated he waited a whole 2 years to do what he is doing today. He is that calculated. This AD situation he put in motion long before it happened.

  72. Noel Beltran

    Noel BeltranAylar önce

    CP3 is wack af

  73. Gilberto Luna

    Gilberto LunaAylar önce

    When are we gonna acknowledge that maybe James Harden is the problem. Couldn't get along with Dwight, CP3 and Melo.

  74. Rangeela

    RangeelaAylar önce

    Thank you for saying it!! Bc there is a clear pattern.

  75. Gilberto Luna

    Gilberto LunaAylar önce

    @artix003 you're right that way of basketball ain't gonna get them nowhere

  76. artix003

    artix003Aylar önce

    it's the coach's job to have a system that compliments the players too bad he only knows one system