Cleveland isn’t the place for Odell Beckham Jr. - Ryan Clark | Get Up

Mike Greenberg, Ryan Clark, Laura Rutledge and Domonique Foxworth debate whether Odell Beckham Jr. should continue to play for the Cleveland Browns next season.
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  1. Jimmy M

    Jimmy M6 gün önce

    Some people suffer from the delusion that OBJ has any “all-time great” potential. Jerry Rice must be giggling somewhere.

  2. Tupac Shakur

    Tupac Shakur28 gün önce

    Odell and Kaep yo Dynasty im telling you.Obj is a star he belongs on a winning team imagine Brady and Odell

  3. Timothy Muhammad

    Timothy Muhammad28 gün önce

    Get my boy off the browns like bro the only thing they got is cool jerseys

  4. The Ladies Man

    The Ladies ManAylar önce

    Raiders please come save OBJ

  5. Reginald Williams

    Reginald WilliamsAylar önce

    Odell needs to be in LA with the Rams

  6. MarLy MarLLe

    MarLy MarLLeAylar önce

    Eli is better than Baker

  7. Anthony 2b channel 15

    Anthony 2b channel 15Aylar önce

    OBJ is overrated

  8. who dunit

    who dunitAylar önce

    Odell is the problem and has been the problem at every stop in the NFL. The problem with the Browns on Offense starts with Odell. He can't get open. He's not creating any separation. He has dropped way too many passes. Baker feels that he has to try to force the ball to Odell to keep him happy. Trading for Him was a big mistake. The Browns need to address the OL first in the off season. Trade Odell to whoever makes the best offer and move on. If Baker can get the pressure off his shoulder of making Odell happy he can spread the ball around like last year. If he was as great as everyone thinks he is why did the Giants send him packing?

  9. Armed 3 Dangerous

    Armed 3 DangerousAylar önce

    Ravens, 49ers, rams, bills, falcons, Seahawks; make it happen

  10. Marcus Watson

    Marcus WatsonAylar önce

    It’s funny cause New York is the perfect place for Odell 😂

  11. Joshua Jacobs

    Joshua JacobsAylar önce

    You know it's bad when punters and QBs have more catching TDs then obj

  12. coloRADo

    coloRADoAylar önce

    Laura though...😦

  13. DashCamEyes

    DashCamEyesAylar önce

    Tom Brandy needs to pick up OBJ if they gonna wins this super bowl.

  14. Dave OsBeatz

    Dave OsBeatzAylar önce

    It’s crazy people think firing a coach or 1 player can change a whole’s a organization problem and there not a team..the ravens are a team and stick close and is a great definition of what a team is supposed to be like..1 coach isn’t gonna make a difference..all these coaches and players are nfl caliber,there’s no reason the giants and redskins and dolphins are this horrible..they all come from the same stage and all are nfl’s not like they get the worst reason to be horrible like this

  15. Bill Blass

    Bill BlassAylar önce

    I was watching Becoming the Browns this summer, which is there Hard Knocks style documentary on their TRgos channel. Such a shame cus they were all happy and hyped and really looked like they were all having fun and Odell was happy to be with Landry and Baker. They really thought they were goin to the Super Bowl

  16. Real Honcho

    Real HonchoAylar önce

    They need kyle sloter.

  17. Chris S

    Chris SAylar önce

    Seems like the Texas Boys are looking for more drama...

  18. Jay Pesci

    Jay PesciAylar önce


  19. Harrington Benton

    Harrington BentonAylar önce

    Odell wasn't going to be an all-time great! The GIANTS got rid of me him! They didn't want him on their team! They said we are better off w/o you!

  20. Harrington Benton

    Harrington BentonAylar önce

    @Brian Stevens II Great NEVER gets held to 3 TDs in 15 games....Kenyon Drake had 4 TDs last week. Tell us how should he be used exactly. I know the game very well so be specific. YOU WON'T ANSWER! HEY DUMBASS the whole organization OKs trades. Did Gettleman sneak and trade Odell w/o telling ownership?

  21. Brian Stevens II

    Brian Stevens IIAylar önce

    Oh please! He is top 5 hands down in EVERY CATEGORY. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? Get a grip homie are dead wrong... Gettlemen traded him...not the NY GIANTS...and he had no business trading him. Whatever though...believe whatever you want ....the facts speak to his GREATNESS....the stats don't lie.... CLEVELAND....doesn't know how to use him. They suck and that's why they've sucked for 30 + years....assholes. 😑

  22. Tyler Cleveland

    Tyler ClevelandAylar önce

    Just wanted to say that OBJ is one win away from his second best season in total wins as a pro. Media wanting him to leave is purely for selfish reasons, not for football reasons.

  23. Saidakine

    SaidakineAylar önce

    The only thing toxic is the media

  24. william carter

    william carterAylar önce

    Maybe OBJ will become a Raven an ifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff that happen BMO its cold as a MOFO but id have to move there just to witness all that speed LJ, OBJ on the field at the same time ..

  25. william carter

    william carterAylar önce

    Cleveland doesn't want to win .. They had LBJ he helped win one for them but they[ Cleveland or management ]] didn't do everything in there power to keep the literal[[ home boy /homie ]] in Ohio .. An all were finding about Mr. Manziel and Mr. Mayfield both great at the college level both won the Heisman and the great white hopes ain't so great and you cant be the reincarnation of Brett Favre or Jim McMahon if you cant win at least some of the time.. All that preseason hype it was to much pressure on them because the browns haven't been relevant since THE FUMBLE and lastly where is J Manziel as of right now ????? And I don't think Ohio St cant beat Clemson ..

  26. Lord Knows

    Lord KnowsAylar önce

    Odell, New England would like to have a word with you

  27. Stephen Jones

    Stephen JonesAylar önce

    Michael Thomas and Odell is a nightmare.

  28. Stephen Jones

    Stephen JonesAylar önce

    Come home to New Orleans.

  29. Victory Asher

    Victory AsherAylar önce

    The Browns are under the icing, not cake. You can cover this team with whatever you want to make it look appealing....they will always maintain a Browns losing mentality. If Tomlin was coaching this team?! Oh my goodness!!!

  30. Donny Smiley

    Donny SmileyAylar önce

    Get these guys a NFL coach and see what they do.

  31. Travis Sactown

    Travis SactownAylar önce

    This chick neees to pull the stupid strand of hair back behind is such a distraction

  32. Cool D

    Cool DAylar önce

    I'm also from ohio so not everyone is fan of that that team ohio us made up of Steelers fans to

  33. Cool D

    Cool DAylar önce

    Odell Steelers yesssssss come to us

  34. Cheyee Yang

    Cheyee YangAylar önce

    Haskins odell Mclaurin hmmm......

  35. there go nate

    there go nateAylar önce

    Odell come to the saints we need a see ball threat

  36. Httrs 4life

    Httrs 4lifeAylar önce

    Knock it off yall got a top 3 WR in the league are u joking

  37. Lavel Brown

    Lavel BrownAylar önce

    Come Back Home to the N.O

  38. kovachfg

    kovachfgAylar önce

    Why does she wear her hair like that? It takes away from what she is trying to say.

  39. Justin Bellamy

    Justin BellamyAylar önce

    He should go to Baltimore, him and Lamar would be spooky 👻👻

  40. M Brower

    M Brower12 gün önce

    Jackson isn't a big passing QB. That's what makes Beckham successful.

  41. david Grosjean

    david GrosjeanAylar önce

    Lol I'll trade you Odell for your starting left and right tackles

  42. JamalB21

    JamalB21Aylar önce

    Just send him to the Ravens, Pats, Saints, or Seattle. A place with a strong culture from top to bottom

  43. jonathan garcia

    jonathan garciaAylar önce

    Media will never let go of that one handed catch go like it makes him the greatest receiver ever, all that showing out to not show up against the packers, HE AIN'T THAT GOOD FOLKS, VICTOR CRUZ 2.0

  44. Bill Blass

    Bill BlassAylar önce

    jonathan garcia what happened to Victor Cruz?

  45. Terry Smith

    Terry SmithAylar önce

    If he does not go to New England. I would be surprised.

  46. Alec Corleon

    Alec CorleonAylar önce

    Buddy was on point bout mayfield. Fuk em let OBJ be great..!!

  47. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesAylar önce

    XLF is the place for OBJ

  48. Demitric Owens

    Demitric OwensAylar önce

    Ron Rivera would be a good coach for the browns

  49. Xavier Hargraves

    Xavier HargravesAylar önce

    Everyone knows Odell wants to go to the Niners

  50. Siddhant Choudaha

    Siddhant ChoudahaAylar önce


  51. Joseph Meras

    Joseph MerasAylar önce

    Odell going to sf he wanted to come there in the first place he wants to play with Jimmy

  52. stephen davis

    stephen davisAylar önce

    Odell come to the chiefs babyyyy

  53. Wolverage

    WolverageAylar önce


  54. Jiquelle Kinnard

    Jiquelle KinnardAylar önce

    Obj come to the falcons

  55. Blassie P

    Blassie PAylar önce

    Fam needs to flip, send him to LA.

  56. Julius Moore

    Julius MooreAylar önce

    I like those rings that Laura has on...beautiful!

  57. Brian Ostrowski

    Brian OstrowskiAylar önce

    Or maybe he’s just overrated

  58. Simone Eli

    Simone EliAylar önce

    To the cowboys for a 7th rd pick

  59. TheBzoldos32

    TheBzoldos32Aylar önce

    Why is there so many excuses for Odell.

  60. TheBzoldos32

    TheBzoldos32Aylar önce

    He's like the third or fourth best football player on his team

  61. TheBzoldos32

    TheBzoldos32Aylar önce

    I think it's cause people think he's Randy Moss and he's just average now.

  62. david Grosjean

    david GrosjeanAylar önce

    Cause they don't want Cleveland having a star player

  63. Perry Wimberly

    Perry WimberlyAylar önce

    Let's be honest obj isn't an elite wr never was never will be its takes more than 1handed catches to be elite

  64. Sirr Jazz

    Sirr JazzAylar önce

    Who didn't know that??? This is the deal with Odell: Until he stops CRYING about NOT getting the football he's not gonna fit ANYWHERE!!! A receiver must develop a relationship with a quarterback. A receiver must become DEPENDABLE, like a Paul Warfield, a Fred Bilitnikof, a Jerry Rice. Odell drops too many passes, and then blames the quarterback. Odell doesn't always run the best routes and he gives up on the route when he isn't able to get open. Odell too needs to learn how to be quite and just play football. What Odell may not know is that he is being noticed, he's just being noticed for ALL THE WRONG THINGS!!! Odell, please don't become another T.O. that is, a great individual player but a locker room problem!!!

  65. Ty Taylor

    Ty TaylorAylar önce

    Why would anyone want to be in Cleveland? Or Detroit for that matter too. I feel bad when anyone is drafted or traded to that pathetic city. Ugh :(

  66. Alex Cifuentes

    Alex CifuentesAylar önce

    My gawd this woman up here with these guys is so fine, she’s so fine. Beautiful espn! and BTW Odell should go with Aaron Rodgers so that offense can be relentless for a change!

  67. Vos Landeck

    Vos LandeckAylar önce

    Mayfield was overrated. The dude was a lot of hype coming into the season but he's a pretty average QB.

  68. Susan Perlman

    Susan PerlmanAylar önce

    Vos Landeck I. Y


    RENIE SHAKURAylar önce

    *And everyone blamed Eli ...*

  70. Alex 51

    Alex 51Aylar önce

    Steelers could pick Odell up or maby the eagles and eagles could pick up AB if he come back