College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction: Selection Day | ESPN College Football

It’s our final “Rankings Reaction” show hosted by Jason Fitz and Mike Golic Jr! The house is packed with a stellar cast that will react to the final playoff teams selected by the committee, preview the semis and hand out some awards. We’ll talk about the Auburn effect and how the Tigers changed the course of the playoff… twice. Plus Santa makes an early visit to deliver gifts for the nice teams this year and offer some words of encouragement for the naughty ones too. Our show ends like it always does with our way more important rankings. Today’s topic: the top Holiday songs of all time.
Top 4:
1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Oklahoma

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  1. Antonio Greer

    Antonio GreerAylar önce


  2. Jeremiah Padilla

    Jeremiah PadillaAylar önce

    I think LSU might win the championship

  3. johnwayneerb

    johnwayneerbAylar önce

    It’s interesting that no one is even giving ou a chance. Their defense is gonna give LSU some trouble. And their offense will bring big plays too.

  4. TheKrazy injun

    TheKrazy injunAylar önce

    I sure hope Clemson can give us a game in the championship.

  5. Jesse Witherspoon

    Jesse WitherspoonAylar önce

    We will.. yo track record against my tigers aint good! 0-3

  6. Brandon Humphrey

    Brandon HumphreyAylar önce

    Lsu gonna murder Oklahoma

  7. Josh Mccarty

    Josh MccartyAylar önce

    I find it funny they can say ressume matter's. Like so a national championship doesn't show up on the ressume?

  8. Josh Mccarty

    Josh MccartyAylar önce

    @TRgos User Thank God we have a playoff. Imagine a scenario where the national champs go undefeated and dont get to defend their title.

  9. YouTube User

    YouTube UserAylar önce

    Josh Mccarty Different season, different team

  10. Kenny J. McBride

    Kenny J. McBrideAylar önce

    Crazy how they still think Georgia is a top 5 team. 😒 That's truly over the top bias. I hope Baylor crush UGA.

  11. Claret Mug

    Claret MugAylar önce

    JALEN HURTS may be the first player in playoff History to play in the Top 4 Playoffs ,4 years in a row !

  12. Andrew Gill

    Andrew GillAylar önce

    If one were to quantity "trust" it would be TD:INT ratio. Umm, Justin Fields...

  13. Andrew Gill

    Andrew GillAylar önce

    The biggest mistake the BCS did was in nomenclature. They should have never called that one component a "computer" poll. It was just a simple point system like every state does for High School Football. Old people and dumb-dumbs aren't scared of point systems like they are of "computers"

  14. Bob Wilson

    Bob WilsonAylar önce

    I would like to see it go to 8 teams and 12 very soon because of the basis SEC and Big10 would get 2 apice

  15. smith lovy

    smith lovyAylar önce

    They keep bringing up LSU's road game against Ole Miss. They won that game 58-37. A three touchdown victory on the road against a scrappy SEC opponent that played everybody tough. That is the game that bumped them down to #2. That is retarded.

  16. Andrew Gill

    Andrew GillAylar önce

    I, personally, along with most OSU fans I know, are more than happy to play Clemson. We owe them one, and also unless you don't plan on winning it all, you either have to beat Clemson or beat someone good enough to beat them. I have nothing but respect for Clemson, but "fearing them?" -- that's a media contrivance.

  17. Andrew Gill

    Andrew GillAylar önce

    College Football media is hilarious. There are maybe 3 to 5 singular, thoughtful people with unique opinions and then tens of thousands of echo chamber members ready to take their ideas that they like and spin them into infinity... 😁

  18. Big White

    Big WhiteAylar önce

    Sponsored by CheezeNips

  19. nitemare khawk

    nitemare khawkAylar önce

    Wow asu vs FSU in the sun bowl

  20. Pierre Clark

    Pierre ClarkAylar önce

    I'm hoping LSU plays Clemson

  21. Donnie Meekins

    Donnie MeekinsAylar önce

    Me too so we can shut Down borrow

  22. GRP30X

    GRP30XAylar önce

    They might if they stay no.2