Gerrit Cole embodies everything the Yankees want to be - Jeff Passan | SC with SVP

Jeff Passan breaks down Gerrit Cole signing a nine-year, $324 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees and how this deal came about.
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  1. TheGodlyBeast

    TheGodlyBeastAylar önce

    is that jomboy? 0:14


    NARKOHAMPON TVAylar önce

    Everyone is so envy for the Yankees wow 🤩

  3. Alberto Navarro

    Alberto NavarroAylar önce

    Jomboy media was in the back at 0:12

  4. Jake Coyle

    Jake CoyleAylar önce

    imagine not thinking degrom is the best pitcher in baseball

  5. Kirk Grimm

    Kirk GrimmAylar önce

    They should sign Peter goesinya

  6. Oroborus

    OroborusAylar önce

    Pro-Boston ESPN must be crying in the cubicles lol.

  7. Wavy Gravy

    Wavy GravyAylar önce


  8. James Whitty

    James WhittyAylar önce

    0:14 for the Jomboy walk by


    RZARECTAH7Aylar önce

    Most important hes a yankee fan that final push in a must win game

  10. Freethinker

    FreethinkerAylar önce

    Wow! What an amazing job by the Yankees to get Cole and Boris to sign that team friendly bargain of a contract, Cashman is the man.

  11. gothatway09

    gothatway09Aylar önce

    If Gerrit Cole knew about the Astros cheating, then he's a guilty party and he needs to face suspension or a ban. I'm just sayin'. Those cheaters need to be punished, all of them. That means Cole too.


    RZARECTAH7Aylar önce

    Sonny Corleone i know what a jerkoff

  13. Sonny Corleone

    Sonny CorleoneAylar önce

    gothatway, yes, especially since Cole is now a YANKEE right ? A team you do not like. LOL.


    RZARECTAH7Aylar önce

    Lol you punish team not players and it was offensive for the most part

  15. Alabama Wyatt

    Alabama WyattAylar önce

    No mullet, no beard

  16. Lark Macallan

    Lark MacallanAylar önce


  17. Tim Coan Guitar Studio

    Tim Coan Guitar StudioAylar önce

    I predict Gerrit Cole will have the worst season of his career. Has anyone ever lived up to the hype?


    RZARECTAH7Aylar önce


  19. Cancelled

    CancelledAylar önce

    Jomboy in the background.

  20. Broderick Rogers

    Broderick RogersAylar önce

    Empire finally strikes back!

  21. kpobje

    kpobjeAylar önce

    I don't understand the "precautionary" reaction to the money amount-when u compare what Bryce got to the impact he had on his team (they got worse) to what a pitcher like Cole can do, its incomparable. Good pitchers are WAY more impactful over the long run then good hitters.

  22. playhouserage

    playhouserageAylar önce

    So let me get this straight, Several Sports Media outlets and especially a vast amount of crying MLB fans, which include many Yankee fans, all complained that the Astros also cheated this year in the playoffs vs Yankees, and those very same fans and media outlets either commented or proposed that every single Astros player should be banned. So what I don't get now is, why all of a sudden are these same crying Yankee fans having a change of heart exclusively for Gerrit Cole? Every player on the team knew what was going on. And if you excuse Gerrit Cole from this scandal, you are a hypocrite. Just look at the love for this Astros player in the comments below. WOW Sports fans and the media are a bunch of selfish hypocrites when scandals breakout.

  23. Angel bluerider

    Angel blueriderAylar önce

    they better hope cole arm last. what they think cole is a machine lol. these teams gonna regret giving pitchers long contracts if they arm blows up.

  24. Drowsy Waters

    Drowsy WatersAylar önce

    Yankees buying another champ becasue they can't develop their own talent.

  25. Drowsy Waters

    Drowsy WatersAylar önce

    @Bryan Halstead I know you're used to it by now...but deep down it's gonna hurt

  26. Bryan Halstead

    Bryan HalsteadAylar önce

    Drowsy Waters lol sure thing junior

  27. Drowsy Waters

    Drowsy WatersAylar önce

    @Bryan Halstead My teams are Houston, Washington and Red Sox..... One of those 3 will wipe you across the floor again this year, just like the last decade. -- I'm content.

  28. Bryan Halstead

    Bryan HalsteadAylar önce

    Drowsy Waters Half the team is home grown. But please keep whining if it makes you feel better lol

  29. Adam Eck

    Adam EckAylar önce

    Cole, Sevy, German, Tanaka, Paxson with that deadly lineup is going to be super scary this year wow

  30. Buddy L

    Buddy LAylar önce

    Better deal than Harper !1

  31. O.G.PAPPÍ Foreal

    O.G.PAPPÍ ForealAylar önce

    Knicks take note

  32. John

    JohnAylar önce

    Evil Empire strikes back! 😈

  33. wmg111

    wmg111Aylar önce

    This might be a good thing for the Yankees, but I'm hedging my bet for now. Ask the Red Sox. They won one World Series with Price, but now they're having to look at trading their best players to compensate. Cole is one minor injury away from being a disaster. But I guess a ring is apparently worth it. They did the same thing with ARod. They won, but his contract caused a decade of almosts.

  34. Kessler Holly

    Kessler HollyAylar önce

    Price is NOT Cole

  35. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector RodriguezAylar önce

    Yankees could have got Stephen Strasburg in my opinion as a dollar Yankee fan but Stephen Strasburg is a nationals for life and he will be a future Hall of Famer my opinion I hope Cole brings a couple championships in the next three or four years

  36. Brandon B.

    Brandon B.Aylar önce

    Astros breed an equivalent to Cole Times 2 from farm dirt due to their strong pitching program and blow out the Yankees. The Yankees do not even make it to the world series.

  37. grrrindz

    grrrindzAylar önce

    THE YANKEES are back to back to back to back to back CHAMPS " MARK MY WORDS""

  38. Meaningful Songs&Poetry

    Meaningful Songs&PoetryAylar önce

    I can't wait

  39. Justin Angle

    Justin AngleAylar önce

    Lowkey seeing jarred in the background on this is great.

  40. Stunnershades _

    Stunnershades _Aylar önce

    But did he agree to shave his head?

  41. Mike Lopez

    Mike LopezAylar önce

    At this rate of player signings, get ready for $20 beer and $30 hot dogs.

  42. Hmni Kadoza

    Hmni KadozaAylar önce

    Watch it on TV. Homemade, better tasting, cheaper hot dogs, cheaper beer, better vantage points, and a group of people unless you're lonely.

  43. Vijay Nair

    Vijay NairAylar önce

    That’s why you bring your own food. That’s what I do when I go to the Stadium. As far as beer, I try to be disciplined. I go a bar before the game and I buy one...ONLY one during the game. Ya gotta be savvy! Go Yanks!

  44. FeelItRising

    FeelItRisingAylar önce

    I don't want bad things to happen to Cole personally, but I wish bad things on the Yankees.

  45. Kashfi Fahim

    Kashfi FahimAylar önce


  46. jjblue23

    jjblue23Aylar önce

    So much can change in 9 years. Anything above 7 years is a bad contract.

  47. Jose Sandoval

    Jose SandovalAylar önce

    Jojo23 but if they win 5 titles out of 9 in 9 years?? Wouldn’t it be worth it? We’ve already been in the ALCS 3 years straight now? Anything less then that is a failure.. that Or I’m just a spoiled fan lol

  48. El Bicho

    El BichoAylar önce

    I can't wait to see him choking in the playoffs.

  49. El Bicho

    El BichoAylar önce

    Jeff passan is a clown

  50. Corzelle Simmons

    Corzelle SimmonsAylar önce

    Ok Hal, now ur following ur dad's (George) footsteps. Go get whoever u must to bring rings back to NYC because we sure can't rely on the other New York team the way there going. Bx Bombers lets get it

  51. Shah-Allah Shabazz

    Shah-Allah ShabazzAylar önce


  52. Deb King

    Deb KingAylar önce

    Mlb need the Yankees to be in the world series

  53. arnold oliver

    arnold oliverAylar önce

    9-Years 324 Million GERRIT I ain't mad at ya

  54. eltingville81

    eltingville81Aylar önce

    Weakens Houston! I love it

  55. Matthew Wiley

    Matthew WileyAylar önce

    Yankees fan here.... That contract scares the 💩 out of me. That's a long time and a lot of money

  56. Championship Boxing

    Championship BoxingAylar önce

    @Brandon B. salty I see.

  57. Championship Boxing

    Championship BoxingAylar önce

    Why you got money invested? Own some stocks? Lol. It will be ok buddy.

  58. Brandon B.

    Brandon B.Aylar önce

    Astros fan here.... Love it! Seriously, he was average in Pittsburg. The Astros have a great coaching staff/ Farm system. The Astros will breed two more and tie up the Dodgers next. Good luck dude.

  59. Rule Tom

    Rule TomAylar önce

    @pa. encema that's because you are a Chinese communistic slave

  60. pa. encema

    pa. encemaAylar önce

    me too. Cole is overpayed

  61. jayceh

    jaycehAylar önce

    3.25 ERA for 5 years is my prediction. 4+ thereafter. Break even is 2 championships in the first 5 years.

  62. Nicholas DeMarco

    Nicholas DeMarcoAylar önce

    Jomboy's appearance brought to you by Stuffed Grassfed Burgers in Montclair

  63. William Gee

    William GeeAylar önce


  64. pa. encema

    pa. encemaAylar önce

    After Cole became a Yankee; why I got a feeling he won't be worth it? Remember; Cole pitched for the cheating astros and was mediocre with the pirates

  65. Brandon B.

    Brandon B.Aylar önce

    and the Astros breed another player just like him anyways..... They didn't cheat, 4 home losses in the worlds series. They didn't cheat in 2017 either. No proof.

  66. Michael DeMaria

    Michael DeMariaAylar önce

    What now if Yankees win world series haters will say they bought it. Lets not forget how many homegrown players are on roster

  67. Zac Gaming

    Zac GamingAylar önce

    lol not DeGrom, wow

  68. XxXTank9000

    XxXTank9000Aylar önce

    Great day for Yankee fans!!!

  69. Papo Swing

    Papo SwingAylar önce

    I'm a die hard Yankee fan, and only have this to say: Insane, crazy, obscene. They better win at least 4 championships within those 9 years or else it will be the biggest useless record contract of MLB history.

  70. pa. encema

    pa. encemaAylar önce

    @Brandon B. I could see Bumgarner joining the Astros to make up for Cole's spot

  71. Brandon B.

    Brandon B.Aylar önce

    They played into the Astros strategy. Not happening

  72. pa. encema

    pa. encemaAylar önce

    I don't see them winning one. I Cole could be the next sonny gray

  73. Michael Villarreal

    Michael VillarrealAylar önce

    This team still suck

  74. Elvin Cortez

    Elvin CortezAylar önce

    9 years!. they can have him..

  75. Julio Quatro

    Julio QuatroAylar önce

    Until he blows his arm out. Pitchers are too fragile to be getting a huge contract. (Worries)

  76. Eric Sigersmith

    Eric SigersmithAylar önce

    Red sox = team of the century

  77. Abner Lopez

    Abner LopezAylar önce

    Absolutely not. This decade is for the Yankees and 10 years from now it's going to be a whole lot different. Yankees are the 20th century team and they will be the team of the 21st century.

  78. Tony

    TonyAylar önce

    Great news. The best Xmas gift for the Yankees and Yankee fans. Way to much money for Cole, the offer should’ve been $280 Millions to $300 for 7 years. Best of luck, for this prize possession and Cole doesn’t get hurt.

  79. Memorex996

    Memorex996Aylar önce


  80. Ken Arthur

    Ken ArthurAylar önce

    Maybe Cole can teach the Yankees how to cheat like the Astros do.

  81. pa. encema

    pa. encemaAylar önce

    that would be funny

  82. Brandon Tyson

    Brandon TysonAylar önce

    Now its time to get Noah from the Mets......Go YANKS!

  83. Will

    WillAylar önce

    Steinbrenner family is still calling shots.. Boss life