Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t the 49ers’ weak link, and he proved it! - Rex Ryan | First Take

Rex Ryan weighs in on whether QB Jimmy Garoppolo is the San Francisco 49ers’ weak link.
#FirstTake #NFL
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  1. Rodolfo Medeiros

    Rodolfo Medeiros5 gün önce

    Does Jimmy intitulates himself a QB? He barely throw tonight vs Packers. His RB and FB are making the wins.

  2. Achilles94

    Achilles9422 gün önce

    The 49ers had like five or 6 games where it can be game of the year even the Monday night lost it Seattle.. which I'm a 49er fan that can be the game of the year but that is the best Monday night game in years Peter King and others agreed with it as well and even now they just put the NFL's 2019 best games of the year half of it is the 49er games

  3. Bill H

    Bill H23 gün önce

    You have to be a real bullhead to keep up the Jimmy G down rap at this point. All of these guys will wait to see if the 49ers lose so they can say 'I told you so'.

  4. Tizzo 82

    Tizzo 8225 gün önce

    Could you say.......All He Does Is Win?

  5. Gary Jones

    Gary Jones27 gün önce

    49ers weakness is injuries to key players.

  6. PouDaddy SamoanRage

    PouDaddy SamoanRageAylar önce

    Pornstar Jimmy lol

  7. paddocmegchiru

    paddocmegchiruAylar önce

    If he's winning matches, and he's throwing touchdowns, then, he's good.

  8. TheAstrologyPage

    TheAstrologyPageAylar önce

    The Niners are just a great team! You can’t single out one component and say this or that ! That whole team is just baddazzz all across the board. They all strong links! Case closed

  9. Ganjah MacK

    Ganjah MacKAylar önce

    Max The Only One With Common Sense On The Bill Belichick Getting Ready To Hand Over The Keys To Jimmy’G In New England..If Bill Walsh Could Move On From Joe Montana To Steve Young, You Can’t Just Deflect The Idea Of Bill Belichick Getting Ready To Move On From Tom Brady To Jimmy Garoppolo..Bill Belichick Is A Special Type Of Coach, Just Like Bill Walsh..They Have The Vision Of Whats Best For The Franchise..

  10. Christopher Young

    Christopher YoungAylar önce

    Forgive me if I dont have sympathy for a coach who was paying his players to hurt other players. They could get screwed by the refs every game until he retires and I wont shed a tear. He is a dirty coach and a shitty human being.

  11. TheReal Djester

    TheReal DjesterAylar önce

    Why do people ask rex Ryan's opinion anymore lol this man is a joke and so is Stephen A Smith

  12. Adriell R

    Adriell RAylar önce

    We love you Rex. You were the only one that truly agreed

  13. MistaTofMaine

    MistaTofMaineAylar önce

    Wow starting out pretty silly with Steven A. A listers all around? Aside from Jimmy and Kittle 49ers don't have anything that will blow you away. I feel like weakest part of team is O-line and ST hasn't been great. Robbie hit that game winner, but for season not so great. Run game feels very inconsistent some games seems like 49ers go for 200 then some games 30.

  14. TCY !

    TCY !Aylar önce

    I dont think the 49ers have a weak link... The seahawks are the only team that cant stop them......

  15. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac MartinezAylar önce

    These two should stick to basketball

  16. Brendan McCallion

    Brendan McCallionAylar önce

    People are waiting on this guy to fail. Reminds me of Brady lol

  17. James Saint-Smash

    James Saint-SmashAylar önce

    people get mad when you say it's cause of Bellichick NOT Tom Brady. HAHAHAHAH

  18. Ceasar Maldonado

    Ceasar MaldonadoAylar önce

    Stephen is the biggest hypocrite ever

  19. Dialectical Monist

    Dialectical MonistAylar önce

    Missing Dee Ford exposes the 49ers defense a bit.

  20. exilicus

    exilicusAylar önce

    What if Richard Sherman, Kwaun Williams, Tartt, Ford, DJ jones, Kwon Alexander, are not hurt?

  21. Aaron Carrancho

    Aaron CarranchoAylar önce

    Honestly I feel like Jimmy Garoppolo plays good when they really need him. When the defense is playing really bad like on Sunday he has to step in and come in clutch. But when the defense plays good, he just needs to give the ball to the running backs.

  22. Alex Xander

    Alex XanderAylar önce

    Couldn’t make heads or tails out of any of the nonsense spouted in this segment.

  23. Michael Ortiz

    Michael OrtizAylar önce

    The 49ers don't have a weak link, they have tough competiton.

  24. Memes Fucking Rule

    Memes Fucking RuleAylar önce

    Rex Ryan made Stephen look like a dumbass

  25. Michael Johnny Ringo

    Michael Johnny RingoAylar önce

    That big guy needs a smack in the mouth!!

  26. 9erboi 1980

    9erboi 1980Aylar önce

    49ers will never Make ppl Happy or give us the respect we deserve

  27. MAGA Supporter

    MAGA SupporterAylar önce

    JG is fantastic. How can Bill B. be so stupid for letting him go. NE won't win SB this years, no RBs, no Recv'ers. It was nut they won 10 straight to start. Now, game by game, they are depleting. May end up 10 - 6 and get KTFO in the 1st play-off game. Tom B. deserves one more SB Ring but it won't occur.

  28. Sharp

    SharpAylar önce

    Dabbo Samuel 😂

  29. Runin Lopez

    Runin LopezAylar önce

    Rex Ryan a clown

  30. Robert Lyons

    Robert LyonsAylar önce

    For once, Molly was useful

  31. C G42

    C G42Aylar önce

    Called it. SAS will keep moving the goalposts on Jimmy G.

  32. Lontre Johnson

    Lontre JohnsonAylar önce

    No you don't keep that same attitude you had the whole season Rex you cool but everyone else I'm on your head like a shape up niner gang!!

  33. Benny Wave

    Benny WaveAylar önce

    Why do people get so emotional when they hear Belicheck won those Super Bowls 😂

  34. antbanks415

    antbanks415Aylar önce

    stephen A smh

  35. ShadowDrgn

    ShadowDrgnAylar önce

    Can someone pay Stephen A to just shut his mouth

  36. Clinton Darnell

    Clinton DarnellAylar önce

    Stephen A. Fieldrat shut the front door! You love Jimmy G. and you know it!!! Ha ha

  37. Freddie Dixon

    Freddie DixonAylar önce

    Who throws the ball to recievers......QB.....!!!!!!

  38. Mark Mene

    Mark MeneAylar önce

    Stephen A is a moron..

  39. Ernesto Castro

    Ernesto CastroAylar önce

    I believe it was Chris Carter that said, in 2017 when Jimmy arrived, the kind of impact he had was so relevant he made the hot dogs taste better. It was funny but Jimmy really did make everything better for us. Obviously the team has changed now but anyone that fails to give credit to Jimmy is pathetic. NINERS!!!💯💪💪💪

  40. Brother Yach

    Brother YachAylar önce

    I’m a 9ers fan. Jimmy G is good, and I have no idea why ppl don’t believe in him. Finally ppl are starting to recognize

  41. Marcie The Half Sausage

    Marcie The Half SausageAylar önce

    Shut up Molly

  42. Jeffrey Moscardelli

    Jeffrey MoscardelliAylar önce

    I miss when espn didn't have the "ego tripping" sportswriters

  43. Ben Yang

    Ben YangAylar önce

    What Stephen A forgets is that most athletes who return from an ACL injury are really never 100% upon their initial comeback. I have no dog in this fight since I'm impartial to the 49ers fate, but I think Jimmy G could be even better next year...

  44. Joe Latu

    Joe LatuAylar önce

    SAS actually had good points about Payton it

  45. Joe Latu

    Joe LatuAylar önce

    If Jimmy G is the weak link, then my Niners must be in great shape

  46. Richard A.

    Richard A.Aylar önce

    If they were such A Listers how did they do last year without him ?

  47. Nick 2sick

    Nick 2sickAylar önce

    Rex been on point about SF this year.

  48. Quen Ahn

    Quen AhnAylar önce

    Stephan A has a bad oral.

  49. NFL Mock Draft central 2019

    NFL Mock Draft central 2019Aylar önce

    Jimmy went 5-0 without anyone around him and not knowing the playbook and hes done nothing but win since and hes just scratching his potential in this scheme... just wait until Deebo grows more and we get another top target like a trade for OBJ or someone. Jimmy is just becoming the star we expect him to be.

  50. kevin Solomita

    kevin SolomitaAylar önce

    Steven A is just made his boy Kaepernick isnt playing for the niners

  51. Silent Wolf

    Silent WolfAylar önce

    Thank you for telling them to shut up about Patriots and Bellichick already!! They act like Jimmy G is still playing for them

  52. Optimistic Outreach

    Optimistic OutreachAylar önce


  53. Cody Willis

    Cody WillisAylar önce

    49ers prove they are not a one dimensional team. Pick your poison, the result is gonna be the same.

  54. Gio Medina

    Gio MedinaAylar önce

    Sorry commentators always look for any opportunity to discredit Jimmy G. Big time hating.

  55. American Patriot

    American PatriotAylar önce

    Who hired this stephan smith guy he is annoying

  56. Jermar Smith

    Jermar SmithAylar önce

    Why didn't Stephen A Smith say the same thing about Russel Wilson when he had Beast mode, and the Legion of Boom....just saying

  57. Ryan Daniel

    Ryan DanielAylar önce

    Steven A Smith = Affirmative Action Hire.

  58. William Castillo

    William CastilloAylar önce

    Why is molly there 🤦🏽‍♂️

  59. Conor Carroll

    Conor CarrollAylar önce

    Bang Bang Niner Gang

  60. Erik W

    Erik WAylar önce

    Max reiterates the same points every single day. And they sound more and more dumb