Paul George silences boos, scores 36 points vs. Pacers | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

Paul George goes off for 36 points, including seven 3-pointers, to help the LA Clippers take down the Indiana Pacers 110-99.
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  1. Hugh

    HughAylar önce

    PG just gave Indiana the middle finger again!!

  2. Yahweh’s Allstars

    Yahweh’s AllstarsAylar önce

    PG13 is that dude!🙏💪🏀

  3. T B

    T BAylar önce

    Have they gotten better since PG XIII left?

  4. Jevon Stanley

    Jevon StanleyAylar önce


  5. DBlockn05

    DBlockn05Aylar önce

    PG13 is such a legend!! Destroyed the pacers single handedly.

  6. Renae Broome

    Renae BroomeAylar önce

    Kobe taught you well maba mentally

  7. Ayena Noel Valentine

    Ayena Noel ValentineAylar önce

    What happen against the Bucks??😂😂😂

  8. Sneakerhead Zac

    Sneakerhead ZacAylar önce

    @2:36 tho😂


    PG 13PACERNATIONAylar önce

    Pacers need to stop booing this man smh

  10. BDOT 310

    BDOT 310Aylar önce

    Paul George just torched the Pacers! And what does Oladipo do go dap up the man that did it....😂😂

  11. Noah Rafuls

    Noah RafulsAylar önce

    Did you want Oladipo to pull out a gun and shoot Paul George

  12. Eddie Murphy

    Eddie MurphyAylar önce

    I was there last night. I root for the Clippers since I'm a Kawhi Leonard fan. But I knew PG13 might go off since they booing him every time he touched the ball.

  13. king_has_no_cloths kul

    king_has_no_cloths kulAylar önce

    no kawhi, no problema, clippers got this.

  14. andressvelezz

    andressvelezzAylar önce

    They're people who also cheered when he scored and didnt react the same when other clippers scored it wasnt like the whole arena was against him

  15. Jay Towerz

    Jay TowerzAylar önce

    He was the best pacers player all time and reggie was the greatest

  16. Ashton Wu

    Ashton WuAylar önce

    Indiana salty for no reason, he gave y'all some incredible seasons. Disgusting crowd

  17. Ashton Wu

    Ashton WuAylar önce

    @my name is DRAKE I can tell how you would treat your superstars if they left you for a better situation smh

  18. my name is DRAKE

    my name is DRAKEAylar önce

    Ashton Wu dog that's every fan base , Foh...

  19. maybach music group

    maybach music groupAylar önce

    Pg has reached full potential playing with the clippers do y'all see his handles he didn't have them before

  20. Kameron Pettigrew

    Kameron PettigrewAylar önce

    @Iam Faded factsss. I think he's the smoothest cat in the league. Him and CJ McCollum..

  21. Iam Faded

    Iam FadedAylar önce

    maybach music group he is the smoothest and best ball handling forward in the league. You wouldn’t know since you’re a casual

  22. Agito 🐃

    Agito 🐃Aylar önce

    Indiana fans should be booing their old front office. The Pacers could've drafted both Kawhi and PG, but instead opted to draft Kawhi and trade him for George Hill. That's who they should be mad at fr.

  23. Klaw Company02

    Klaw Company02Aylar önce

    PG need's to wear a Yellow Shoes! SICK! 😆😆 l Think that is her Lucky CHARM!

  24. Jaccobtw

    JaccobtwAylar önce

    10/26? If this was harden you guys would have dislike all over the place

  25. Ama Tofaeono

    Ama TofaeonoAylar önce

    Jaccobtw tell me how much free throws he had then compare that to harden

  26. Daniel Cruz

    Daniel CruzAylar önce

    the thing is that harden does that every single night

  27. Prince D

    Prince DAylar önce

    Okay PG13!!!! I see you

  28. ArabellaPoppy

    ArabellaPoppyAylar önce

    Still Salty Indiana? Mental Illness.

  29. Tyler Perry

    Tyler PerryAylar önce

    Jeremy lambs dad 🤣🤣🤣

  30. TheMETALICA40

    TheMETALICA40Aylar önce

    Damian Lillard Son

  31. Tiito Motivs

    Tiito MotivsAylar önce

    Couldn't beat Lebron with miami couldn't beat lebron with Cleveland Third team is the charm lol?

  32. Tiito Motivs

    Tiito MotivsAylar önce

    @Patricia I mean it is a team game. But the two main stars were those 2.

  33. Patricia

    PatriciaAylar önce

    Couldn't beat Wade and Bosh, couldn't beat Kyrie and Love. You're making it seem like LeBron was playing PG13 one on one out there.

  34. Man Man

    Man ManAylar önce

    George hill his only pacer teammate still in league. Should tell u something. Pacers stunk

  35. Lovegod84👑JESUS 👑

    Lovegod84👑JESUS 👑Aylar önce

    Tiito Motivs the Cleveland team was so much better than the pacers. They really had nobody but PG13!

  36. TrendiOfficial

    TrendiOfficialAylar önce

    Come’on man these are his rims.... like KD in Okc, like Bron in Cleveland

  37. Corey Ortiz

    Corey OrtizAylar önce

    @TrendiOfficial don't forget AD in New Orleans. he lit them up for 39

  38. TrendiOfficial

    TrendiOfficialAylar önce

    DONT SAY SOSA I’m talkin bout him lightin them up


    DONT SAY SOSAAylar önce

    TrendiOfficial yea KD situation is way different. We wouldn’t have been mad if he went anywhere else

  40. Brett Carter

    Brett CarterAylar önce

    I thought the thumbnail said 73 points 😂😂😂

  41. Flex Washington

    Flex WashingtonAylar önce

    Love how humble PG is

  42. Flex Washington

    Flex WashingtonAylar önce

    2:30 Zubac with cruel intentions lol

  43. Daniel Cho

    Daniel ChoAylar önce

    Brian has been so good

  44. TruMusic89

    TruMusic89Aylar önce

    Pacers fans should be happy that PG went and joined Kawhi in LA to help take down the man who singlehandedly destroyed the parity in the East from 2010-2018.

  45. TruMusic89

    TruMusic89Aylar önce

    Um... Why would they be booing him at this point? lol.

  46. Deon Nelson

    Deon NelsonAylar önce

    To get in his head lol

  47. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersAylar önce

    I'm actually not in gloat mode. Good win. Move on. Still a long season. My 49ers lost Sherman and Richburg. Now you know why my Clips need to load manage? To avoid stuff like this later in the season.

  48. jdelgado216

    jdelgado216Aylar önce

    I´ve been saying this all the time, do you want to load manage your players? sure but only at home and not in national television games.

  49. Daniel Cho

    Daniel ChoAylar önce

    LeSPN made a big fuss because that game was on their channel. Doris Burke and Jeff Van Gundy were all wagging their misinformed, self-righteous fingers even when the league said the Clippers were in compliance in regards to resting Kawhi. They owe Kawhi an apology

  50. Chris Paradice Daniels

    Chris Paradice DanielsAylar önce

    Baseball does it all the time and they take the least amount of contact

  51. A2nelito

    A2nelitoAylar önce

    bet those the same ungrateful people that disrespected andrew luck. clearly indiana is soft 😂

  52. Deon Nelson

    Deon NelsonAylar önce

    Paul George actually didn't do much for Indiana he wasn't a good leader like Victor

  53. anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesmanAylar önce

    Paul george is the best player on the planet right now

  54. HerbWithDaHerb

    HerbWithDaHerbAylar önce


  55. SamYG

    SamYGAylar önce

    They still salty bruh? What

  56. ryan umali

    ryan umaliAylar önce

    wait for playoff P

  57. Sehnkai.

    Sehnkai.Aylar önce

    Wait Till playoff Kawhi

  58. Debra Hoffman

    Debra HoffmanAylar önce


  59. King Brutus

    King BrutusAylar önce

    So the other night Kawhi scored 34 points 😝

  60. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLDAylar önce

    So glad PG13 join a winner like Kawhi and not a diva like LeBron. He gonna prove his doubters wrong and take down LeBron once an for all. Us real Lakers fans don't deserve to watch LeBron win a championship after needing AD so badly to help him.

  61. Nuuttane Huttunen

    Nuuttane HuttunenAylar önce

    Tf Did I just read

  62. ExecutiveBush

    ExecutiveBushAylar önce

    Debra Hoffman no cus Leviton was already on that team when AD came but I get the comparison sorta

  63. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLDAylar önce

    @Debra Hoffman LoL the media is not Kawhi's mouthpiece though. That's the problem with LeBron and media making stories up.

  64. Debra Hoffman

    Debra HoffmanAylar önce

    Man STFU you ain't no Lakers fans if you want them to lose. Also what you mean Kawhi told the Clippers if they didn't get PG he wasn't going sounds the same to me as LeBron and AD

  65. I eat Coffee

    I eat CoffeeAylar önce

    "Us real Lakers fans don't want to see lebron win the Chips" Me: You're not a real Lakers fan then or maybe you're just a Kobe fan


    YAMBA ALEXAylar önce

    Playoffs shocked

  67. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayAylar önce

    Pacers fans: boo PG PG: hold this 30 piece

  68. Kevin C

    Kevin CAylar önce

    and the L

  69. That man dex

    That man dexAylar önce

    LeeTravius Mckay no questions about it lol

  70. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardAylar önce

    So PG shows up against the Pacers but he was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND against the BUCKS....... 🤦‍♀️

  71. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardAylar önce

    Chris Paradice Daniels harden is 10x better than PG ..... 💯

  72. Chris Paradice Daniels

    Chris Paradice DanielsAylar önce

    Harden has his 20 point nights too not always 35 +

  73. Jethro Barruga

    Jethro BarrugaAylar önce

    can you remember his posterize to giannis?

  74. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayAylar önce

    It's been 3 years since PG carried the Pacers and then got traded and the Pacers fans still hold that grudge

  75. Ultra Instinct Vegeta

    Ultra Instinct VegetaAylar önce

    Youngindy21 Hibbert was GARBAGE! Stop it. He's not even in the NBA anymore. Paul George 100% carried that team.

  76. Mikey Moore

    Mikey MooreAylar önce

    Youngindy21 Hibbert declined and Granger was injury prone

  77. Youngindy21

    Youngindy21Aylar önce

    PG didn't carry anything as you saw in OKC. Granger, West, and Hibbert were all multiple time all stars.

  78. shadman Mahbub shapnil

    shadman Mahbub shapnilAylar önce

    The smoothest player in the NBA

  79. surajtrey5

    surajtrey5Aylar önce

    shadman Mahbub shapnil kd literally exists.

  80. ƑǙƁǙƘƗ

    ƑǙƁǙƘƗAylar önce

    He sure is smooth in the playoffs

  81. Erick Mack

    Erick MackAylar önce

    Bradley Beal

  82. Tyler Perry

    Tyler PerryAylar önce

    Close but no dice, 110% still James harden

  83. Alexander Sandoval

    Alexander SandovalAylar önce


  84. Beats S

    Beats SAylar önce

    its pretty funny how fans think players owe the city anything

  85. Beats S

    Beats SAylar önce

    @Youngindy21 you certainly don't, stop trolling

  86. Malachi Davenport

    Malachi DavenportAylar önce

    Ashton Wu correct

  87. Ultra Instinct Vegeta

    Ultra Instinct VegetaAylar önce

    Youngindy21 Their employers lol. It's this little goods and services system called capitalism. You might of heard of it lol. Does the cashier at Wal Mart "owe the city" anything?? Of course not. Neither does Paul George. He owes the city nothing.

  88. luna aryal

    luna aryalAylar önce

    Youngindy21 the GMs who think only business not city

  89. Ashton Wu

    Ashton WuAylar önce

    @Youngindy21 their hard work.

  90. SuperSavage

    SuperSavageAylar önce

    Pg 13 hairline is so bad lol makes Lebron hairline look good 🤣🤣 it’s too straight

  91. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 28Aylar önce

    Can he do this in the playoffs 🤔? I mean the playoffs are more important than the regular season.

  92. Ayena Noel Valentine

    Ayena Noel ValentineAylar önce

    MRTUPAC 28 it all depends wch team you play against with

  93. Ama Tofaeono

    Ama TofaeonoAylar önce

    MRTUPAC 28 Lou, pg, kawhi are all clutch players I’m pretty sure at least 2 out of 3 can hold it down

  94. Chris Paradice Daniels

    Chris Paradice DanielsAylar önce

    That's why we got a big 4.. someone will show up

  95. Motorcycles news Philippines

    Motorcycles news PhilippinesAylar önce

    The clippers with tried and tested playoffs kawhi combined with George will not fail

  96. ExecutiveBush

    ExecutiveBushAylar önce

    He got Kawhi .. Kawhi will teach him to be as humble as he needs to be

  97. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesAylar önce

    It's only fitting that we can call PG: Rated R for ridiculous

  98. Dooky

    DookyAylar önce

    Fans this year are so petty, so glad he shut them up.

  99. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesAylar önce

    PG has been ballin and ppl still won't take him seriously and ppl ya'll don't want that 2012 PG that took that heat three headed monster to 7 games lol

  100. Boss Mafia 900

    Boss Mafia 900Aylar önce

    It was 2013 PG

  101. surajtrey5

    surajtrey5Aylar önce

    Zaqo Lebron didn’t win the 2016 finals kyrie won it for him.

  102. Man Man

    Man ManAylar önce

    @Zaqo Pacers was over performing like a mug with pg. no way shoulda been in any of those series. George hill his only teammate in league now, should tell u something

  103. Gee

    GeeAylar önce

    Better than Leonard imo the load management king

  104. Was Sup

    Was SupAylar önce

    @kitheory88 What?

  105. Zz G

    Zz GAylar önce

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  106. Silver Is The Name

    Silver Is The NameAylar önce

    It’s been 3 years since Paul George played for Indiana how are they still carrying that grudge

  107. Klay Thompson

    Klay ThompsonAylar önce

    @LeBron James You are the bronsexual you creep

  108. surajtrey5

    surajtrey5Aylar önce

    Silver Is The Name same way ppl still call kd a snake for... smh idk why they mad at kd when he made the best decision for himself * not others.

  109. Kyle Casey

    Kyle CaseyAylar önce

    Cause they still know him

  110. ƑǙƁǙƘƗ

    ƑǙƁǙƘƗAylar önce

    Cuz he sucks and disappear in the playoffs. Lebron also sonned him every year and will do it again this year.

  111. Julian Netherwood

    Julian NetherwoodAylar önce

    It was hilarious every time he touched the ball people were chanting “paul George sucks” also

  112. C Dot

    C DotAylar önce

    Giannis > PG & & Kawhi

  113. True TT

    True TTAylar önce

    Kawhi, PG, Lou and Trezz > Giannis, Middleton in a 7-game series.

  114. Was Sup

    Was SupAylar önce

    Giannis is an athletic freak, but there's no way he's more skilled than either of these dudes

  115. Dean Bean!

    Dean Bean!Aylar önce

    Maybe PG but not Kawhi

  116. Dota Recap

    Dota RecapAylar önce

    kawhi beat bucks and dunked on giannis to win chip for raptors 😂

  117. I eat Coffee

    I eat CoffeeAylar önce

    @Naruto Shikamaru Giannis has improved this season, and you know danm well Kawhi cannot guard Giannis, the Raptors won the serie because they defended Giannis as a unit.

  118. Jordyn APe

    Jordyn APeAylar önce

    Paul George is so matched with Kawhi, they’re definitely going to the finals

  119. Was Sup

    Was SupAylar önce

    @Jac Bauer24 Nah you wont be back in june you will go into hiding with the rest of the bronsexuals when you get the brakes beat off you come playoffs

  120. Jason Biercer

    Jason BiercerAylar önce

    Jac Bauer24 see you in June

  121. Jethro Barruga

    Jethro BarrugaAylar önce

    pg is always good in the playoffs but his team is just trash

  122. Dean Bean!

    Dean Bean!Aylar önce

    SamYG who’s more dominant in the playoffs??

  123. SamYG

    SamYGAylar önce

    Jay Stiles with a better jump shot

  124. Julian Semon

    Julian SemonAylar önce


  125. Alexander Sandoval

    Alexander SandovalAylar önce


  126. Elliot Thomas

    Elliot ThomasAylar önce

    Yessir this man will be a legend

  127. KungFu Kenny

    KungFu KennyAylar önce

    Already is. Dude snapped his leg in half and came back putting in work