The belief is Paul George was calling out Larry Bird - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

On The Jump, Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Matt Barnes react to Indiana Pacer fans booing Paul George during Monday night’s game vs. the LA Clippers. Windhorst says the belief is that George was referring to Larry Bird during his post-game comments, with Barnes saying the fans booed because they miss him.
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  1. Alan Cashman

    Alan Cashman2 gün önce

    All Paul George does is talk. He is one of the biggest frauds in the NBA and the NBA has a lot of frauds.

  2. Micah Rawley

    Micah Rawley3 gün önce

    As a Pacer fan I grew up with the greatest 3pt man and team leader a city could ever ask for. Reggie lives with the legacy of having never won a championship because he chose to stay LOYAL TO HIS CITY! That's something that is truly lacking in the NBA now because guys like K.D. and what's his name from Cleveland or Miami or whoever can afford to pay his ego now. We all thought that Danny was that man but his knees betrayed him and we thought that Paul was going to stay and be that constant that Reggie was for 18 wonderful years. Hopefully Victor and Sabonis choose loyalty over royalty and start a new trend in the NBA of playing hard nose fundamental basketball and prove that the Pacers are no longer the second best team in Indiana.

  3. Donald Crosley

    Donald Crosley8 gün önce

    2:49 asking to be traded to the Lakers is wanting to leave.

  4. Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols

    Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols8 gün önce

    No Matt, we Boo him because of HOW he left. He waffled, and lies to us about his TRUE intentions for Months. He tried to have his cake and eat it too, and when he left he was a literally a completely different player than he was with us. We felt like he was holding out on us until he got away. But I'm n the end we got a REAL team, and that's what Indy bball has ALWAYS been about. PG belongs in the West.

  5. Rasta Tafari

    Rasta Tafari9 gün önce

    Is it me or do she got some nice baby feeders?

  6. AWSME J

    AWSME J23 gün önce

    Pg play PF? Lol yea no


    III BAKURYU III26 gün önce

    INDIANA was/are racists..... kicked PG out because he's BLACK!

  8. Connor Sweeney

    Connor Sweeney26 gün önce

    Heard he got chlamydia

  9. The Impact Lounge

    The Impact LoungeAylar önce

    I was there as a traveling Clippers fan. A lot of people also cheered PG and a few had even said there was no reason to boo him anymore. Yes he got boos but it wasnt as many people as they are making it out to be

  10. lito dat

    lito datAylar önce

    Oh please u wanted to leave my guy I hate players that do that just admit you couldn’t get passed lebron with the pacers so u wanted to move on u didn’t wanna stay so don’t act like it

  11. BamBam Machida

    BamBam MachidaAylar önce

    Matt Barnes hit it right in the head

  12. RedLightning17

    RedLightning17Aylar önce

    Clippers aren't a superteam. 2 all stars doesn't equal superteam

  13. Ravi Patel

    Ravi PatelAylar önce

    Brian Windhorst you are so fat that you are that couch potato fan. Look the part of a lean physique commentator that is appealing to look at on camera and get to the gym and on a plant based lifestyle. You look disgusting

  14. Warlock Magic

    Warlock MagicAylar önce

    I would have never booed you PG. I hate that you left and miss you terribly. We could have done amazing things this year. Honestly I think you'd be having more success on Pacers right now than Clippers. Thank you for the years of work you put in. Wish you wouldn't have left how ya did. Announcing you wanted out. Could have hurt us to get someone else. Yet sounds like you had some emotions that led you to say/feel that way.. I hate that. I hope to hear that true story soon brotha. Much love, I'll be rooting for you and Clips in the west.

  15. Chill Introvert

    Chill IntrovertAylar önce

    PG at PF? How? 😥 I know we're getting smaller/positionless but that's just a bit much.

  16. Diego Velazquez

    Diego VelazquezAylar önce

    Chill Introvert Both him and Kawhi can run the 4 in today’s game.

  17. lucky C bro

    lucky C broAylar önce

    Matt Barnes is so good at this. Straight up. He's respected

  18. TheWavz

    TheWavzAylar önce

    Anybody else peep what instrumental this is?!?!?!

  19. SonOfNunz

    SonOfNunzAylar önce

    Brian sounds bitter all day.

  20. SonOfNunz

    SonOfNunzAylar önce

    What ? And is he crazy ? (Reaction upon reading title of video without any context)

  21. Kurt Gembolis

    Kurt GembolisAylar önce

    nice rack rachel

  22. John Dough

    John DoughAylar önce

    That title was purely designed to make me watch the whole video 🙃😔 I can’t get that time back, ya know?

  23. Mitchell Parks

    Mitchell ParksAylar önce

    It's really hard to give ol Brian any credibility. Dude looks like he's never sped up past a waddle yet he's analyzing sports? He couldn't even bowl at this point.

  24. Baller Fresh

    Baller FreshAylar önce

    There's no way Paul George should play power forward

  25. G Propho Loading

    G Propho LoadingAylar önce

    Windhorst always tryna start someshit with anybody not named LeBron.

  26. William Knudsen

    William KnudsenAylar önce

    It’s the way he did it

  27. Blackbean Burger

    Blackbean BurgerAylar önce

    most of the league booes pg because he demanded a trade 2x despite talking about wanting to stay on teams long term

  28. Chris Spencer

    Chris SpencerAylar önce

    He wasn't talking about Larry he talking about the gm and front office. Larry quit .

  29. John Wick

    John WickAylar önce

    There is no super team in the league right now stop it !

  30. June Mclane

    June MclaneAylar önce

    How about George allegedly smashing Hibberts girl & Lance told it to all during practice & got traded which broke up that potential championship team. 🤔🤔🤔

  31. Bill Blass

    Bill BlassAylar önce

    What is this, the View on ESPN?

  32. jhskasgs

    jhskasgsAylar önce

    Some fans are just ungrateful, I went to the Nuggets game the other day when they played the Blazers and mf’s were booing Melo even after all he did for Denver.

  33. Eyem Dunn

    Eyem DunnAylar önce

    jhskasgs Any proof of the nuggets threatening to relocate? If not, then melo did absolutely nothing for the city of Denver. were they ever REALLY relevant? I don’t think so

  34. jhskasgs

    jhskasgsAylar önce

    Eyem Dunn if Melo wasn’t in Denver the Nuggets probably would’ve moved city’s by now they would’ve been straight garbage

  35. Eyem Dunn

    Eyem DunnAylar önce

    jhskasgs aha what did melo do for Denver? He won jack

  36. Juan Dela Cruz

    Juan Dela CruzAylar önce

    What Brian Windhorst? You guess???? Wow..... Please stay with your hamburgers... stay out with the games pls.

  37. Tristan Musija

    Tristan MusijaAylar önce

    And u wonder why Kawhi doesnt like media or have social media

  38. Da Ambassador

    Da AmbassadorAylar önce

    So we're going to act like Matt doesn't have a hoodie on under that blazer... fashion these days 🤦‍♂️

  39. xXbrown_mambaXx

    xXbrown_mambaXxAylar önce

    He was talking about Kawhi! He forced Clippers to trade for him! 😂

  40. Raj Phadte

    Raj PhadteAylar önce

    2:28 quich plug

  41. Mr. TheKidd

    Mr. TheKiddAylar önce

    ... CupCake Jr. Ain't got no bizness callin out Larry Legend.

  42. Richard Faymonville

    Richard FaymonvilleAylar önce

    Is that... is that a toilet seat in the upper left hand corner of the set?

  43. Lizard Whisperer

    Lizard WhispererAylar önce

    Oh Rachel, I wanna dribble in your hole.

  44. hotknifer

    hotkniferAylar önce

    The fans bought the tickets they can boo if they want for whatever reason they want to. Shut up and stop whining.

  45. Tank Man

    Tank ManAylar önce


  46. Landon Bowling

    Landon BowlingAylar önce

    We don't miss him Vic will be back soon

  47. Maharajasala

    MaharajasalaAylar önce

    The only ones who can call out Bird is Jordan or Magic!!! Other than those two, "boy you should've known by now".

  48. Henry Ngo

    Henry NgoAylar önce

    Y'all forgot David West turned down his 12 Mill option because he wanted out of Indiana

  49. Joshua White

    Joshua WhiteAylar önce

    Larry bird >paul george

  50. Grammar Police -

    Grammar Police -Aylar önce

    He looks like an STD free Usher!!😂😂😂

  51. Michael Roberts

    Michael RobertsAylar önce

    He didn't go to la for the "glamour" tho. He liked OKC they just weren't winning and he saw a opportunity to go home. Simple as that

  52. JasTheKariol

    JasTheKariolAylar önce

    The idiot in the video who talks about Larry Bird is the same idiot who was saying that Zion would forget about the millions and stay in college for another year....

  53. mackgreen

    mackgreenAylar önce

    Rachel!! Matt Barnes is a smooth commentators.

  54. Dodge Ram

    Dodge RamAylar önce

    PG sucks. Reggie Miller was 10x better... Larry bird? While nutha level son!

  55. Honest15dx

    Honest15dxAylar önce

    It was supposed to be Danny Granger team. If not for the injury.

  56. Jax Munroe

    Jax MunroeAylar önce

    Average journalists on a below average show

  57. ViolentLee

    ViolentLeeAylar önce

    Always amazed and impressed by how well spoken Barnes is. I mean, he’s a professional-grade analyst. Compare him to Perk, for example, who’s a lot more gritty and unrefined.

  58. almadeunrebel

    almadeunrebelAylar önce

    ViolentLee UCLA education is tip top

  59. Cody Sitton

    Cody SittonAylar önce

    Windhorst looks like he ate pg

  60. Electric

    ElectricAylar önce

    I hope they never stop booing him. He tried to hurt his trade value by leaking his trade request. They never bring that up.

  61. Reggie Turner

    Reggie TurnerAylar önce

    Paul should be in Indiana.

  62. Nick Jim

    Nick JimAylar önce

    You'd be a fool to believe whatever this guys says. He flip flops more than a fish fresh outta water

  63. Mario Nelson

    Mario NelsonAylar önce

    This dude is a pathetic liar so why would he tell anyone oneday the story when we all know he is a F.... LIAR Period !

  64. thelastcopier

    thelastcopierAylar önce

    PG demanded a trade from the Pacers to the Lakers, and said if he was traded anywhere else he would opt out of his expiring contract after one year. That severely diminished his trade value for the Pacers. So, I'm not surprised he got booed. Luckily OKC bailed the Pacers out with what most people initially thought was a bad trade for the Pacers. Then he left OKC hanging, and he's gonna get booed there too.

  65. Bryant Williams

    Bryant WilliamsAylar önce

    This clip really shows how uneducated this news crew is on the history of the Pacers and their front office. Paul George is all talk. Indiana fans know this. OKC fans know this. LA fans will learn soon enough.