The best college basketball players of the decade: AD, Zion, Jimmer, Kemba and more | ESPN

College basketball's best players of the decade include one-and-dones Anthony Davis, Zion Williamson and Trae Young; NCAA champions Kemba Walker and Jalen Brunson; and scoring superstars Jimmer Fredette, Buddy Hield, Frank Kaminsky, Doug McDermott and Chris Clemons.
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  1. James Evans

    James Evans4 saatler önce

    but not lonzo ball?

  2. Lyndon .

    Lyndon .13 saatler önce

    Lonzo Ball?

  3. KnezMislav 04

    KnezMislav 0415 gün önce

    I think Anthony Bennett is the GOAT

  4. Kyle Theodore

    Kyle Theodore15 gün önce

    Lonzo shouldn’t be on here ?

  5. Nathan Gunderson

    Nathan Gunderson21 gün önce

    What about Frank Mason? He led his team to 4 straight big 12 titles 2 Big 12 Player of the years and 1 College player of the year. He also played in to final fours

  6. catflop

    catflop27 gün önce

    She look like ms potato head

  7. christopher duffey

    christopher duffeyAylar önce

    No Denzel valentine huh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Step Back Splash

    Step Back SplashAylar önce

    Ja Morant, Kemba Walker, John Wall, Karl Anthony Towns, Trey Burke, Ben Simmons, Damian Lillard

  9. Step Back Splash

    Step Back SplashAylar önce

    Kemba Walker?

  10. Max Williams

    Max WilliamsAylar önce

    Frank Mason? Joel Embiid? Devonte?

  11. Thomas Nanookify

    Thomas NanookifyAylar önce

    She looks beautiful.

  12. Cristian Rosario

    Cristian RosarioAylar önce

    Frank The Tank

  13. Will Tostevin

    Will TostevinAylar önce

    Joel Berry II. He has the stats, the accolades, and the leadership

  14. You know why im here

    You know why im hereAylar önce

    She a cancer survivor ✊🏽

  15. Isaac Annan Jr

    Isaac Annan JrAylar önce

    College football players of the 2010’s next: Johnny Manziel, Terrelle Pryor, RG3, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliott and many more notable players from this decade. 🏈💯

  16. Luke Romack

    Luke RomackAylar önce

    yes sir

  17. Learner

    LearnerAylar önce

    Lonzo Ball!

  18. Balazs Farkas

    Balazs FarkasAylar önce

    She actually scared me

  19. Marquis Jones

    Marquis JonesAylar önce

    Tydus jones?

  20. Keez YT

    Keez YTAylar önce

    Carson Edwards?

  21. eldo

    eldoAylar önce

    Imagine thinking that NCAA is better than euroleague

  22. Tyler Caruthers

    Tyler CaruthersAylar önce

    +eldo i mean NCAA players are like teenagers and 20 year olds

  23. Loc Dog

    Loc DogAylar önce

    eldo bruh

  24. TaeShawn Madison

    TaeShawn MadisonAylar önce

    No Jared Sullinger?

  25. Ran Snyder

    Ran SnyderAylar önce

    I stopped watching at Fredette🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. -Pᴀᴜʟ. Official

    -Pᴀᴜʟ. OfficialAylar önce

    he was actually good in college but doesnt translate in the nba

  27. ILikeWater

    ILikeWaterAylar önce

    Where tf is John Wall?

  28. jake dantoni

    jake dantoniAylar önce

    Kay Felder

  29. jake dantoni

    jake dantoniAylar önce

    Trey Burke

  30. Ryan Forrest

    Ryan ForrestAylar önce

    Jalen Brunson sucks, there are so many better guards that have recently played than him and there is a reason he will never see the floor in the league.

  31. Brave Macaroon0

    Brave Macaroon0Aylar önce

    Jalen Brunson wasn’t half the player Frank Mason III was

  32. keyser soze

    keyser sozeAylar önce

    Frank Mason just doesn’t have a nice ring to him

  33. Burgers&Milkshakes

    Burgers&MilkshakesAylar önce

    Damian lillard? Shabazz napier?

  34. Step Back Splash

    Step Back SplashAylar önce

    Burgers&Milkshakes Kemba Walker?

  35. Charlie Hamm

    Charlie HammAylar önce

    Trae young did not deserve to be on the listv

  36. MoneyMakinMitch

    MoneyMakinMitchAylar önce

    Charlie Hamm trae young is nice asf

  37. Irish for Life

    Irish for LifeAylar önce

    “I’ve got one word for you. Jimmer mania” Last time I checked that’s two

  38. sagesse nguie

    sagesse nguieAylar önce

    Irish for Life maybe she meant it like Jimmermania 😅🤷🏾‍♂️

  39. Tobias Kjellberg

    Tobias KjellbergAylar önce

    AD nr 1

  40. OfficialRorem

    OfficialRoremAylar önce

    “I got 1 word for ya, Jimmer Mania”

  41. Pulsar

    PulsarAylar önce

    How is cash not on here, or Denzel valentine

  42. Baller Bros

    Baller BrosAylar önce


  43. Steve Smith

    Steve SmithAylar önce


  44. savagemode 69

    savagemode 69Aylar önce

    Where’s jaxon Hayes???? He went to my high school (moeller high school)

  45. Step Back Splash

    Step Back SplashAylar önce

    savagemode 69 nobody gives AF he went to your high school, Jaxon Hayes is good but they said the BEST players of the decade

  46. Lag Is Totally Real

    Lag Is Totally RealAylar önce

    Tyler hansbrough

  47. Michael Ledbetter

    Michael LedbetterAylar önce

    I mean Trae really didn’t do anything 2nd half of his college career. And then losing to Rhode Island first round?

  48. tяavesty

    tяavestyAylar önce

    No LeBron this list trash

  49. Christian Killian

    Christian KillianAylar önce

    The most underrated college basketball player of all time. Joel Berry II. He should have been on the list hands down‼️

  50. raven miyagi

    raven miyagi18 gün önce

    he didn’t have a better season than any of the guards they listed

  51. Sc3021XD

    Sc3021XDAylar önce

    Melo Trimble?


    RASTA GODAylar önce

    That head tho 😆

  53. Dawson Mayes

    Dawson MayesAylar önce

    Frank mason

  54. hamish rogers

    hamish rogersAylar önce

    Jimmer hands down still the goat ❌🧢

  55. Berea 85

    Berea 85Aylar önce

    Where is John Wall

  56. MaxM

    MaxMAylar önce

    I concerned She has NO torso

  57. Shaneil Lal

    Shaneil LalAylar önce

    Trey Burke?

  58. Team Havioc

    Team HaviocAylar önce

    finally chris clemons getting the recognition of his college days that he deserves

  59. BK Highlights

    BK HighlightsAylar önce

    One word... Jimmer Mania That’s 2

  60. sagesse nguie

    sagesse nguieAylar önce

    BK Highlights I think she meant Jimmermania

  61. Joey Janes

    Joey JanesAylar önce

    Frank Mason????

  62. Iam Youniverse

    Iam Youniverse13 gün önce

    Joey Janes get real

  63. Jacob Icard

    Jacob IcardAylar önce

    Joey Janes lol

  64. Sage Barbuto

    Sage BarbutoAylar önce

    Shabazzz Napier two time national champ

  65. Angel Portillo

    Angel PortilloAylar önce

    No Derrick Rose 🌹?

  66. 21 tentation

    21 tentationAylar önce

    Derrick Rose wasn't this decade bruh

  67. Guerdy

    GuerdyAylar önce

    Shabazz Napier didn’t make this list? How?

  68. Moonroof

    MoonroofAylar önce

    Jimmer Range

  69. Pen Affleck

    Pen AffleckAylar önce

    She looks like Chauncey billups

  70. Errik Moore

    Errik MooreAylar önce

    no ja'morant thats crazy

  71. The MJ Take

    The MJ TakeAylar önce


  72. Connor Akins

    Connor AkinsAylar önce

    You lost me at Jalen Brunson, good player but not one of the best in this decade.

  73. Cade Dibadj

    Cade DibadjAylar önce

    Hasheem thabbeet

  74. Reagan Stock

    Reagan StockAylar önce

    Jimmer mania is two words.