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  1. A.R.T.

    A.R.T.42 saniye önce

    What about jack jack?

  2. Atsuto

    Atsuto2 dakika önce

    N O T A L L H E R O E S W E A R C A P E S

  3. Alyson Moon

    Alyson Moon4 dakika önce

    I try to like Frozen, but then I remember what the writers did with Hans and that's a deal breaker for me.

  4. Recon913 4

    Recon913 45 dakika önce

    I wanted to see what would happen to the notebook, it doesn’t show any one giving up the notebook or ryuk taking it back unless he did. ( last episode)

  5. Dominic Ryan

    Dominic Ryan6 dakika önce

    Every body makin fbi jokes which is wierd because he literally called the out the cia

  6. Noel100 Munoz

    Noel100 Munoz10 dakika önce


  7. Noel100 Munoz

    Noel100 Munoz10 dakika önce


  8. Salami 1

    Salami 111 dakika önce

    Umm MatPat Velociraptor were around in the Jurassic Period as well. Sorry I'm a Dino Nerd!

  9. Remus Stan

    Remus Stan12 dakika önce

    Ngl, I watched this like a few years ago and didn’t even realize it was that scary until watching it again. How the heck I’m more scared of it now then when I was younger I have no clue lol

  10. Liam Warner

    Liam Warner13 dakika önce

    Hmm I remember Mat talking about not every prediction being good and then that it was just a film theory but I can't seem to remember anything between and I have the strangest sense of dejavu.

  11. spritegoddess

    spritegoddess15 dakika önce

    next thing he's will probably say kylo ren is um rays dad no I seen the movies has he

  12. roket hamer500

    roket hamer50016 dakika önce

    Hey!!! Matpat try and fit in stars battle front 2 because the campaighn is GREAT!!!

  13. Mark Rittenour

    Mark Rittenour19 dakika önce

    Matpat wonder if they'll be a Frozen 2 Me: there is another

  14. Robert Zika

    Robert Zika20 dakika önce

    Donkey’s actions are completely justifiable I mean he had severe trauma as a child which causes him to not want to go anywhere near that place again. It’s the same with people who grow up with abusive parents and are still scared of them even tho they might be old and weak. It’s unfair to put the blame on donkey for not wanting to save everyone because childhood trauma is arguably the most impactful and is commonly present in people until death. Now should he go save them? Yes and having more friends to help him out could possibly help him heal but to heal you’ve gotta “take the bandaid off and let it air out” so to speak. This process causes a lot of hurt in the beginning before you can start your path to recovery and for someone who has never gone to a therapist, like donkey, doesn’t understand that doing this could result in him growing and possibly getting rid of his PTSD (obviously not guaranteed it’s just plausible that he could be helped). Summary: Donkey’s actions are completely justifiable because of his childhood trauma therefore we shouldn’t ethically judge him because there is more to the story than him not helping out other children being turned into donkeys and sold to salt mines.

  15. Samuel Lozada

    Samuel Lozada20 dakika önce

    The old times when mat pat had hair ;-;

  16. Ryan Suski

    Ryan Suski21 dakika önce

    Every hates The Mandilorian and loves baby yoda instead of calling it The Mandilorian it should be called The Baby Yoda Show.

  17. Rage Quantum

    Rage Quantum21 dakika önce


  18. Nic Stride

    Nic Stride22 dakika önce

    Anyone notice how he and Bill Cypher wear the same hat and are both yellow fellows?

  19. LMG Consulting

    LMG Consulting24 dakika önce

    Rude not all colombia people do this

  20. Watch your profanities

    Watch your profanities24 dakika önce

    I'm glad I finally found something about my favorite show!

  21. Fábio Oliveira

    Fábio Oliveira25 dakika önce

    Bro, this movie about the system and a whole lotta other things like mind control. They tryna escape the matrix or break free from their handlers. But you can do your own interpretation. I'm still tryna figure it out. I just watched the movie today.

  22. Kathy Dixon

    Kathy Dixon28 dakika önce


  23. BigBirdInJapan

    BigBirdInJapan28 dakika önce

    1:94 he says "so hop on those firebolts and away we go" but its an nimbus 2000 in the pic

  24. Horizon Blight Gaming

    Horizon Blight Gaming29 dakika önce

    I'm pretty sure when deku says 1000000% hes just saying has he hits a litter harder. If he used 1000000% then he would have blown out all the rock behind the muscle fiber villian.

  25. Pilar Perez

    Pilar Perez30 dakika önce

    Scout and Aang don't care about gravity

  26. ツSepto

    ツSepto33 dakika önce

    I am doctor strange!!!!

  27. Jazzy L

    Jazzy L34 dakika önce

    now... 0:26-0:36 ...that was when I got my childhood trauma, why not show that to Oliver!

  28. Kaden Cr

    Kaden Cr34 dakika önce

    the moment u said natural pilot i alr knew it was hans solo

  29. Sujeidy Puello

    Sujeidy Puello35 dakika önce

    For me it’s only 2 years

  30. Jazzy L

    Jazzy L37 dakika önce

    0:00-0:26 ... whe-hdsua-fhuue-WHY

  31. Laughing Hound

    Laughing Hound38 dakika önce

    Yeah it totally the shield won’t break with the most powerful person who went to the moon and went back in 19 seconds and through it out of orbit and broke the moon

  32. Poo Hamster

    Poo Hamster38 dakika önce

    Bruh what happens to Michigan at 11:12

  33. Mark Rittenour

    Mark Rittenour39 dakika önce

    Moana is a visco boom

  34. Noob KingForever21

    Noob KingForever2139 dakika önce

    2019 umm well that theory is correct kind of

  35. squidilicious bingle

    squidilicious bingle39 dakika önce

    Matpat I can't believe you've done this to me. How could you get that baby shark crap stuck in my head again. Why have you done this

  36. ꨄDEAD ALIVEꨄ

    ꨄDEAD ALIVEꨄ42 dakika önce

    how is...them being female...RELEVANT??

  37. Yoda 2077

    Yoda 207743 dakika önce

    So the honey bees are like the Europeans they brought foreign disease into America and killed of the population that already lived there and then blamed everyone else when things went bad

  38. Kathy Lee Smith

    Kathy Lee Smith43 dakika önce

    Bills weird message fowards is this wasn't enough ill stay here but backs wards he says "AXOLOTOL MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN"

  39. Chronicle Cloud

    Chronicle Cloud43 dakika önce

    I should have watch this before my philosophy final

  40. Little Weapon X

    Little Weapon X44 dakika önce

    7:32 correction mcgucket speaks in reverse

  41. G0ZZ

    G0ZZ47 dakika önce

    i thought pewdiepie wanted to eat baby yoda _he said that on twitter_

  42. Anlydaly

    Anlydaly51 dakika önce


  43. killerskyhawk None

    killerskyhawk None51 dakika önce

    *sad voices* yaaaay math not sexy lolis

  44. Emmanuel Delva

    Emmanuel Delva51 dakika önce

    My brain hurts

  45. ZIH87 /JB_JOEF

    ZIH87 /JB_JOEF53 dakika önce

    I just realized, when the evil sides of Rick and Morty were separated from the good sides, Morty was the scared one and Rick was the egotistical and angry one. In Mr PBH’s photo booth pictures (specifically the spa one) Mr PBH is the scared one and the Mrs is the angry one. More proof PBH is Morty.

  46. Tessa Trimby

    Tessa Trimby53 dakika önce

    I’m not having a cow because Bart said not to

  47. Aiden Pena

    Aiden Pena55 dakika önce

    Wait you said something about millions don’t think you can get away with this map that you can end in the series

  48. Pukitaki

    Pukitaki55 dakika önce

    Head-canon accepted, not gonna see the movie if this isn't included in some form.


    MR.NUGGETS157 dakika önce


  50. vgs pfl

    vgs pfl58 dakika önce

    Jokers mental illness is demonic possession

  51. Ace’s Place

    Ace’s Place59 dakika önce

    Bill is actually... WADDLES

  52. MyNameShrimp

    MyNameShrimp59 dakika önce

    Mickey Mouse, you may be able to show everyone how bloody my movies are, but you will never, and I mean NEVER make a random funny moment in your last episode. Matpat: I lIkE tO mOvE iT mOvE iT.

  53. ExYouTuber 99

    ExYouTuber 9959 dakika önce

    Man you always have to ruin everything don't you

  54. BrightStar

    BrightStarSaatler önce

    I know, the movie shows you, because he was born to hate it, he he liked it, then he hated it again XD because kids bullied him at school or something

  55. TJT

    TJTSaatler önce

    I would have the power to make thoughts into reality (water, food, money) for starving families

  56. Ace’s Place

    Ace’s PlaceSaatler önce

    Every summer they should just make a new season

  57. Kawaii_ Tomatos

    Kawaii_ TomatosSaatler önce


  58. Ms.L.C C

    Ms.L.C CSaatler önce

    BuyNLarge destroying the Earth is the most realistic thing in Pixar

  59. Alicia Castillo

    Alicia CastilloSaatler önce

    Baby yoda do do do do baby yoda do do Granpha yoda do do do baby yoda do do do

  60. The Variety Channel 101

    The Variety Channel 101Saatler önce

    0:27 to 0:45 was probably made in Garry's mod. Edit: The desert map link is here. Other map. ???

  61. Alycal G

    Alycal GSaatler önce

    Ha! I used to like almonds.

  62. Faker Gaming

    Faker GamingSaatler önce

    All might got into an accident that's why he can transform

  63. Adondon dindin

    Adondon dindinSaatler önce

    Stop getting mad that hes flexing with his toddler you already know hes adorable

  64. T Thirdy III bacomo

    T Thirdy III bacomoSaatler önce

    Neandertalls and humans are not cousins

  65. Darkflamemaster Death

    Darkflamemaster DeathSaatler önce

    You start this off with a bubble guppies intro? Who do you think i am?

  66. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonSaatler önce

    Grinch:steals Christmas Christmas: no u F for grinch

  67. T Pikmin

    T PikminSaatler önce

    Happy anniversary

  68. Mia Gabby

    Mia GabbySaatler önce

    evolution is a load of crap... if you believe that that's fine. BUT I believe God created everything. 0^0

  69. Rose Rider

    Rose RiderSaatler önce

    Season 1 just finsished up today and wow. And tomorrow episode 72 of MHA (No spoilers for those non premium people here.) Tommorow just wow.

  70. xinpe liao

    xinpe liaoSaatler önce

    All of this was already stated in the books and movies so this whole video was just a retelling of the prophecy and its candidates(sorry for the salt)

  71. Tanner Nevin

    Tanner NevinSaatler önce


  72. I.amxgxii C

    I.amxgxii CSaatler önce

    6:58 plumbus

  73. fandomgirl500

    fandomgirl500Saatler önce

    How is this content age-restricted? Great video, thanks for having common sense :)



    I e got the santa one on cacet

  75. Rffr3 gang

    Rffr3 gangSaatler önce

    Origin is my final answer

  76. Thor zombie

    Thor zombieSaatler önce

    I am posting this comment 1 year after this video was posted. Christmas cheer to all

  77. royce lanham

    royce lanhamSaatler önce

    Gravity falls s. 1 ep. 8 81/2 president trembly quotes about giant man eating spiders

  78. Sara Dunnn

    Sara DunnnSaatler önce


  79. Manawa Kapoor

    Manawa KapoorSaatler önce

    6:27 That scared me

  80. JustIn Ml

    JustIn MlSaatler önce


  81. Griffin Robertson

    Griffin RobertsonSaatler önce

    Right before I get a foot implant

  82. Carmen Vaughn

    Carmen VaughnSaatler önce

    No matter what I do I can’t see the ball bouncing off the other one

  83. ThatOnePianist 817

    ThatOnePianist 817Saatler önce


  84. Rose Rider

    Rose RiderSaatler önce

    WE NEED more Dr.Stone theorys also at least you pronounces Senku properly anyone remember DAYku

  85. FantazyFangirl 13

    FantazyFangirl 13Saatler önce

    Its almost 2020 guys

  86. lee yi xian

    lee yi xianSaatler önce

    Anyone here watched the second renaissance

  87. Night Fury71

    Night Fury71Saatler önce

    The reason why stan tells us to stake the hand of bill statue it's his physical body the he made when he entered owe world!!!

  88. James Drought

    James DroughtSaatler önce

    so when he said i am focused on did mean to inplay that there was a very dark theory to?

  89. Chloe Pinder

    Chloe PinderSaatler önce

    * screams * I am hearing GREEN STORM and BRAIN NEEDLE now! Help!

  90. Itsmecrispy

    ItsmecrispySaatler önce

    Mat pat a youtuber who figured out how to travel back In time becuse he wanted to no if doctor who could exist

  91. Grand Puff

    Grand PuffSaatler önce

    1:30 did i just hear little ol matpat swear?

  92. MysticMaknae

    MysticMaknaeSaatler önce

    these clips are very nostalgic for me, thank you

  93. Rissa900 Animates

    Rissa900 AnimatesSaatler önce

    I’m a Leo... Does that count? And my dogs names is Leo... okay I’m gonna stop now

  94. Fax Films

    Fax FilmsSaatler önce

    Evil doreto

  95. CBreezeMG

    CBreezeMGSaatler önce

    I died at the part where you focused on the foot connecting with the face

  96. Drake

    DrakeSaatler önce

    This is how they can save this film.

  97. The Drifter_1221

    The Drifter_12212 saatler önce

    Local 58 don’t go outside and look at theme Me KO BOOMER

  98. Hihi Ytyt

    Hihi Ytyt2 saatler önce

    My question is how do the people keep appearing. We know they have hundreds of years of life but they had to be breeding some how. Let’s face it. They don’t ever get out of there seat.

  99. Cameron Robinson

    Cameron Robinson2 saatler önce

    Magneto power is considered to be electromagnetic and in the comic he is seen manipulating every type of so metal

  100. Rose Rider

    Rose Rider2 saatler önce

    I have never heard english All Might it is so wrong and now I just heard Mididoriya and I'm crying I just read the subtitles.