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  1. Travis Atwood

    Travis Atwood26 saniye önce

    Cynthia is right with Bills game

  2. Seth Dobbs

    Seth Dobbs50 saniye önce

    It was about his chain.

  3. pablo suarez

    pablo suarez2 dakika önce

    Katy perry is better than jlo

  4. NovaTV

    NovaTV4 dakika önce

    “Not bad for a running back” 😂😂😂

  5. Isaac Lerma

    Isaac Lerma6 dakika önce

    I got a feeling the Atlanta Falcons are gonna pull off the upset, They have a long history of doing stuff like this.

  6. Jesse Williams

    Jesse Williams6 dakika önce

    Saints-35 Colts-20

  7. George Brother

    George Brother6 dakika önce

    I never understood why moon always ran left then turn to his right before some of his pass plays!!!!

  8. Obkool27

    Obkool278 dakika önce

    CYNTHIA'S model has the Vikings on the way to a 5-9 record.. when they are on their way to a 10-4 record.

  9. midnyghtson

    midnyghtson9 dakika önce

    Baldys breakdowns is one of the best things on TRgos!

  10. julio guzman

    julio guzman9 dakika önce

    My black MVP

  11. Jesse Williams

    Jesse Williams10 dakika önce

    Seahawks-33 Panthers-17

  12. Samuel Durfee

    Samuel Durfee10 dakika önce

    neither of them ran the 40 at combine or pro so I'm genuinely curious about who is faster between Hollywood and Lamar

  13. Rush Yt

    Rush Yt11 dakika önce

    0:11 here comes little JJ

  14. Jyothsna Chiluka

    Jyothsna Chiluka12 dakika önce

    Ravens are the best now the Patriots suck

  15. Purple Gamer

    Purple Gamer12 dakika önce

    What about Quandre Diggs 55-yd pick six for the Seahawks?

  16. jestes7

    jestes713 dakika önce

    Welcome to the Jomboy of football

  17. Hyong Lim

    Hyong Lim13 dakika önce

    Ravens clearly faced a high school team

  18. Knight B

    Knight B14 dakika önce

    But Read Option is outdated according to Redskins media. Only pocket only QB are successfully according to Redskins fans

  19. bcuz we dont Read

    bcuz we dont Read14 dakika önce

    NFL U owe Baldy some more bread!!!! Cash!!!! Deez bee some guudd content!

  20. V S

    V S14 dakika önce

    Is he high or does he always reaffirm his ideas repetitively?

  21. Amberly Morrison

    Amberly Morrison16 dakika önce


  22. Amberly Morrison

    Amberly Morrison16 dakika önce


  23. James Barrows

    James Barrows16 dakika önce

    So far you got the bengals exactly right

  24. Studio Rotoscat

    Studio Rotoscat17 dakika önce

    This Crowed is Bipolar

  25. Leap

    Leap20 dakika önce

    Mark Ingram is that dude u want at any party lol

  26. Chi Yan

    Chi Yan21 dakika önce

    2:33 You know you are good when Baldy breaks down an incompletion.

  27. Tyler And Leah Canadian

    Tyler And Leah Canadian21 dakika önce

    This is a game where the eagles literally lost by a yard

  28. Boxing 101

    Boxing 10121 dakika önce

    Hawks need to win out and were 1st seed in the NFC!!!!

  29. John Carpenter

    John Carpenter22 dakika önce

    Miami fan here...He did great! Like many many many other players who start on Miami and move on... It always works out...Go Tannehill!!! So happy you finally got to shine.

  30. Justin Moustouka

    Justin Moustouka25 dakika önce

    I really appreciate tannehill's hit on that big guy!

  31. matthew31g

    matthew31g25 dakika önce

    Game of the year , kittle beast mode

  32. Ron S

    Ron S26 dakika önce

    I love you eagles 🦅

  33. Stuucky

    Stuucky26 dakika önce

    Dang when he said Pompano Cowboys that brought back memories. They were always the toughest when I played Pop Warner. Seeing all these players from South Florida make it to the NFL is crazy. From Lamar, Hollywood & Antonio Brown, Devin Singletary, Khalil Mack, the Bosa Brothers, and so much more. South Florida got the best players. I played for the Northwest Broward Raiders!

  34. thhdhn2

    thhdhn226 dakika önce

    Mark Ingram will meet his old team in the 2020 Super Bowls.

  35. Alex Roberts

    Alex Roberts26 dakika önce

    Lamars gonna get hurt

  36. blackops13132

    blackops1313226 dakika önce

    i wondered where baldy went loved his twitter videos glad to have found this

  37. BADNEWZ Da Assassin

    BADNEWZ Da Assassin27 dakika önce

    Both times Raves won Superbowl, it was two tragedies on American soil the same year


    FACE OF BEAR27 dakika önce

    Bills mafia rejects Cynthia

  39. David Sobotka

    David Sobotka29 dakika önce

    One of the greats top 5 in my opinion

  40. DeAnna D. Wright

    DeAnna D. Wright30 dakika önce

    I love Action Jackson but I want to see him stay in the pocket and pass more and run less in the future. He is Showtime and I don't want him taking unnecessary hits and getting hurt.#RavensNation 💜

  41. YaBoiiiWilliam

    YaBoiiiWilliam30 dakika önce

    The MVP curse has me worried every MVP To make the superbowl in the last 20 years has lost brady, cam, mat, ryan, kurt warner look at the history

  42. Mr. Husky

    Mr. Husky30 dakika önce

    Blah blah blah...the next RG3 prime for endless injury. You idiots are so fickle and short sighted, especially the media. TB and company will expose this fool in the AFC playoffs....if he doesn't break his rib cage first. Watch, once he gets hurt THE NARRATIVE WILL CHANGE.

  43. Matthew Howington

    Matthew Howington31 dakika önce

    Leading by example that's why there has been a turnaround in Tennessee a team is just a mirror of it's QB the tougher and more determined a QB is the tougher and more determined the team becomes

  44. Humble Power

    Humble Power32 dakika önce

    If Cowboys score a touchdown on first two drives, they are going to win!

  45. A Random Gamer

    A Random Gamer34 dakika önce

    Steelers 21-14

  46. San Trader

    San Trader34 dakika önce

    49ers fan, I hate playing the cards. They always play lights out agaisnt us. This is the first time we have swept them since 2013.

  47. Harrison Fuller

    Harrison Fuller35 dakika önce

    I have a hand-me-down Ray Lewis jersey. I am going to be wearing that for the Super Bowl.

  48. Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own35 dakika önce

    Take advantage of what the defense gives us....Perfect.

  49. Ivan Matyasovsky

    Ivan Matyasovsky35 dakika önce

    The Steelers he got wrong pretty much every game.

  50. ChrisDutch

    ChrisDutch36 dakika önce

    Given what New England has done over the last twenty years just makes what the Giants did in those two Super Bowls that much more impressive.

  51. Rent To Own Rent To Own

    Rent To Own Rent To Own36 dakika önce

    Get rid of the idiot commentator with the skull cap on....asking stupid questions and making stupid suggestions.

  52. Amen Knowtech

    Amen Knowtech37 dakika önce

    30:54 ''''He probably got little kids watching this game, his daddy gettin stiff armed like that'''' 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Michael ja

    Michael ja38 dakika önce

    And this is like the ravens now a big family

  54. ShadowGlocksSxnxi_kxshh

    ShadowGlocksSxnxi_kxshh39 dakika önce

    They are such a good duo together

  55. Troy Jerome

    Troy Jerome40 dakika önce

    The Baltimore Ravens are dropping bodies in vacants like Omar is coming. I mean, correction; Lamar is coming....

  56. Martin Martin

    Martin Martin41 dakika önce

    21 Amik Robertson @ Louisiana Tech made 1st team All American. Other corner is LSU's Derek Stingley.

  57. The Merovingian

    The Merovingian41 dakika önce

    Once they ravens really open up the play book and let this young man rip. It’s going to be really bad for the league. He just needs to work on his throwing down field a bit and really continue to improve on the deep ball he’s going to be really lethal because he cannot continue to take those hits, so development more with throwing mechanics is imperative.

  58. tonerz0fdubb716

    tonerz0fdubb71642 dakika önce

    A few weeks ago I had my bills beating y'all. But God damn that defense could be a problem for Allen. Hodges will have a rough time as well. Salute to y'all for turning it around with no ab no Bell or big Ben. Mike Tomlin is a great coach

  59. Pauly m

    Pauly m42 dakika önce

    1:25 Kirk Douglas who just turned 103 years old a couple of days ago. Wow. 1:30 Henry Fonda

  60. James Wang

    James Wang43 dakika önce

    He is unstoppable!

  61. Definitely Not A weeb

    Definitely Not A weeb45 dakika önce

    No one: Rob riggle: clap clap clap clap

  62. iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers46 dakika önce

    A "certain" segment HATES seeing this 🤣 They are waiting for him to have a bad game and lose🤣🤣🤣 ITS NOT GOING 2 HAPPEN losers😬😬

  63. Lee Christine

    Lee Christine46 dakika önce

    just replay this every superbowl i mean.....

  64. Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly46 dakika önce

    Both stars

  65. Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly47 dakika önce

    Montana was better

  66. EMONEY

    EMONEY47 dakika önce

    We look like dog 💩. We have no pass rush & the defense is subpar and we need a number 1 receiver so badly. TY is done

  67. god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP48 dakika önce

    Jason Garrett horrible coach benches this guy his whole career

  68. baseem carroll

    baseem carroll49 dakika önce

    Lamar just good cuz he black

  69. Isaiah Howard

    Isaiah Howard50 dakika önce

    I'm a Steelers fan n to be honest we are going to have trouble with Lamar if he gets past the D-line btw I hate the Ravens we a passion. In my opinion are only hope is the D line cuhz seems to be when we play a team that is actually good unlike the Cardinals we slacx off and end up not rapping up smh are db do not rap up at all probably the only person rn that would rap up mark and Lamar is Fitzpatrick but let's pray let's that they both don't even come close to having to tackle them both. And them TE ugh my goodness we gonna have some problems. Thank God for mike Tomlin tho cuhz we made it this far.

  70. susan scanlon louth

    susan scanlon louth50 dakika önce

    Just remembering my brother, who passed at 60, shortly before this magnificent game. Him being a die hard Eagles Fan 🦅 think he would have enjoyed ole Justin, especially knowing what was to come in the 2nd quarter. #Thisonesforyoumichael

  71. ElmoTrollz500

    ElmoTrollz50050 dakika önce

    Why are the bills 5th when they have a better record than the texans

  72. Dakota Eads

    Dakota Eads50 dakika önce

    Ya see how many of these were forced fumbles. I'm convinced that kicker and punters and just too dangerous to play on defense because they hit too hard so they are forced to only play on kicking plays as too avoid too many fumbles during the game

  73. kendall Evans

    kendall Evans50 dakika önce

    Dude made a whole career out of 1 BORING SB game! Want to fall asleep? Watch, or TRY to watch the SB with his famous "guarantee"! The guy did not attempt a pass the whole second half!

  74. Eric Warwick

    Eric Warwick51 dakika önce

    A QB with the complete package like Lamar Jackson is a blessing!

  75. Gusford awsome fisher fam

    Gusford awsome fisher fam52 dakika önce


  76. Ryan Flanagan

    Ryan Flanagan53 dakika önce


  77. Hello There

    Hello There59 dakika önce

    Damn she was hot. Why oh why did she cut her hair? Now she looks like a worn out lesbian.

  78. Mud DDD

    Mud DDD59 dakika önce

    WTF Xmas Christmas

  79. sports VX

    sports VXSaatler önce

    Just imagine saints vs pats in the super bowl if it weren’t for those terrible refs!

  80. Steven Bailey

    Steven BaileySaatler önce

    9:35 no flags ? Fire the refs

  81. Nez-Gars

    Nez-GarsSaatler önce

    They will need to create a new defence, just like they did because of Bob Hayes

  82. leekee360

    leekee360Saatler önce

    The white people looked uncomfortable to speak lol

  83. Gundam1313 Yjshuao

    Gundam1313 YjshuaoSaatler önce

    Tune up game for Saints

  84. Danny Reyes

    Danny ReyesSaatler önce

    RAIDER fan here slow down tatianas our D sucks right now we will fix it catch you at the next run

  85. Will

    WillSaatler önce

    All i can say is #titanup

  86. James Roan

    James RoanSaatler önce

    Don’t put my mans Juicy J on the damn madden cover

  87. Jeff Ray

    Jeff RaySaatler önce

    Santas is real...and his black....? No way im voting for trump

  88. kendrick crew

    kendrick crewSaatler önce

    Why was Gronck no defense

  89. gerard carter

    gerard carterSaatler önce

    my man! this was an awesome video you did your thing on this one, i havent necessarily seen any of your others, but this one knocks it out the park! Keep on Bro! So entertaining!

  90. jacob

    jacobSaatler önce

    I’d be cheering for the cat

  91. Daywon Fletcher

    Daywon FletcherSaatler önce

    This video is hilarious go Ravens.

  92. Brian Wroten

    Brian WrotenSaatler önce

    This shows the pats are trash they got beat by the worst team in the NFL!

  93. Gambits_ Wares

    Gambits_ WaresSaatler önce

    Lmao awesome

  94. kid with a smug hat

    kid with a smug hatSaatler önce

    Bro looking at Lamar’s throwing skills then vs now is crazy.. his football awareness and jnteliignece


    OPC_MORTALSaatler önce

    49ers 😂

  96. Nile Hernandez

    Nile HernandezSaatler önce

    Dallas wiil beat the rams

  97. Twisted_VaperZ

    Twisted_VaperZSaatler önce

    Wasn’t this the guy who said the ravens would be 3rd in the division???

  98. Amen Knowtech

    Amen KnowtechSaatler önce

    Mike Tomlin keep it Lit. 🤣

  99. Donald Thomas

    Donald ThomasSaatler önce

    Shawn Peyton: I detest this moron after what he did and still can't believe the NFL would allow him in the league.

  100. ivorysteele

    ivorysteeleSaatler önce

    Lamar is a cheat code