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It's Time To Move On...
The Search For Our New Pet


11 aylar önce



11 aylar önce

#AskEthanAndGrayson 4


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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  1. Angel Nieto

    Angel Nieto3 saniye önce

  2. Angel Nieto

    Angel Nieto8 saniye önce

  3. Vyomi Nandu

    Vyomi Nandu9 saniye önce

    27:57 awwwie E!!!!❤ thats so fucking sweet!

  4. Kyla Yancy

    Kyla Yancy20 saniye önce

    Y’all should have had ski masks, gloves, scarves, and heavier blankets. Especially the heavier blanket part

  5. Lara Crabb

    Lara Crabb27 saniye önce

    yeah I prefer vegan apples aswell gray :)

  6. Khalani Burgess

    Khalani Burgess32 saniye önce

    am I the only one who noticed ethan awkwardly push emma away from him when she first sat down

  7. Melody CB

    Melody CBDakika önce

    do they not have to drive back ??

  8. Chaitrali Patne

    Chaitrali PatneDakika önce

    8:21 I can't believe that it was this longgg shot 🙊

  9. Allie

    AllieDakika önce

    yay stl thats where i am i remember driving home from work it was rough

  10. D Fran

    D Fran2 dakika önce

    “My face almost froze off the bone” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. tia nad

    tia nad2 dakika önce

    Gray: “Let’s wake up in a new setting!” E: “We’re gonna wake up in a POLAR opposite setting” Gray: “Ouuu that was good!” i’m weak 🤣🤣

  12. Helen S-G

    Helen S-G2 dakika önce

    ok but why did i kinda actually like Ethan’s highlights

  13. Liberty Clara

    Liberty Clara3 dakika önce

    28:01 warning ear phones users the high chances on getting your ear deaf as hell in an automatictly way remeber.. you have been warned!!

  14. Lily Martinez

    Lily Martinez3 dakika önce

    Do the Dolan twins know rest stops are a thing? Truck Stops are also the cleanest places you can stop to shower and get food!

  15. Tunku Alaynna Naquiyuddin

    Tunku Alaynna Naquiyuddin4 dakika önce

    8:03 thank me later

  16. Carlocarlo0

    Carlocarlo06 dakika önce

    Hey I was going to do that no device for a week But I’m not a youtuber I’m just doin it personally

  17. Vyomi Nandu

    Vyomi Nandu6 dakika önce


  18. johannah duitsman

    johannah duitsman7 dakika önce

    And then the cop drives off and stays in the left lane....

  19. Nostrodumbass 8

    Nostrodumbass 87 dakika önce

    Tramp: a person traveling from place to place not working or contributing to society. How do you afford to do this?

  20. Tania Allen

    Tania Allen8 dakika önce

    I love how they think a little slush is layer of ice 😂 boy you’re obviously not from the Midwest

  21. Liberty Clara

    Liberty Clara9 dakika önce

    Of course its easy because they are in a vacation, imagine if you do it in your house without any activity to do

  22. Erika Y

    Erika Y9 dakika önce

    I enjoy the camera man being included instead of acting like he’s not there.

  23. Corielle Wilson

    Corielle Wilson11 dakika önce

    Okay but I want to know what lens they’re using at 9:07 because I need that kind of zoom on this tour

  24. Kage Shadoraito

    Kage Shadoraito11 dakika önce

    my friend said she loves you

  25. 48mavemiss2

    48mavemiss213 dakika önce

    I’m so glad they pulled over. I’ve had five people in my life that passed away because they fell asleep driving.

  26. Bella Sweet head

    Bella Sweet head14 dakika önce

    This video gave me old ethan and grayson vibes🥺😍

  27. Jana Kardaly

    Jana Kardaly14 dakika önce

    grayson is a whole mood.

  28. Diana Berisha

    Diana Berisha14 dakika önce

    “last home cooked meal” *makes a bowl of cereal* lol me

  29. Marianne HappyBubble

    Marianne HappyBubble15 dakika önce

    I am glad these guys are taking more time to make stuff they like. I am enjoying it so much!

  30. wise man

    wise man15 dakika önce

    do more videos because they are so much fun plz

  31. Marjorie Ann

    Marjorie Ann15 dakika önce

    Them when they get to NJ- Ya mom here's a van Merry Christmas and flies home lol

  32. Carlocarlo0

    Carlocarlo015 dakika önce

    .....I’ve been watching ur guys channel for 2 years.....and I haven’t subscribed I didn’t even notice until now......sorry Grayson sorry Ethan :(

  33. Peteris Saulis

    Peteris Saulis15 dakika önce


  34. Maria Radovic

    Maria Radovic15 dakika önce

    Stop the video Go to 02:04 Thank me later 😂

  35. Rebecca Keenan

    Rebecca Keenan16 dakika önce

    Ethan: it’s poisonous!! *silence Grayson: I don’t see it Ethan: 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️

  36. LangBellsChannel

    LangBellsChannel16 dakika önce

    I thought this was a huge van until I realized it was a house.

  37. Christoffer Johansson

    Christoffer Johansson17 dakika önce

    I think the van would look cozier with another colour on the walls / roof. Maybe a grey-blue/turqouise or brown or something. Now it kinda looks like its the original van wall/roof colour

  38. AnSop

    AnSop18 dakika önce

    Since when is E the first one to wake up? :D

  39. emanuel landao

    emanuel landao18 dakika önce

    *living on the road* for 3 days Me: so a road trip I feel like they should do a video where they actually live on the road like for a month or smt and they like try new things around the country meet new people

  40. 1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge

    1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge18 dakika önce

    “Should we invite people in our house” “No Ethan” “I was just trying to help the community gray”

  41. Esmanur Çınkır

    Esmanur Çınkır18 dakika önce

    No one : Literally no one: Ethan:38 hours

  42. 1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge

    1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge18 dakika önce

    Who’s watching the video while reading the comments? I guess just me 😭 Im close to 950 subs

  43. Jesse Nazaire

    Jesse Nazaire18 dakika önce

    Did he say November 9th?

  44. Charlotte Leach

    Charlotte Leach19 dakika önce

    Now they know how it feels to have eyes on the back of their head 🤣😂😇😁

  45. kat short

    kat short20 dakika önce

    sounds like kansas LOL

  46. graydcln

    graydcln20 dakika önce

    holy shit i did not expect them to come to kentucky like woah🥺

  47. Ева Нильсен

    Ева Нильсен21 dakika önce K-pop New group

  48. Kerri Jarrell

    Kerri Jarrell22 dakika önce

    There are gas stations and rest stops that have placed for truckers and others to shower. One in the Mid East is called Loves gas station and it's pretty nice

  49. AmazingManu

    AmazingManu22 dakika önce

    Them: "It's so cold it's 30°F" Me: laughs in European ???

  50. Gacha Kʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Gacha Kʕ•ᴥ•ʔ23 dakika önce

    I hope they know they have to do that again because they have to drive home😂😂😂

  51. Evie Bonner

    Evie Bonner23 dakika önce

    They’re so awesome

  52. Rachel Lin

    Rachel Lin23 dakika önce

    What a cool vid

  53. Nola Grace

    Nola Grace23 dakika önce

    “um excuse me me. Genius man”

  54. Anumta Haider

    Anumta Haider24 dakika önce

    Omg the twins are vsco boys.lmao bye 4:11

  55. Phoebe Moore

    Phoebe Moore24 dakika önce

    Later- the men in black pulling up to the dolans house😎😎

  56. Marjorie Ann

    Marjorie Ann24 dakika önce

    Me- laughing at them getting pulled over in Kansas. Also me(thinking of a good line)- we ain't in California anymore toto🤣🤣🤣

  57. ayethe laxa

    ayethe laxa25 dakika önce

    ethan: someones ready for bed grayson in a mr bean voice : SoMeONes ReaDY fOr bED

  58. Anumta Haider

    Anumta Haider25 dakika önce

    I showed my friends the twins channel and they said "I think WE know why you are so loud"💀

  59. Izzyswonderland

    Izzyswonderland26 dakika önce

    I don’t want to get fucking abducted, let’s go 😂

  60. Olivia Dickerson

    Olivia Dickerson28 dakika önce

    don’t hate on Kentucky

  61. Tanya K Borden

    Tanya K Borden28 dakika önce

    OMGeeezy the 1st bath was awesome! BUT about the cameraman🤔😶

  62. Jack Wendt

    Jack Wendt28 dakika önce

    It Is NiNetEeN DegReEs OuTsIdE Wisconsin: eight degrees and sunny

  63. Samantha Liz

    Samantha Liz29 dakika önce

    U should do a Q&A with ure crew

  64. Brooke Barnum

    Brooke Barnum29 dakika önce

    Grayson dancing in the back of the van was so adorable like WTH

  65. Teresa

    Teresa29 dakika önce


  66. SnowyGrl11

    SnowyGrl1129 dakika önce

    I think you should make a stop and customize more for a small ceiling vent and possibly a portable heater. Also, make yourself a shower in a drawer for indoor showering.

  67. Macauley Davies

    Macauley Davies29 dakika önce

    Just me that noticed there vsco boys with there hydro flasksksks

  68. Kiersten Gilbert

    Kiersten Gilbert30 dakika önce

    When they say the wind is too much to drive in... come to Illinois or any of the surrounding states

  69. Daniel Verti

    Daniel Verti31 dakika önce

    Guyz this is really sketchy... Omg... Dude...

  70. Jake Nguyen

    Jake Nguyen31 dakika önce

    Hey Colorado is Colorado I live in Colorado and it is freezing

  71. sherelle francis

    sherelle francis31 dakika önce

    Them: Listen to Ricky Dillon's song Me: I love that for them 😍💜

  72. Hawaii _ Paradise

    Hawaii _ Paradise31 dakika önce

    i wanna see grayson kiss someone tho

  73. Drawing With Cats

    Drawing With Cats32 dakika önce

    You guys should go to Canada

  74. Kaliah Daniels - Floyd

    Kaliah Daniels - Floyd32 dakika önce

    Bloopers video???

  75. N-A-R-A-Y

    N-A-R-A-Y32 dakika önce

    Now all they gotta do is go back...

  76. Shachar Galor

    Shachar Galor33 dakika önce

    Umm ok but how they gonna return the van to LA. road trip 2 lol 😂

  77. shannon brose

    shannon brose33 dakika önce

    A vegan apple

  78. Gabriella Nitti

    Gabriella Nitti34 dakika önce

    Grayson’s smileeeeee333333🤪😆😂


    RAIN HAVOK35 dakika önce

    Ew i can't stand that chick. She reminds me of a shitzu with their eyes bullying in 2 different directions lmfao!🤮🤣

  80. A Journey Through My Videos

    A Journey Through My Videos35 dakika önce

    Next time go to boulder co! It’s a fun hippy town

  81. ayla MJ

    ayla MJ35 dakika önce

    Maybe get a space heater??😂

  82. Rachel Matthews

    Rachel Matthews35 dakika önce

    You need to show Kyle shower & have fun too. We wanna see the boy more, the one who always helps you guys. it's hard work. I love you a lot E&G. God Bless You, I'll pray that you guys reach happily & safely

  83. Isha Kaur

    Isha Kaur36 dakika önce

    I love how in the beginning Grayson wasn’t concerned about the projector breaking above his bed, but was more concerned about Ethan bumping his head on it 🥰

  84. Katelyn Patman

    Katelyn Patman37 dakika önce

    okay but this series is seriously one of my favourite things these guys have done, im so proud of them

  85. X O

    X O37 dakika önce

    38 hours and 38 minutes in the video Coincidence I think not

  86. Melika Javadi

    Melika Javadi38 dakika önce

    Those 1k dislikes are people who don’t know what talent is.

  87. Merci Tippit

    Merci Tippit39 dakika önce

    Who lives in Texas?

  88. Courtney Abela

    Courtney Abela39 dakika önce

    lol y'all still gotta get back to LA 😂😂

  89. Brittany Cupitt

    Brittany Cupitt39 dakika önce

    “Dude that’s my little boy” awwww omg 🥰

  90. Maya Gutiérrez

    Maya Gutiérrez39 dakika önce

    Driving on the right lane, and passing someone on the left is literally a universal driving law??? Its just dick behaviour to constantly drive on the left lane, when there's no one around.

  91. Samii C

    Samii C39 dakika önce

    I watched all 3 videos, and stuck till the end, I love you too ❤️❤️ also, ethan's freeze frame at the end 😂

  92. Deya

    Deya40 dakika önce

    No one: Ethan: we're ok cause we have a house :))))))))))

  93. Gia Loren

    Gia Loren40 dakika önce

    you guys dancing in the van when you got to new jersey.. too cute!! you guys are lucky to have each other x

  94. Daria Krupa

    Daria Krupa40 dakika önce

    I live in Illinois!!!!!😜😜😜

  95. Gran Danés

    Gran Danés40 dakika önce

    From Tupac's war zone to Notorious Big hood.Twinz TV Haul Truck

  96. Kathryn S.

    Kathryn S.40 dakika önce

    This was insanely awesome. It inspires me to want to do more with my life travel wise. Such a cool experience I definitely would want to try this definitely in the summer after watching this though haha. Looking forward to the next adventure in the van 🤙🏼

  97. Maya Mariam

    Maya Mariam41 dakika önce

    vegan apple

  98. Dep Pravinou

    Dep Pravinou41 dakika önce

    No one: Grayson:vegan apple

  99. Nayla Beaumont

    Nayla Beaumont42 dakika önce

    I don’t know if this is a thing in the states that get snowy in winter, but in Canada we have laws where we need winter tires from December to March so I’m just thinking about how unsafe it is for them to be driving their gigantic van on icy roads with their LA summer tires - also am I missing something or is at least one of them always riding in the back without a seatbelt? Is that not illegal in the states?

  100. Jessica Ayers

    Jessica Ayers42 dakika önce

    “Random Kansas Law” when that same law is everywhere else in the country too 😂 lol