Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

  1. 1Coolguys

    1CoolguysGün önce

    Skip Bayless is wrong on his predictions. The Chiefs will win this game.

  2. Carey Sims

    Carey SimsGün önce

    Ask skip a question and he will give you their whole history in a 5page essay BORING SKIP

  3. steve-o l

    steve-o lGün önce

    Black failure is their own fault.

  4. cortez thompson

    cortez thompsonGün önce

    The score was 28 to 25 at one point 😂


    Eddy CHERESTALGün önce

    I guess Skip was right about Pat

  6. WHiiTEBoyy904

    WHiiTEBoyy904Gün önce

    Eric Henry? lol Dickerson wasn't that good

  7. 90'Baby TREDA GANG

    90'Baby TREDA GANGGün önce

    All yall do is hate on lavar her pushing her kids in a rite way!! He ain’t gotta go the route you goes won’t him to go he’s successful

  8. BrotherO4

    BrotherO4Gün önce

    can KD ever be greater? he needs to get a ring that even GSW respect first. so he has 0 of those gonna need to play in the nba for another 7 years to catch up to all lebrons numbers gonna need to show he can be a Leader not a role player Gonna need to show he can beat GSW or lebron by himself for once in his whole life needs to be seen as the best player in the world which he was never was viewed...and lebron was not even prime. a old lebron is seen better than a KD prime. so that alone as we speak means its impossible.

  9. Rick Messina

    Rick MessinaGün önce

    Titans 42 chiefs 27

  10. Rick Messina

    Rick MessinaGün önce

    Let’s win Titans

  11. Gabriel Arnett

    Gabriel ArnettGün önce

    Lets go #49ers..

  12. Dan Levan

    Dan LevanGün önce

    Yeah I would have to agree, Bird was close to Bird

  13. Tom Morris

    Tom MorrisGün önce

    Clemson has a weak schedule-but LSU been the best team when they played them. But I do have respect for Clemson. Clemson will have more players comeback next season. LSU has a lot of the stars ⭐️ won’t be coming back. Oc coordinator-joe Brady won’t be back, that’s what coming to hurt the most because he brought the nfl pro style playbook

  14. Michael Gray

    Michael GrayGün önce

    Skip is just getting unbearable

  15. Alonso Mendoza

    Alonso MendozaGün önce

    This only shows one not compare Lebron to Jordan. Second: Any team loss any given sunday 😂🤣 but is the lack of leadership, wanting to take the last shot and his mentality to defend and desire to win! I don't hate Lebron as a player but his whole act sucks.

  16. Patrick Shields

    Patrick ShieldsGün önce

    he has to pick the Titans...that's how you get ratings.

  17. Maurice Mendez

    Maurice MendezGün önce

    As successful as the Patriots have been I have trouble honoring any of their accomplishments due to the fact they periodically get caught for cheating as in spying on teams. We now know the magnitude of these situations thanks to the Houston Astros.

  18. Max Stone

    Max StoneGün önce

    Dabo was dancing all the way down the sidelines on that play. Fast forward to 4:00 left in game and Dabo was holding TL face. Sometime you just got to dance to someone else’s music! Geaux Tigers!

  19. Gabriel Arnett

    Gabriel ArnettGün önce


  20. ChangeWillNeverCome

    ChangeWillNeverComeGün önce

    Say it Shannon! Say it! Luka Doncic in his sophomore year... is much better than Lebron James in his prime.

  21. eigger nagal

    eigger nagalGün önce

    Stupid nick thats all

  22. Brandon Vandine

    Brandon VandineGün önce

    Hes not a hall of famer

  23. AnotherSKYWALKR

    AnotherSKYWALKRGün önce

    His game is nothing like Bird’s are they comparing them just because they’re white? He has more Harden in him than Bird.

  24. Jason Born

    Jason BornGün önce

    Shannon act like Michael Jordan didn't make pippen into an all time 25 greatest players. Toni was made into a good player also by Michael..You trippin Shannon.

  25. Yongskie Felicilda

    Yongskie FelicildaGün önce

    Luka will be better than bird

  26. soldier2009

    soldier2009Gün önce

    Larry Bird: Rookie Year 21.3 ppg, 4.5 apg, 10.4 rpg Sophomore Year 21.2 ppg, 5.5 apg, 11 rpg LeBron James: Rookie Year 21 ppg, 6 apg, 5.5 rpg Sophomore Year 27.2 ppg, 7.2 apg, 7.4 rpg Luka Doncic: Rookie Year 21.2 ppg, 6 apg, 7.8 rpg Sophomore Year 29 ppg, 9 apg, 9..7 rpg (currently)

  27. Wellington Oliveira

    Wellington OliveiraGün önce

    Skip is a professional clown. He will find the dumbest data to pick on the people he doesn't like or that fits better the program agenda. You know, they can't spend 10 minutes talking about a topic they agree on. There must best disagreement...

  28. lucky1

    lucky1Gün önce

    Rob: Aaron will wear cleats this sunday Skip: THAT SOUNDS LIKE GAME MANAGER

  29. Preach Mann

    Preach MannGün önce

    Jordan...& Mamba....on the same time smh.. I have nothing else to say... DROP THE MIC!

  30. DeviousOne0

    DeviousOne0Gün önce

    Green bay all day.

  31. Preach Mann

    Preach MannGün önce

    Skip Called It!

  32. skudster foster

    skudster fosterGün önce

    Packers have seen this d-line once. If their o-line can adjust they may have a chance. 4

  33. Denny Armijo

    Denny ArmijoGün önce

    This dude in the purple is annoying

  34. Denny Armijo

    Denny ArmijoGün önce

    Good guy,can’t be reeled in

  35. Master Of Your Own Mind

    Master Of Your Own MindGün önce

    Kawhi is the real deal.

  36. mos 855

    mos 855Gün önce

    So according the skyp Luka is barely good but lonzo's destination is greatness hmm

  37. huetchen

    huetchenGün önce

    Shannon nailed it imo. I got that Larry Bird vibe as well. Not looking at his stats, but looking at his playstyle. Luka has some kind of instinct that Larry had too. Some plays he just toys with defenders. The way he does it shows how his Basketball IQ and feel for the game are off the charts. He is not very athletic, but crafty and smart. And his shooting can always improve being only 20 years old. The kid is just special, deal with it Skip.

  38. bolt man

    bolt manGün önce

    Tyreek Hill doesn't have to tackle big boss man Henry

  39. Jason Pitts

    Jason PittsGün önce

    LaVar lowkey put Shannon in his place

  40. Da fuckery Show

    Da fuckery ShowGün önce

    Titans got this

  41. Buckcub Mandingo

    Buckcub MandingoGün önce

    This is Shannon's best take since his cameo in 'The Godfather' as the horses head in the producer's bed

  42. Penti Kabu

    Penti KabuGün önce

    Skip "hm" Bayless

  43. Strahinja Stojkovic

    Strahinja StojkovicGün önce

    Water Pistol Pete is still sour.

  44. Penti Kabu

    Penti KabuGün önce

    Skip "I don't know" Bayless

  45. elysium

    elysiumGün önce

    I see Skip's face my day is already not in order.

  46. Michael McCloud

    Michael McCloudGün önce

    Great Segment Guys: That Guest (Ron Parker) Has A Radio Only Face Stop Playing.

  47. Valentin Guerrero

    Valentin GuerreroGün önce

    CTE is not a disease. It’s an injury.

  48. Bat Man

    Bat ManGün önce

    Why all the negativity? Tebow ain’t pretending to be a power house. He’s just trying to make it like any of us.

  49. TMS_TrYhArD YT

    TMS_TrYhArD YTGün önce

    skips starting lineup :mmmm :mmmm :mmmm :mmmm :mmmm

  50. Invincible Speaker

    Invincible SpeakerGün önce

    Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl. Book it.

  51. Michael Brooks

    Michael BrooksGün önce

    Averaging 9.8 rebounds per games mean you can't rebound. Lol. Wild.

  52. Danial Fawkes

    Danial FawkesGün önce

    Now you no what skipp going to talk balt when LBJ retire

  53. Rich Muttsmusic

    Rich MuttsmusicGün önce

    Most people have a little racism in them I believe. Only difference is in America there are older systems in place that have created hierarchies that benefit some more than others.

  54. Rockems

    RockemsGün önce

    Pearson first.

  55. R R

    R RGün önce

    What is this show about?

  56. Logan Pittman

    Logan PittmanGün önce

    Skip skip skip smh

  57. Audrey Chatman

    Audrey ChatmanGün önce

    Shannon is the Only guy who can troll my Cowboys 😉

  58. Reezy_Bad

    Reezy_BadGün önce

    I can’t lie,the Titans are scary right now!I just don’t know what to expect from them after beating the Patriots plus my Ravens.Unpredictability is on their side

  59. Tshepo Mothapo

    Tshepo MothapoGün önce

    Lebron carrying Skip's career aswell, tough.

  60. Jack Huff

    Jack HuffGün önce

    Take a shot every time Shannon says skip.

  61. Phillip Bone

    Phillip BoneGün önce

    They don't know football...Always hating on Titans.

  62. rxibot

    rxibotGün önce

    I'm just here to watch Shannon be wrong.

  63. Mikedeeza2

    Mikedeeza2Gün önce

    The refs bailed them out. Lol Ref gave them a 1st down on that seatle game that sealed the game for Packers. Gb and Seahawks was gifted a win by the refs through out the season.

  64. Austin Ashogbon

    Austin AshogbonGün önce

    Skip knows absolutely nothing about basketball

  65. Jessie Byrd

    Jessie ByrdGün önce

    Bust just like his brothers

  66. Baldheadslck

    BaldheadslckGün önce

    Brooklyn people used be a different breed. Now is basically every middle of the country hipster moving there so that's what that is

  67. thedirty530

    thedirty530Gün önce

    Yee of little faith...Butte Strong...Go Pack!

  68. Daniel Jozic

    Daniel JozicGün önce

    Load of nonsense

  69. fbi taha

    fbi tahaGün önce


  70. KobeDropped_81

    KobeDropped_81Gün önce

    Always stats

  71. TDsly

    TDslyGün önce


  72. MegaGio

    MegaGioGün önce

    2 years later he averaging a.. triple single

  73. Catherine Fraser

    Catherine FraserGün önce

    Jordon had David Stern

  74. Spencer Arebalo

    Spencer ArebaloGün önce

    Ryan Tannehill is the Dr shasta to alex smith's Dr Pepper

  75. Pandootsy Bagtasos

    Pandootsy BagtasosGün önce

    Skip is s2pid

  76. Cole Mayhugh

    Cole MayhughGün önce

    I love him, but I think he's right below the line.

  77. jerrod satterfield

    jerrod satterfieldGün önce

    I like titans good defense running game

  78. Dakota Deacon

    Dakota DeaconGün önce

    rob barker is dumb

  79. youngbuck0911

    youngbuck0911Gün önce

    Dude is so fucken fake. Listen how he talks on here versus how he speaks on instagram/Lebrons barber shop show. So fake its sickening.

  80. marylain69

    marylain69Gün önce

    6:45 Miles Garret might be gone for years! :D :D :D :D :D

  81. awsomesprinkles

    awsomesprinkles2 gün önce

    I'm watching this the night before the game. I feel like a kid on christmas, I haven't been this excited about football in A LONG TIME

  82. Slatt Bidness

    Slatt Bidness2 gün önce

    Cam Newton still had the better season , best college qb ever

  83. DarknightMike • 10 years ago

    DarknightMike • 10 years ago2 gün önce

    6:29 I see what you did there, Skip. “Sharpe”

  84. E Double

    E Double2 gün önce

    You clowns amaze me with your ability to continuously hate on the 49ers.

  85. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life3862 gün önce

    Mr. Carter is so right . It’s all we have .

  86. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life3862 gün önce

    This man made a sacrifice for his daughter so that she can get the pension money that was owed to him Mr. Hernandez whatever he was regardless does not matter. To me anyway.

  87. jonesjeremiah1995

    jonesjeremiah19952 gün önce

    Skip is so infatuated with QBR and How Rodgers is having a low season when it comes to QBR but he has the best career QBR in history lmfao skip focus on why your cowboys went 8-8 with a Top 10 defense and a Top 10 Offense

  88. Bryce Maximus

    Bryce Maximus2 gün önce

    Different playstyles, just beause his white you're gonna compare him to another white superstar

  89. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones2 gün önce

    24????? they scored more than that at ten. with mahomes still limping around.

  90. stanley ong

    stanley ong2 gün önce

    Skip gotta get his eyes and brain checked

  91. Jacob Edmonds

    Jacob Edmonds2 gün önce

    The wide open recover off the the right was not open until after the ball had been thrown and it was arguably a pi on the receiver it tipped off

  92. Angel Valle

    Angel Valle2 gün önce

    On top of all the concussions he also use to smoke blunts laced with dust and in prison he smoked alot of k2. Dudes brain was fried

  93. Jason Henriquez

    Jason Henriquez2 gün önce

    "mmm hmm"

  94. InstinctGamez!

    InstinctGamez!2 gün önce

    No one seem to remember the fact the chiefs were down 24-0 and came back to score 31 unanswered points and beat the Texans 51-31. In what was probably the greatest game Patrick mahomes has ever had. You have to remember it’s Patrick mahomes the man is too good and too unpredictable to be taken lightly. On top of that the chiefs also have the fastest wr’s in the nfl plus the best te in football alongside kittle. The titans have Derrick Henry, and aj brown. Derrick Henry is good but when you give the ball to him 30 plus times a game you’re asking for him to get injured. The chiefs will win this game because they will score to many points to catch up from and Mahomes will use Mahomes magic.

  95. Boondock Saint

    Boondock Saint2 gün önce

    Using Shannon's argument, Drew Brees should not get in the HoF because he wasn't better than Tom Brady. Dan Marino should not be in the HoF because Joe Montana was better in the 80's and Troy Aikman and Brett Favre were better in the 90's

  96. Miroslav The Pencil Maestro

    Miroslav The Pencil Maestro2 gün önce

    Hundreds of players in the league atm, thousands throughout history and Doncic is like Bird? Because he is white? Are black people are so racist that all white people look alike to them?

  97. Charles Hunter

    Charles Hunter2 gün önce

    All this sounds good but it's all about what Las Vegas wants if they barely run derick Henry they going to lose they get that call from upstairs to throw the game it's over for the titans ealry

  98. Prilly Saptanto

    Prilly Saptanto2 gün önce

    Shanon.. Look at your Stats please.. U look dumb n dumber.. Most of Lebron Rebound is Deffensive Rebound.. MJ was in The Offensive Rebound..

  99. Boondock Saint

    Boondock Saint2 gün önce

    Sharpe's argument is stupid. Where does it say you have to be the best at your position while you played to get in? If that's the case, then no wide receivers who played during the Jerry Rice era should get in the HoF because he was the best.

  100. thejamaican67

    thejamaican672 gün önce

    Why Larry Bird? His game is more like Lebron’s but not as athletic, nothing like Birds ?.......... oh wait I now I see it’s sorry I must be a bit naive.