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  1. Fleeting Youth

    Fleeting Youth5 saniye önce

    Why he lying he must be in Canada 🤣🤣🤷

  2. sos

    sos9 saniye önce

    load management guy

  3. Tripp Shaw

    Tripp Shaw10 saniye önce

    What’s the saying? “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t tryin” or “ You ain’t tryin if you ain’t cheating”

  4. G.P.S MONEY

    G.P.S MONEY10 saniye önce

    Go desperate Yankees!!!

  5. Les davis jr

    Les davis jr10 saniye önce

    Once a cheater always a cheater

  6. E B

    E B15 saniye önce

    If Tim and David from the Spurs made a baby. Duncan Robinson

  7. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz19 saniye önce

    After hearing the first couple of words from sas made me think sas is gay. Stop hating sas you sound like a woman complaining.

  8. Michael Arvidson

    Michael Arvidson42 saniye önce

    Whoever has that NBA TV mic needs to chill out. If your mic is that bad that he needs to be eating it, maybe you should get a new one

  9. Stoney Neff

    Stoney Neff44 saniye önce

    I think it's time to ban every member of the Patriots organization for life , Including the owner .

  10. Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller53 saniye önce

    I wish Roger Staubach was owner and Troy Aikman was G.M.

  11. wandisimo 0522

    wandisimo 0522Dakika önce

    Max: First take is better than undisputed. Stephen A: Your wrong and here's why.

  12. A W

    A WDakika önce

    A Michigan man knows a lot about failure.

  13. Daniel Donovan

    Daniel DonovanDakika önce

    That's funny that DeMar DeRozan grew up there

  14. Taron Mcdonald

    Taron McdonaldDakika önce

    Matt Barnes credentials said once tried Kobe 😂💀

  15. Yourfavoriteyoutubesubscriber

    YourfavoriteyoutubesubscriberDakika önce

    Am I the only one that finds Dominique annoying?

  16. jason v

    jason vDakika önce

    Ya he was close to resigning in toronto... then the raptors declined the PG + Westbrook trade for lowry and siakim... and he took a private jet on raptors money to force LA to sign PG and the rest is history

  17. Iyare

    IyareDakika önce

    Marcus Spears at 1:34 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. David T.

    David T.2 dakika önce

    Maybe he belongs to the Knicks instead. Lol.

  19. Moon Cake

    Moon Cake2 dakika önce

    Kawhi....MVP...Champion....Champion again for Clippers....ultimate Terminator.

  20. itsme jdc

    itsme jdc2 dakika önce

    fight ramirez,taylor,prograis or maybe a dream fight with loma

  21. Clinton Vanevery

    Clinton Vanevery2 dakika önce


  22. David Rosales

    David Rosales2 dakika önce


  23. mikiithe13th

    mikiithe13th2 dakika önce

    Pacman didn't run, its just that top rank Bob Arum didn't want to clash his 2 cash cows

  24. Mr. Lewis

    Mr. Lewis2 dakika önce

    Jones cant control Aikman. That would change the complexion of this team.

  25. Ezperanza Luis

    Ezperanza Luis3 dakika önce

    If you bowling Saturday you should go to work on Sunday.

  26. Rob M

    Rob M3 dakika önce

    I hope he gets his job so i can stop hearing his terrible commenting when i watch football.

  27. Dime10 1

    Dime10 13 dakika önce

    It’s so weird this might be the best boxer on earth but he just seems like any ole Norma person...crazy 😶

  28. Nick He is

    Nick He is3 dakika önce

    When he started to mess up his hairline: 😨

  29. MegaMiamiboi305

    MegaMiamiboi3053 dakika önce

    And folks think Tom Brady is the goat? Bullshit. If anybody outside of Bill Belicheat benefited from these SuperBowl championships is Tom Brady. Their legacy as an organization is tainted and has a asterisk next to it.

  30. Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson4 dakika önce

    Stephen A told Mayweather to his face to stay away from Terrance Crawford years ago and now he’s asking if he would take the fight 😂😂😂

  31. rohit khwairakpam

    rohit khwairakpam4 dakika önce

    Rachel is the bad ugly villian lady in movies, but in real.

  32. Shaury Gautam

    Shaury Gautam4 dakika önce


  33. Joe Thomas

    Joe Thomas4 dakika önce

    I revel in the cowboys agony 😁

  34. MegaMiamiboi305

    MegaMiamiboi3054 dakika önce

    And folks think Tom Brady is the goat? Bullshit. If anybody outside of Bill Belicheat benefited from these SuperBowl championships is Tom Brady. Their legacy as an organization is tainted and has a asterisk next to it.

  35. Rick Jones

    Rick Jones4 dakika önce

    The SEC is NOT e you hut as conference , let’s be honest there are maybe 4 good teams and 2 teams that hav won and off years and the rest of the conference is garbage

  36. Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson4 dakika önce

    Jawaun Howard fab 5 brother could compete with Jalen

  37. lyle swavel

    lyle swavel4 dakika önce

    THE NFL IS TAKING YOUR MONEY, They've been Tax exempt since 1919, billionaires not paying taxes and ripping the consumers off, I do not spend my money on the Nfl, at least Hollywood has to pay taxes on money made from you, College's football probably is 501c3 also, non taxed millionaire organizations

  38. SedaW LoL

    SedaW LoL4 dakika önce

    Max and his conspiracies 🤣🤣

  39. Kyeno Chen

    Kyeno Chen4 dakika önce

    Heat , Lakers & Mavericks . Retroly good

  40. Master King Lee

    Master King Lee4 dakika önce

    GOAT 🐐

  41. Noel Imhoff

    Noel Imhoff4 dakika önce

    Ryan Clark STFU forever

  42. Jeremiah Davis

    Jeremiah Davis4 dakika önce

    SAS “well your wrong and see this is why”

  43. Broderick Simpson

    Broderick Simpson4 dakika önce

    Chuck is great on tv. Shaq is okay. Bad analyst. Great entertainer opposite Chuck

  44. Chibz92

    Chibz925 dakika önce

    Now I’m ready to go take my final exam.

  45. Sage Land

    Sage Land5 dakika önce

    Someone please tell Ryan Clark to stop all the rambling. His answers should be 20 sec or less but he turns them into this long diatribes of noise. "Migraine"

  46. savy

    savy5 dakika önce

    Pats do anything Everyone: 👶😭

  47. LeominsterFC

    LeominsterFC5 dakika önce

    Casual boxing fan here, but how bad is this “sport”? Different promotions, best guys don’t fight each other (and even when they do it’s at a convenient time for one or the other, never both), months and months between interesting fights. No wonder UFC has surpassed boxing in every way. As illegitimate as some fights are in UFC (as far as matchmaking, the farcical rankings, champs being given double-champ opportunities with zero title defenses), it’s nothing compared to boxing. There’s even more rigged scorecards in boxing than in UFC, and what’s worse is the judges and ring size and all these things are decided by promotions instead of one organization. Sucks because I like guys like Wilder, Fury, AJ, Bud, Spence, etc but it’s so hard to take seriously. Edit: I almost forgot the worst thing about boxing is the top guys being fed no-names. This almost never happens in the UFC. Every single fight is a tough fight, they give you fights where you actually stand to gain notoriety or become a better fighter by giving you challenges, not padding your record with cans and fighting maybe three to four comparable guys your entire career. This is why boxing is antiquated.

  48. Derek Hollingshead

    Derek Hollingshead5 dakika önce

    I hope every Toronto fan cheers their loudest for Kawhi tonight. He really pulled off some MJ like stats for TDot in that playoff run. Be thankful you were alive to witness history of that magnitude. Every Raps fan should relish in that moment. Please continue to congratulate & thank Kawhi at every opportunity. Humility was what made his relationship with the Raptors so special.

  49. Den Swagger

    Den Swagger5 dakika önce

    Bro said sextape😂😂

  50. Trey Bens

    Trey Bens6 dakika önce

    If I don’t see a prime Bud vs prime Spence I’m gonna be pissed

  51. Howard Brooks

    Howard Brooks6 dakika önce


  52. Jared Thomas

    Jared Thomas6 dakika önce

    Somebody needs to fire Jerry Jones

  53. RariGold

    RariGold6 dakika önce

    Aye Wilson Chandler had the best taper in the league for years now

  54. R N

    R N6 dakika önce

    Meanwhile his sons a girl


    -SUPER THUGG6 dakika önce

    Stupid questions by reporters never fails

  56. Rob Johnson

    Rob Johnson6 dakika önce

    Nothing will ever happen to the patriots! All they do is cheat. They should be removed from the nfl, and super bowl trophies forfeited. Deflating footballs, spygate part one, part two, massage parlors, and so on. Get rid of these cheaters

  57. Penelope Suen

    Penelope Suen6 dakika önce

    Love you Kawhi

  58. B

    B6 dakika önce


  59. Sundincubus

    Sundincubus6 dakika önce

    "That was the biggest win of Carson Wentz's career"...REALLY? You have got to be kidding Dan Orlovsky! If this is the highlight of Wentz's career than that's just sad. This is by far, the most ugliest game of all this season. Put it this way, I've lost count of the "3-in-outs" by both sides of the football by the 3rd quarter. After the win, I do not feel like Philly is on top. As bad as Cowboys are, I feel they can still win at Philly, that's how it felt after the win. 2 bad teams trying to prove who's worst that's all.

  60. Peter Carhart

    Peter Carhart6 dakika önce

    Ah damnit now I'm sad...

  61. Bruce Brightwell

    Bruce Brightwell7 dakika önce

    If KD and Klay was there, Toronto would’ve lost the series

  62. Derrick Render

    Derrick Render7 dakika önce

    I hate the word articulate.

  63. Jude Black

    Jude Black7 dakika önce

    El mejor es Lebron James

  64. MrDrsogood

    MrDrsogood7 dakika önce

    Max give joel a big pass right here

  65. wolfaagman

    wolfaagman7 dakika önce

    Aye rachel special dress is out and yes they are hanging in the middle

  66. Origen

    Origen7 dakika önce

    Ok they want to have older star players who can't win like Blake and DRose. Great plan. I would rebuild and get whatever I can for Blake, but Keep Drummon he's a beast and young who could be on a championship team. Wow, there's a reason why Clippers are so great now :)


    NOLAY AUSTIN7 dakika önce


  68. Thurshanth Yoganathan

    Thurshanth Yoganathan7 dakika önce

    should have stayed with the raptors. raptors have the better team. take kawhi out and comapre both teams, raptors are better.

  69. Naell

    Naell7 dakika önce

    there is no quid pro quo

  70. JungleLifeYT

    JungleLifeYT7 dakika önce

    Don’t ever compare lebron and wade to anyone like that screenshot pair again

  71. johnathan3373

    johnathan33737 dakika önce

    if i did nothing wrong, why would i ask to delete it?

  72. Eltalstro

    Eltalstro8 dakika önce

    Karl Anthony Towns?

  73. Xen Btw

    Xen Btw8 dakika önce

    Lol he said he was 100 and he’s playing chill out

  74. Dee Brown

    Dee Brown8 dakika önce

    Embiid is soft. Too much finesse. Fouls effect him like he’s my size. Never thought he was that good. Sorry

  75. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian8 dakika önce

    177th comment 📵🚷🚯🚳🚱🔞

  76. Luc Patté

    Luc Patté8 dakika önce

    Didn’t Charles Barkley say that we would make the finals only recently?

  77. Amir Rasuli

    Amir Rasuli8 dakika önce

    When they show the same clip of Robinson shooting a three back-to-back 2:14

  78. Quinton chapman

    Quinton chapman8 dakika önce

    It’s funny Stephen A is picking Clemson bandwagon jumper 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️he should stop picking Alabama all the time too🙄

  79. Doo Playa

    Doo Playa8 dakika önce

    Top rank suck

  80. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan8 dakika önce

    What a stupid take Stephen A doesn’t care Dan O is blind deaf and dumb Thank you Max for not being a complete idiot my god these clowns are stupid

  81. Luke Palandech

    Luke Palandech8 dakika önce

    Stephen A and everyone forgetting that in 2014 Florida State was the defending national champions, riding a 29 game winning streak, and they got run out of the building by Oregon in the Rose Bowl, 59-20

  82. Markus Shaw

    Markus Shaw8 dakika önce

    He got a minor injury throwing the ball though

  83. Steve Joseph

    Steve Joseph8 dakika önce

    Also, what's with all this Giannis God-like talk? Has he won a championship yet? NOPE

  84. L

    L8 dakika önce

    Thank you for bringing a chip to Toronto kawhi best raptor of all time💯

  85. Hunter Jaikin

    Hunter Jaikin8 dakika önce

    Sorry Stephen A. You gotta take 2nd place to the 🐐 himself Skip Bayless

  86. 96TilInfinity

    96TilInfinity9 dakika önce

    Who else got Bell on fantasy? :(

  87. Oui Bay

    Oui Bay9 dakika önce

    Kawhi didnt want to play with Lebron, he wanted to beat him! It was Clippers or bust... The Six gonna love the claw forever!

  88. psychotickane

    psychotickane9 dakika önce

    Jalen got that guilty conscience 😆

  89. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian9 dakika önce

    200th comment 📋🗒📰📌

  90. Twisted Logic

    Twisted Logic9 dakika önce

    These guys babble, babble, babble, thanks Molly for keeping things on track.

  91. Chuck rogers

    Chuck rogers9 dakika önce

    Stephen A is annoying in this...

  92. Broderick Simpson

    Broderick Simpson10 dakika önce

    I don’t know why any player would talk to SAS. The only thing he loves more than telling people how close he is with current and former players is sucking up to powerful people in the NFL. If Le’Veon criticized Goodell tomorrow, SAS would turn on him immediately.

  93. Steve Joseph

    Steve Joseph10 dakika önce

    sorry to burst the narrative but embiid doesn't HAVE to put up 28 or 30 a game in meaningless regular season games. so if they are monitoring his minutes and he's not going all out until may, then so be it. he's 3rd in league among centers in post ups and first in fouls in the paint

  94. Russ Rod

    Russ Rod10 dakika önce

    Manny didn't ran away from you foo.. you have the same Promoter, go ask Arum when he was milking Manny from how many years. It was Arum who doesn't want the fight to happen.

  95. Reecey Rozay

    Reecey Rozay10 dakika önce

    Did he just say “let’s go deeper inside the box”

  96. Vincent Patrick

    Vincent Patrick10 dakika önce

    He got less hair on his head. Same wit me.

  97. big mike Abejide

    big mike Abejide10 dakika önce

    Jaylen rose somewhere punching the air right now 😂😂

  98. Uncle Shannon

    Uncle Shannon10 dakika önce

    Just let him score 3 tds then take him out the game would be over if they score 3tds

  99. joe smith

    joe smith10 dakika önce


  100. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian10 dakika önce

    300th comment 🚽🚿🛁📦