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Game Theory: No More Games
The $1.7 Million Lie

The $1.7 Million Lie

10 aylar önce

They stole $1.7 million
  1. Ruben Solis

    Ruben Solis2 dakika önce

    Bruh their gender is fire

  2. Ali Massah

    Ali Massah2 dakika önce

    Wasn't this obvious or is it just me.

  3. Kristin Goodall

    Kristin Goodall3 dakika önce

    I believe the cell part you forgot was ribosomes?

  4. NOTheLaWbro

    NOTheLaWbro3 dakika önce

    What I got from this is that the FDC are just doing this to get money , that and they don't really know a thing about TRgos and do not care to learn about it as long as they get money. Also remember restriction mode ? Yeah that is active and the user cannot deactivate it until the user is 13 or above, anyone remember that? Yeah that no longer works because you can lie about your age , but hey if you weren't able to do that then this would've never happened, and another thing to avoid this is to just disable comments for people below 13. I'm pretty sure what the FDC is doing should be unlawful considering they are literally destroying lives just for the sake of money. Oh and hey maybe there should be a law that says everyone in the government should learn to use a phone, but I don't think that would do any good because this would still happen. And as long as the government gets 10% of the money they don't care what the FDC does as long as they don't hurt or cause the government money. And remember kid-friendly Minecraft? The game we or some of us love might not be considered kid-friendly by the FDC will be gone, but let's say the FDC recognized Minecraft as kid-friendly, all you would we seeing are kids songs, Minecraft and mainly slime.... Thank you Matt and the other content creators for spreading awareness about this I hope you are able to keep you and your businesses together until this is all over.♥️

  5. ACuteLittleDeadlySpider

    ACuteLittleDeadlySpider4 dakika önce

    Welp, I’m not sleeping! Who’s with me?

  6. Rage Quantum

    Rage Quantum5 dakika önce

    *m i t o c h o n d r i a n s*

  7. TruePerception

    TruePerception5 dakika önce

    Ocean Spray Cranberry was a top donor, and you mentioned cranberries in the video. I see what you did there.

  8. it's so SANSational

    it's so SANSational7 dakika önce

    That is so sad and i have no words.

  9. Cosmic Crafter

    Cosmic Crafter7 dakika önce

    Matpat: No one ever finds the heart of the sea Me with a chest full of conduits:

  10. Los Voladores

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    Allost 2020 my bois

  11. Hat Man

    Hat Man8 dakika önce

    I call bullshit

  12. Ramara Barrozo

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    Your awsome

  13. Bran A.

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    This vid was made today four years ago

  14. Ginko Sensei

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    Someone: *Forgets to do there Spanish lesson* Duolingo: Blue shell Time

  15. Strongest9Ball

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    If only Touhou had DDA ;-;

  16. Xpreflix 329

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    Random idiot online:Who’s Mr.L? Matt pat: hold my Diet Coke

  17. Hat Man

    Hat Man12 dakika önce

    What I you index is bigger than the ring?

  18. Navy Blue Giraffe

    Navy Blue Giraffe13 dakika önce

    Maybe, just an idea, leave parenting to parents TRgos..? Yes, some things on the internet parents can’t control, but they know very well what they are risking when they put a device in their child’s hands.🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Left Wolf

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    So..Whos up for making another- *TRgos*

  20. XxGalaxyplaysXx

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    I came here for Flamgo bye

  21. Leah Ellis

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    Bulba buds

  22. Caleb Smith

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    Only the family friendly TRgosrs are gonna survive 2020

  23. robbie davis

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    The portal is a lie

  24. Teguh Bastian

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    Phoenix down left chat

  25. maddie K

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    Yaay time to worship our new squid overlords

  26. theevol29

    theevol2922 dakika önce

    Can I get a TL:DW?

  27. Doggo Boi500

    Doggo Boi50022 dakika önce

    Why would the builders the gaurdians as fish if it wasn't supposed to be underwater.hmmmmm

  28. Evan Guthrie

    Evan Guthrie22 dakika önce

    Entire society: fails to find heart of the sea Steve: finds it five minutes after spawning in

  29. Evan Guthrie

    Evan Guthrie23 dakika önce

    What??? Treasure chests have diamonds and gold and iron! Where are you coming from with this "common item" crap?

  30. quinn hasse

    quinn hasse24 dakika önce

    Such as how spy cloak works

  31. quinn hasse

    quinn hasse24 dakika önce

    More tf2

  32. thepizzacar pizza

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    64x27^171 Is 3.710083167E246

  33. Rarifiedacorn66

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    Nice work Matt patt

  34. lintang saputra

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    Five nights at furry hotel 😂😂😂

  35. Catty The Cat

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    minecraft is going to be a relly good story +adventure game when it is finuly done

  36. UntappedLang 36

    UntappedLang 3630 dakika önce

    Maybe there was a war of piglens and whither skeleton

  37. Cpt Finley

    Cpt Finley30 dakika önce

    can we all agree that jake sounds like marlton from bo2

  38. pikachoo657

    pikachoo65730 dakika önce

    What if Michal was staying at Hery's house because his father was convicted of murder and lost custody? That's why he's at Henry's house. Henry might be closest relative/family friend. It explains a few things: Cameras. Here can't loose Michal lest legal allegations fall on him Animatronics. Keep him inside. keep him safe.

  39. Naenae Finch

    Naenae Finch31 dakika önce

    Raichu is not a use less RAT 😢😭😡😠

  40. rachel the potato

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    When your watching this while playing apex and being wraith lmao

  41. loveu3rdnkups

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    I think I know it about golden freddy there is a girl body and a boy soul of maybe the opisit

  42. woosh if gei

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    And still can't break bedrock.

  43. badboy17 cool

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  44. Ugh Girl

    Ugh Girl36 dakika önce

    The thing on the grave 1980-1983 is a grave for a real person not to be interpreted in the lore

  45. Sebastian Hays

    Sebastian Hays38 dakika önce

    I think that the beginning achievements suggest the beginning of the end

  46. COOLSWAT295

    COOLSWAT29539 dakika önce

    centrioles? ribosomes? lysosomes? edit: vacuole?

  47. Mitchell Blot

    Mitchell Blot41 dakika önce

    Hay matpat isint it weird that theirs a endosceleton in every animitronic but purple guy stuffs children in the suits but because the endosceleton is in then HOW DOES HE STUFF THE CHILDRIN IN THE ANIMITRONICS!?!?

  48. Art Lover

    Art Lover41 dakika önce

    my bros birthday is on the 3rd of december at least there was one good thing we did as a world on that day

  49. Cameron Green

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    Bruh u just pimped slapped her with your questions

  50. Leafeon

    Leafeon44 dakika önce

    Hey MatPat, after your Mario Timeline video proving that Pauline is Mario's mom, and your Rosalina theory proves that Mario ended up with Daisy after all, you have to rule out the whole women arguments in this video.

  51. The Smurf

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    On your bloody carpet try hydrogen peroxide it'll work

  52. itzgamingcookie :3

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    Th-is c-cha-nnel is so cool.... the channel is cool And Roblox royal high delovper said they would double all the donation to stop the Kid Cancer cause one of there dev which were just 14 years old bearly 15 she died and its so sad ;-; @[email protected] this channel is cool i luv parkour

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    that super long introduction is...

  55. Teresa Ashby

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    The love of money is the root of all evil not money is the root of all evil

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  57. Wiell Nyan

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    There are three type of people. People who are herbivores, people who are carnivores and people who are omnivores.

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    The government would like to know your location.

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    JJ for mayor!!!!!

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    i was sweating during this video and i was doing practically nothing

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  63. Braden Thek0a1as

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    Dose this mean that two universes are becoming one and that I can live in a computer

  64. Ro Ma

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  65. Shadow Stone

    Shadow Stone55 dakika önce

    Wait this also explains shulkers as well I think seeing as it's the only mod to defend you and attack everything hostile when you get it on your team using a simple team make and spawn on team command

  66. Baines Studio

    Baines Studio55 dakika önce

    Cranberries grown on bushes not in the water 😏

  67. The Difference

    The Difference56 dakika önce

    Price is my favorite character in Pokemon at least one of them!

  68. Rj Braun

    Rj Braun58 dakika önce

    What if they're just cold? You talked about the guardians tracking via thermal last episode. What if the drowned being cold means the guardians can't see them?

  69. Daniel Chapman

    Daniel Chapman58 dakika önce

    this also explains why a headshot with a sniper rifle is a killshot even though he has full shields. the armour isnt penetrated by it, as is obvious by the fact that ashot to the torso also isnt a killshot, so it would make sense that it's the impact of the round slaming his head back and jarring the neural implant.

  70. NewBite

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    Me when is Austin the one who does the video: D:


    BLUELINKBRSaatler önce

    So you are telling us that William Afton was fated to die over and over again by the hands of Golden Freddy? This looks like the ending of Jojo Part 5, what was the name of that ability again? Go... Oh... Oh no...

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    TRgos: let's change youtube in a unnecessary way! TRgos KIDS: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

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    Anyone who puts ads on this is mean

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    I'm from the future and tseries won but it took 8 months

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    Is there any origins of herobrine? Or notch? How was the pilligers became aggressive to normal and trader villagers? Please make one of these theories.

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    i literally live for the intros

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    Oof I got some chills at the end of the episode there. Great video as usual. Also, I feel like the Minecraft being the result of global warming would be make for an interesting theory video.

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    Well you can’t, because you’re dead -Mr Hippo

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    ME:I THINK THERE'S A ANIMATRONIC IN THE BOX! Matpat:Why? ME:When it zoomed in I saw part of a ANIMATRONIC head in clouding a eye. Matpat:Yeah right.... thumbs up this comment if you saw what she saw.

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