Upside Down Glasses Challenge

Things become complicated when everything is upside down! GMM #573!
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  1. Bmag 09

    Bmag 093 gün önce

    rǝʌǝ puɐ ɹǝʌǝɹoɟ uʍop ǝpısn ǝq oʇ ʇuɐʍ ı

  2. Squirrel Man

    Squirrel Man3 gün önce

    sapnu puas

  3. foca foxxi

    foca foxxi7 gün önce

    2:18 that made me laugh a little too hard 😂

  4. Charles Cotter lll

    Charles Cotter lll8 gün önce

    I haven't laughed so hard in awhile

  5. Hannah Sears

    Hannah Sears9 gün önce

    You wrote tbb not TBD....

  6. playing4fun007

    playing4fun00712 gün önce

    Low key link looks like Bubbles from trailer park boys

  7. me thatguy

    me thatguy19 gün önce

    This is one of my favorite challenges they have ever done.

  8. niels van blitterswijk

    niels van blitterswijk22 gün önce

    I'm getting dizzy just watching you guys

  9. ix may xi

    ix may xi24 gün önce

    We watched this video in science today, cause we are learning about lenses aahahahaha

  10. swift stricker plays

    swift stricker plays25 gün önce

    Nobody: People with there mouses inverted:

  11. The Story Corrector

    The Story CorrectorAylar önce

    This is op when you play geometry dash and you come to the upside down part lol

  12. Maddymaehey

    MaddymaeheyAylar önce

    Dang Australians must be really good at this game!

  13. The goofy Gamer653

    The goofy Gamer653Aylar önce

    Rhett said lEtS Do ThAt

  14. Filby

    FilbyAylar önce

    very funny... must be disorienting...

  15. Zeik Liccardo

    Zeik LiccardoAylar önce

    me watching this in 2020 noone

  16. Dat Boi

    Dat BoiAylar önce

    Link doing the “ I don’t knew what I’m doing” hop is a permanent mood

  17. Julian Mackay

    Julian MackayAylar önce

    when rhett does good link starts to count faster thats unfair

  18. Default Boi

    Default BoiAylar önce

    3:52 Lin4

  19. Sam G

    Sam GAylar önce

    “When I look down my feet are facing me”

  20. MysticTerror394

    MysticTerror394Aylar önce

    ¡ǝuo ʇuɐʍ ı ˙looɔ

  21. Pin_and _needles

    Pin_and _needlesAylar önce

    I love the intro in 2x speed! Use this replay button! > 0:06

  22. mrNACHOOO_ gaming

    mrNACHOOO_ gamingAylar önce

    I've searched everywhere for these but I can only find them overseas. Where can I buy these (or a similar pair) here in the U.S.?

  23. Big Bad Magnus Steinnbru

    Big Bad Magnus SteinnbruAylar önce

    Link really didn't want to count fair. Those were definitely not seconds.

  24. blakez vl3gs

    blakez vl3gs2 aylar önce


  25. blakez vl3gs

    blakez vl3gs2 aylar önce


  26. Jianna K

    Jianna K2 aylar önce


  27. Infinity Gaming

    Infinity Gaming2 aylar önce

    2019 anyone?... Nope just me

  28. RocketheReptile

    RocketheReptile2 aylar önce

    I’m here!

  29. Jon Hova

    Jon Hova2 aylar önce

    I'm here

  30. William Choi

    William Choi2 aylar önce

    at 9:50 i thought he was gonna make rhett look at his upside down reflection in the spoon with the upside down goggles

  31. Lidia Nelson

    Lidia Nelson2 aylar önce

    The fact that he said “let’s do that” instead of “let’s talk about that” disturbs me

  32. Andrew Labit

    Andrew Labit2 aylar önce

    Its so nice to come back after a good while and just see Rhett and Link at such a warm tone with Links old hair, brings back the good ole days

  33. Cat Nugget

    Cat Nugget2 aylar önce

    Yeah, something has changed an not just Links hair

  34. Necoh Sto Tomas

    Necoh Sto Tomas2 aylar önce

    _3_ ๆไไ

  35. Golden Gaming

    Golden Gaming2 aylar önce

    Omg link’s hair

  36. PinkPixel Productions

    PinkPixel Productions2 aylar önce

    I think Link had it harder cause his vision was probably blurry and upside down

  37. Flawless Facts

    Flawless Facts2 aylar önce

    I can write fluently upside down and mirrored

  38. Tweek BTD

    Tweek BTD3 aylar önce

    *_I watched this video whit upside down glasses!_*

  39. x2Twats

    x2Twats3 aylar önce

    Guys this is how it feels to live in Australia

  40. Vangster69

    Vangster693 aylar önce

    Let’s do that >:c

  41. Donavin Harbaugh

    Donavin Harbaugh3 aylar önce

    Alright now let’s see who can drive better xD

  42. DeadlyKitten Amuro

    DeadlyKitten Amuro3 aylar önce

    i remember watching this before school. my dad would put o today's GGM video everyday just to get me outta bed!

  43. Cory Kingbreaker

    Cory Kingbreaker3 aylar önce


  44. 『Nado torn』

    『Nado torn』3 aylar önce

    Writing easy ,muscle memory

  45. Carmen Trance

    Carmen Trance3 aylar önce


  46. Wolfy Maceastern

    Wolfy Maceastern3 aylar önce

    Has anyone got a link to buy the glasses

  47. Matthew Pennell

    Matthew Pennell3 aylar önce

    I know I hit my head too many times

  48. Matthew Pennell

    Matthew Pennell3 aylar önce

    So what if your 30in C upside down welcome to my dilemma every now and then

  49. Winter Pheonix

    Winter Pheonix3 aylar önce

    "Let's do that!" _Who are you and what have you done with Rhett._

  50. Andrew Knowles

    Andrew Knowles3 aylar önce

    So this is how austrailians see things normally

  51. Average male

    Average maleAylar önce

    @MysticTerror394 sorry that you were born with a pole up your ass

  52. MysticTerror394

    MysticTerror394Aylar önce

    @tsunyamii it is called "Comments" not "Social Chat and video"

  53. tsunyamii

    tsunyamiiAylar önce

    MysticTerror394 why not

  54. MysticTerror394

    MysticTerror394Aylar önce

    @tsunyamii like the comment sections aren't meant for jokes?

  55. PugTekkers

    PugTekkers3 aylar önce


  56. Saima Zaidi

    Saima Zaidi3 aylar önce

    Will? Wiiiiilllllll?? WWWWWIIILLLLLLLLL????!!!???

  57. Meliodas

    Meliodas3 aylar önce

    5:11 Rhetts eyes are flipped aswell

  58. Carly Bug

    Carly Bug3 aylar önce

    Its in the back

  59. I feel like Gucci mane in 2006

    I feel like Gucci mane in 20063 aylar önce

    What Australians see

  60. Madame Moose

    Madame Moose3 aylar önce

    2019 anybody ?

  61. Ryan Minnis

    Ryan Minnis3 aylar önce

    Why cant I stop watching this show. Im pretty sure this show is laced in crack.

  62. Child Garcia

    Child Garcia3 aylar önce

    What are these glasses called, I wanna buy them

  63. Luke The Asian

    Luke The Asian3 aylar önce

    TBd and Lina

  64. •RedBloodCell•

    •RedBloodCell•4 aylar önce

    I tried these on lol 😂! You have to look up no matter what to avoid falling backwards. * This was at school for an experiment, and I did a sword ( pool noodle ) fight with my bestie.

  65. Arcchit Jain

    Arcchit Jain4 aylar önce

    7:27 That's what she said

  66. Maxim Payne (Student)

    Maxim Payne (Student)4 aylar önce

    Somthin for the Austrailians

  67. Alexander Hawley

    Alexander Hawley4 aylar önce

    sǝssɐןb ǝsoɥʇ pɐɥ ı ɥsıʍ uɹɐp ı)˙uʍop ǝpısdn ǝbɐssǝɯ sıɥʇ ǝǝs ʎןuo uɐɔ noʎ