What else does Luka Doncic need to do to be considered one of the greats? | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Marcus Spears and Kevin Arnovitz break down Dallas Mavericks sensation Luka Doncic and how he can be considered one of the greats currently in the NBA like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. They also break down the Miami Heat and how far they can go in the postseason.
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  1. aronnov

    aronnov21 gün önce

    Talk about a racist analyst.

  2. jpin0002 jpin0002

    jpin0002 jpin000222 gün önce

    He's the real version of what people imagine when they think of LeBron lol. King Doncic....

  3. S Stiel

    S Stiel22 gün önce

    Don Dear and the Mavs !!! Tonight is the night! You can do it easily!!!! Go Mavs !!! You lost bla bla and bla blaYOU ARE THE TEAM OF THE WORLD so sorry they are playing for The world not just USA NBA!!! So it is time for somerhing else! Go Luka!!!!!

  4. KiDD ViDD

    KiDD ViDD25 gün önce

    Luka doncic and Christian McCaffrey takin back the games

  5. Jernej Demšar

    Jernej Demšar26 gün önce

    I'm a Luka fan and the question is stupid. What he has to do is do exactly what he's doing now and continue doing it for 5, 10, 15 years and things will come his way. Predicting it now is just playing Nostradumbass.

  6. illegal alien

    illegal alien27 gün önce

    Marc Spears is a pedo 0 doubt.

  7. cld

    cldAylar önce

    Black dude's trigerred by Luka. Priceless 👌

  8. B. Henny

    B. HennyAylar önce

    I wanna meet Rachel...

  9. Horace Grant

    Horace GrantAylar önce

    Wel, if he is American, than he would be no.1 superstar in the League, but unfortunatelly he is not, and thats the problem.

  10. Guido Hizon

    Guido HizonAylar önce

    Horace Grant huh? Giannis aint american and he’s the mvp. Stupid.

  11. tacosR1 Gaming

    tacosR1 GamingAylar önce

    Spears always gives the black guy more credit than deserved, and never gives any credit if the player isn’t black. That’s every single black analyst in any sport. Luka has gone against the best this generation has to offer and he’s proven he’s the better player.

  12. The Implication

    The ImplicationAylar önce

    ESPN is getting worse everyday with this nonsense. The quest should be what does Luka need to do to be considered a great player right now. No one should be talked about an all time great in their second year. I don’t care who they are. Does Luka have the potential to be an all time great, absolutely, but we can’t talk about him in that category when he isn’t even half way through his second season.

  13. Rose Ava

    Rose AvaAylar önce

    Mavs are having an amazing season, a sophomore 20 year old European is crushing it and the grumpy old man is like: but that one game

  14. Sam Hartje

    Sam HartjeAylar önce

    I guess Luka isn’t allowed to lose games according to Spears

  15. Barnacio

    BarnacioAylar önce

    The black guy represents every black guy who likes basketball. They are too salty to accept that the next generational player aint black, is a white guy from europe whocan speak 4 languages and makes look bad ever single NBA annalist.

  16. G23Farrakhan52

    G23Farrakhan52Aylar önce

    .....Put in his time. He is off to a great start of his career. However, I have seen this before. And some do not continue it. He is playing like a monster. He only has to keep it coming. And his team will have to win. If all of this falls in place, then we will compare him to the greats of the game. He is ascending right now at a rapid rate. That is fantastic! I could nitpick his stats and game. I am not going to. I believe he only needs to keep on performing at this level, and the rest will fall in place.

  17. ändå

    ändåAylar önce

    Why name a video like this if you're not going to talk about that at all? Sure you mention luka but not what he needs to do to be one of the greats. Click bait title.

  18. TP3HQ

    TP3HQAylar önce

    1:19 How did Kobe do that?

  19. Grindelwaldus

    GrindelwaldusAylar önce

    Ok since we are going there, where were Bulls in 85/86? 30-52 record? hmm yeah let's look at that then!

  20. Anamer

    AnamerAylar önce

    Why is it always a Black analyst hating on Luka? 🤔

  21. Jim Hollywood

    Jim HollywoodAylar önce

    20-5-5 Wow. That benchmark is a bad game for Luka. :)

  22. Jim Hollywood

    Jim HollywoodAylar önce

    He is doing it. Hopefully he is doing it as a Mav for another twenty years. He needs to win a championship. Which means the pieces around him need to come together more. Maybe they acquire another player to balance him. Porzingis needs to keep recovering and hopefully reach his potential.

  23. Ed Gz11

    Ed Gz11Aylar önce

    He lost to the kings on a back to back it was not a good argument, and they also have wins against big teams it happens

  24. Akbar Dwiputra

    Akbar DwiputraAylar önce

    Then doncic just shuts spears with his 2nd 40pts triple double😂

  25. Dina Portuguez

    Dina PortuguezAylar önce

    Bring them to playoffs win in first round ,next goal is west finals then finals I bet he is the MVP or most improved this year

  26. B U

    B UAylar önce

    Spears does not like foreign born players. I remember him making a comment about how Canadian players were soft. Dude is a hater.

  27. chuck_bz

    chuck_bzAylar önce

    Bro lol the Mavs were playing 2nd game of a back to back. Not only that. There were many fouls missed against Luka not counting the final shot. Wake up lol

  28. khaled Abdalla

    khaled AbdallaAylar önce

    He needs time, rings...

  29. Tori Temple

    Tori TempleAylar önce

    How about play more than 1 1/3 seasons. ESPN is so desperate to crown the next one. He has won Rookie of the Year. Everybody has incredible numbers, Westbrook averages a triple double for like 3 years in a row. Harden gonna lead the league in scoring with 40 points a game. The Lakers have the best record. Well I guess he will have to be the best player at 20 not leading the league in ANYTHING.

  30. Collin Alexander

    Collin AlexanderAylar önce

    Marc Spears hating cause he's a white boy from Europe.

  31. Skippy the Alien

    Skippy the AlienAylar önce

    Luka Doncic is ridiculous. it's scary to think that this guy still has 10-15 years of solid basketball play left. hopefully he won't get any serious injuries

  32. Zook T

    Zook TAylar önce

    if lebron can be great by losing , why do luka need to do any more to be considered one of the greats

  33. WilliamMax

    WilliamMaxAylar önce

    All he needs is more seasons to play, he has been in the league for 2 years and he already prove that he is a great player. But he still needs to show us more, more than 2 years

  34. Andrea M

    Andrea MAylar önce

    hey, the Rockets lost against the Kings as well, what does it says about Harden and Westbrook? LOL stupid argument

  35. John Asante

    John AsanteAylar önce

    Maybe win some championships ...

  36. Jason Hargrove

    Jason HargroveAylar önce

    Be Himself.

  37. Take This L

    Take This LAylar önce

    uhm.... lead his team to a championship?! this is regular season, Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double in the regular season, but is he ever considered in the goat conversation?... legends are born in the playoffs, not in the regular season...

  38. Brilliant Hooligans

    Brilliant HooligansAylar önce

    uhhhhh maybe let him finish his SECOND season first!! Geez

  39. billybrooks1

    billybrooks1Aylar önce

    They lost to the kings. So did the Rockets and they have a perennial MVP candidate

  40. Andre Cuaresma

    Andre CuaresmaAylar önce

    Shoutout to Luke Walton. They won without Fox! What's his record w/o him? That's the stats I wanna see. I have it somewhere. *Saw the record, ohhhh.... 😂😂😂

  41. TheSoundgarden01

    TheSoundgarden01Aylar önce

    This is the best ESPN can put on the air........I mean they actually get a paycheck and everything?

  42. Luke Miles

    Luke MilesAylar önce

    play for the next 20 years on this level

  43. jimmy jim

    jimmy jimAylar önce

    Media nowadays. Player plays good in his 1st/2nd year. "is he better than mj? "

  44. Isabel Weiss

    Isabel WeissAylar önce

    Very humble young fella

  45. William Gee

    William GeeAylar önce


  46. Zmaj

    ZmajAylar önce

    "Luka is nice but he is no Luke Walton" - Marc Spears

  47. Neng Eleazar

    Neng EleazarAylar önce

    luka the white goat

  48. Aaron meyers

    Aaron meyersAylar önce

    Old Grumpy wants to talk how the Kong’s beat them but it took 2 career nights for 2 of their players to barely beat the Mavs seeing how a defense foul wasn’t called on luka tying attempt with 4 seconds left.

  49. Home-_-Town l

    Home-_-Town lAylar önce

    He needs those rings

  50. Simon Rupsi

    Simon RupsiAylar önce

    ESPN riding on luka so hard and i like it.

  51. yfz450rx

    yfz450rxAylar önce

    Get to the finals. Be in the league for a few yrs

  52. mrchanandlerbong

    mrchanandlerbongAylar önce

    I'm gonna downvote every single video I see Marc Spears in.

  53. Mario Morris

    Mario MorrisAylar önce

    he has played only a year and a month let him earn that!

  54. Deke1989

    Deke1989Aylar önce

    Yeah that's not Marcus spears lol

  55. Martin Bayot

    Martin BayotAylar önce

    He needs to sleep with that bigbreasted woman in blue.

  56. pestel 5

    pestel 5Aylar önce

    Luka needs at least 15 more huge seasons to be considered as a G.O.A.T.

  57. James Unciano

    James UncianoAylar önce

    Marc Spears: Luka isn't that great because of the loss to the Kings Also Marc Spears: Jimmy Butler is an MVP candidate Are you seriously an Analyst???

  58. isaiah anderson

    isaiah andersonAylar önce

    Have a career first. He’s a euro legend but not an nba legend.

  59. sacmienboi916

    sacmienboi916Aylar önce

    Obviously some championships.

  60. Cam Hicks

    Cam HicksAylar önce

    Dude trippin over an L to the Kings but failed to realize that was the Mavs 4th game in 6 days. Both back to backs! 🙄 Plus this Kings team is better than what their records suggests. They went the next night and beat the Rockets on the road on a back to back. Stfu

  61. awaveawaveawave

    awaveawaveawaveAylar önce

    Play at least 8 more years without being injured into retiring.